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  • noel the best
    noel the best


  • India Taylor
    India Taylor

    I swear I loved you and I wish I never did I swear to God , I swear to God, you stupid bitch

  • DRGSTTR ._.
    DRGSTTR ._.


  • Ziggy Klein Drums
    Ziggy Klein Drums


  • RudyBlue

    It makes me think of my ex I’ve had a crush on her since 3rd grade I’d give the world to have her back

  • XXxphantomnemis

    lol feel this dude

  • Divani Oliveira pereira
    Divani Oliveira pereira


  • Chelsea

    I’m graduating this year 😔

  • knaX

    The song is so god

  • DanN YT
    DanN YT

    Like si vienes por canción de fondo que tienen los proplayers de Free Fire

  • Imagination_z_z

    1:12 hit me hard

  • Samek Maharjan
    Samek Maharjan

    ani one listning to this song after a breakup..

  • Kyah Shaw
    Kyah Shaw

    I love MGK, and now I found a new person to listen too!!

  • Imagination_z_z

    “Another day Another life Another night”

  • Smoboshi

    I've been living beneath a stone apparently, heard this song a day ago and it's been blasting my speakers on a grind lol.

  • briyoung 254
    briyoung 254

    That's cover song is here too


    Who's here before it blows up?!!


    I been feeling lonely to and I have no one 😔🤕

  • lewis_ kelly15
    lewis_ kelly15

    This song makes me think of them 😭😭 But keep up the good work #roadto5mill

  • Ngô Tiên
    Ngô Tiên

    I love you so much, Kim! My bf likes NF songs always shares with me. Can everyone give a like so someday he can see this xoxoxo thank you.

  • Bad Music Expert
    Bad Music Expert

    the stupid outro

  • cookiemonster


  • James Master
    James Master

    THIS TRACK NEEDS A VIDEO! Songs 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Xtaku fandom
    Xtaku fandom

    You know what makes this song really good, it has a soul. Most music these days lacsk it.

  • Fidel Sandoval
    Fidel Sandoval

    2020..good white indeed

  • Brandon Atkins
    Brandon Atkins

    Uswd the same artwork for my song called "Bloody Bubbles" Check it out!!

  • bryce baker
    bryce baker

    No one me: he said the n-word 46 times

  • Mia James
    Mia James

    Suffering from depression and anxiety not as easy as my therapist said it would be thought cutting would help but it didn’t help for long my mom made it worse as my own brother turned his back on me and broke our promise my auntie choked me until I passed out every week but no one cares I get bullied bc I’m an outsider I tried to kill myself at school didn’t work I guess I just have to live through the pain😔

  • Triều Trần Quang
    Triều Trần Quang

    The first time I hear this song, I was with my girlfriend, on our way home. We broke up 3 months ago. So it's brings back memories whenever I listen to this song 🤦‍♂️

  • ArtLoverGirl ArtIsAwesome
    ArtLoverGirl ArtIsAwesome

    "I just want relief from my stress"

  • POWER999 YT
    POWER999 YT

    A P E L A P A T O 👽 ❤

  • Zeldalover209

    Lmao I had no idea this was a sample of another song

  • Tabitha

    Not crying,, holy shit, thanks for the lyrics. 😔😭

  • Mandy

    Apex Legends commercial?

  • min min
    min min

    Ok im crying cuz i cant relate that much😭single is life huhu

  • Xavier

    it's true all of it every word and lyric if you don't think so. f you man

  • Katrina Snyder
    Katrina Snyder

  • Tiley Krazz
    Tiley Krazz

    His songs always hits hard 😭❤️🖤

  • Angela L.
    Angela L.

    Awww my heart is melting- I can feel his thoughts w this! Thank you! I love my sweetheart and this is perfect

  • rapunzealous313 Yours
    rapunzealous313 Yours

    Love this song XO

  • Madiha Mozid
    Madiha Mozid

    Damn bro, who's cutting onions

  • Mamuel Moran
    Mamuel Moran


  • Antonella Gonzalez
    Antonella Gonzalez


  • Tania Garcia
    Tania Garcia

    this song really hits me because at home I have stress and I try to listen to music so I can be distracted and at school, I got replaced by my friends and whenever I try to hang out with my other friends they just ignore me and we've been friends since 1st grade.

  • Bernardo Garcia
    Bernardo Garcia

    I love his music and got me crying cuz it reminds me of that special person in my heart😭💓

    • Malik Alsheikh
      Malik Alsheikh

      Same 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Kk

      💔 aww

    • Madyan Neserat
      Madyan Neserat

      Hold onto him/her while you can

    • Tiley Krazz
      Tiley Krazz

      Same 😭 but he's fictional tho 😬

  • Marlie

    loved it

  • Christopher Farley
    Christopher Farley


  • ChilledSounds

    Ali Gate amazing as always

  • Spingravitychris


  • Kaeleah Richards
    Kaeleah Richards

    This song is damn you gonna make me cry 😭 your so. 😍 could. Make my day ❤ omgg 😍😥😥😕☹️🤧😭😭😭😭😰😸

  • Litz Blitz
    Litz Blitz

    4th comment

    • Solis_thewolf Demon
      Solis_thewolf Demon

      Your actually shown as the 7th comment not that it matters

  • Demon Wolf Zero
    Demon Wolf Zero

    I like it!🙂

  • Noor Kazara
    Noor Kazara


  • Christy Smith
    Christy Smith

    I can’t believe I found 221 dislikes on the song these guys don’t understand how beautiful this song is

  • Abigail Walt
    Abigail Walt

    This song hits So Fucking Hard Even though it hits hard it’s Still Amazing

  • Zayne Mckenzie
    Zayne Mckenzie

    do you have merch

  • Adeline Linsday
    Adeline Linsday


  • Mutethia Tonny
    Mutethia Tonny

    Love from kenya Nairobi #DREAMCHASERS4LIFE

  • Logan TV
    Logan TV

    This song is what I wanna sing to someone.

  • Theresa

    I feel this song 💯 💔 I wish I could just wake up and not feel the pain of stress, depression, anxiety PTSD etc it's like one minute I'm happy the next I'm not even in this world.. done be strong for so long that I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders but here I am trying to be positive and not show my weakness bc I gotta be strong for everyone else.. if I break then my whole world crumbles

  • Ox Perritt
    Ox Perritt

    My Qween

  • Kenzie Mendia
    Kenzie Mendia

    ADHD People where are you?!

  • TDS Botboy
    TDS Botboy

    This song explains my life

  • Damilola Ibrahim
    Damilola Ibrahim

    i miss juice wrld he dosent deserve to die

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Pittsburgh Steelers

    This is lit 🔥

  • MWG Danick.
    MWG Danick.


  • Kharen Trasona
    Kharen Trasona

    13 year old Entered the chat 😭

  • Nicktick 3
    Nicktick 3

    You know, I always know that we will die. Just sometimes though, my mind and body doesn’t want to believe it. The first time I heard that everyone will die, well I cried. I am now watching my sisters graduation online, I feel sort of happy but also with me thinking about how everyone will pass away, I also think that it’s just one less year to live. Though we never know when we will die. So just, live your life to the fullest and listen to this song.

  • noob at fornite
    noob at fornite

    Like this song its a great song yo

  • Serects_nueveex 14
    Serects_nueveex 14

    LIKE 2500 ME

  • Glen McKone
    Glen McKone

    Why is he blaming his ADHD have ADHD but I don’t blame it on it anything I do I don’t blame it on my ADHD

  • Mackenzie F
    Mackenzie F

    Nf deserve the world

  • Paietto 07
    Paietto 07

    Anyone : Me from the rmx : sippin on this nc....

  • Songs Slow
    Songs Slow

    Go check this version of the song 🔥🔥

  • korvisca petrova
    korvisca petrova

    This is the coolest rap for a long time. No cussing pure rap Tick tock is literally scouring it

  • Phoenix

    this idiot i like fuckin sisterzoned meh and istg he doesnt get how bad that hurt

  • alexander stokes
    alexander stokes

    I have a gf

  • Alex Plays
    Alex Plays

    I listened to this when my mom grounded me for being outside at night for more than 5 hours I can see the disappointment in my mom’s eyes...

  • Ryderus77 -_-
    Ryderus77 -_-

    Roses are red Violets are blue Life's not worth living What else can I do?

  • Khumlo Kankhuhring
    Khumlo Kankhuhring

    Corona virus came in the summer!!!!!!

  • Mozz Rozz
    Mozz Rozz

    "Ain't no walkin out, you better wake up dawg," That part🔥🔥🔥

  • Muskan Khan
    Muskan Khan

    My last mate me feel I would never try again 😭

  • howl

    I’m at a very low point in my life right now, and this song describes everything I think of

  • stray girl
    stray girl

    CORONAVIRUS (covid 19) 2020 is boring help me 2020 gang who watches tiktok all day cause your bored 😫

  • stray girl
    stray girl

    Who else came here from a fortnight advert or tiktok/musicaly ?? 2020 gang lol

  • Ramza

    Was pissed, whenever I looked up the song for the apex trailer it gave me some garbage track. Had to s3arch the lyrics. Game sucks, but songs pops!

  • Leviticus XI
    Leviticus XI

    sometimes i want to end it, i get depression moments in my life and ive taken it really far before but listening to nf honestly makes me happier then any one ever has

  • Melina Tsolakidou
    Melina Tsolakidou

    somone 2021 here ?

  • Alicia Du 83
    Alicia Du 83

    I am french but how do you say Hennessy?

  • Darkheart 90009draws
    Darkheart 90009draws

    bruh this is exactly like my life

  • Alireza H. Abdullah
    Alireza H. Abdullah

    Try 0.75x🙂

  • Sierra Bakken
    Sierra Bakken

    First time to listening to this song and I can really feel the meanings to the words..

  • Alejandra Banuelos
    Alejandra Banuelos

    Cus I love you to death just like a fool 😢😢

  • Ophelia Sturz
    Ophelia Sturz

    Not sure if I have adhd or not cuz my mom does, but this is still a literal bop.

  • Lisanne Van Broekhoven
    Lisanne Van Broekhoven

    I love this song so very very much, that I just listened 5 hours to it! Who else thinks that Dom is the king of the music?

  • Ambrielle Johnson
    Ambrielle Johnson

    NF is a whole mood

  • joshua hartry
    joshua hartry

    This related to me so much

  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez

    Eminem shouldn't have stopped that shit was just getting better as soon as he stopped

  • Renae Ang
    Renae Ang


  • CasalNovelasBR

    "That's so sad to see, that's so sad to see, I need help." Gets me everytime, because I relate. Always feeling like something is missing, empty.