The LITTEST 1on1's n all of ALsofts! The #1 receiver in the country vs NFL, CFL, and D1 College Football players.
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  • Quise B
    Quise B

    Reminds me of NFL Street.

  • Xnotch

    White tank got dropped!

  • Regan St.Amour
    Regan St.Amour

    White boys play a harder sport, called hockey

  • Hunt 624
    Hunt 624

    The kid in that orange shirt is a dirty route runner he also look like deandre Hopkins

  • TheMainsource01

    All that talent and no fucken respect even for the OG’s. That shit is a talent down the drain nobody wants a player like that. #1receiverinthenation my ass. Little homie got butter fingers.

  • Dominick Ivery
    Dominick Ivery

    Is that #1 WR last name Hall?

  • Jiggie Caden
    Jiggie Caden

    Yoo boy deestorying was in my city palmetto and didn’t tell me

  • Jiggie Caden
    Jiggie Caden

    Yo boy deestroying in my city palmetto at Lincoln park

  • Jiggie Caden
    Jiggie Caden

    Yo boy deestroying in my city palmetto at Lincoln park

  • Jay_Are

    0 for twosieeeeessss

  • Dante Waugh
    Dante Waugh

    “spin the ball on another fucking 7 yard route” 😂😂

  • Deyanira Martinez
    Deyanira Martinez

    The shirtless that was playing defender is acting just like my friend Thomas in my flag football league

  • Ablicity

    Yup this manatee county alr

  • TJ pranks
    TJ pranks

    If never seen so many black dudes in one place in my life

  • Mecca S
    Mecca S

    Did that nigga complain about somebody sitten on a route lol 4 is trash crybaby as kids

  • Godzmodz Gta
    Godzmodz Gta

    Number 1 wide receiver in the country is Julian Fleming

  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan

    Damn Kevin Hart out here starting shit


    Warren Thomson

  • james webber
    james webber

    dude look like bronny😭

  • isaiah moore
    isaiah moore

    Take care of lol bro and them

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith

    Yo I graduated from plant city 😂 that’s crazy. Got tj out there runnin too

  • North444

    Black guys are EXTREMELY ATHLETIC.

  • fredderick pulufana
    fredderick pulufana

    Ayee go to my Tt channel jk like and sub to destroying

    • fredderick pulufana
      fredderick pulufana


  • Juice 14
    Juice 14

    Of course you going to know the route, you sitting on it bitch.

  • Matthew L
    Matthew L

    I’m THE slowest white person, never played football, and can’t stop watching. Hahaha

  • Michael Gates
    Michael Gates

    The shirtless guy clamped the whole camp. Lets not sleep on that. They had to wait till he cooled and mellowed out.

  • Kyle Holtzhausen
    Kyle Holtzhausen

    You say that white boys arent aggresive, did you mean black people cause more unnecessary fights than whites? Lost a sub. Pathetic.

    • Matthew Hardiman
      Matthew Hardiman


  • J boogy
    J boogy

    The only reason why i clicked the video because on the thumbnail the dude looks like he has tattoos on his face. Lol

  • rylan davis
    rylan davis

    I love my people man a bunch of great energy. Meed a part 2

  • BuckNastyVids

    “#1 HS receiver in the nation” got more mouth than game. First day of practice for whatever school he’s going to be gon get laid tf out.

  • QF Squirtzz
    QF Squirtzz

    aye that’s not the number 1 receiver emeka egbuka is

  • Brodyn Ruiz
    Brodyn Ruiz

    what the hell

  • Tuan Dabba
    Tuan Dabba

    Dude in the orange pants at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="465">7:45</a> gave blue durag a hezzy with a crossover layyyyyy might even seen a little euro in that bitch

  • Jazlok713

    click bait. #1 receiver my ass. NFL Players???? Shirtless dude good

  • Jcgoinbrazy

    What that manz name he does not look like the number one receiver

  • Amary_YT

    Dude in number 4 orange shirt violate dude in the white tank

  • nicholas miles
    nicholas miles

    Orange still talking about he the number one💀

  • Lonnie Griffin
    Lonnie Griffin

    0 for twozie had me dying🤣🤣🐐

  • G.O.A.T_bot ?
    G.O.A.T_bot ?

    941 baby

  • swankv goat
    swankv goat

    We ignoring that racial comment? Ok lol

  • Cross affect Hooperz
    Cross affect Hooperz

    League the shirtless dude😂

  • Aye Q
    Aye Q

    Nice 💯

  • Stevo York
    Stevo York

    White kids dont be out here doin this ?! Wow Smh

  • Prince Pharaoh
    Prince Pharaoh

    He's next up alsofts.info/hd/video/t6OMlozKuq6qbdQ

  • E FJ
    E FJ

    Watching this with a camera angle that's very close, I get a better detail on how hard this really is.

  • Lance Lunis
    Lance Lunis

    “I’ve never got that real opportunity, but I love competition”

  • Jeramiah Wheeler
    Jeramiah Wheeler

    Racist reggin

  • rick davis
    rick davis

    Notice How dude in the orange didn't go back to the dude with the blue durag lmaoo

  • Jraw Tv
    Jraw Tv


  • The Boys
    The Boys

    Ain’t no white boy doing this do you have something against white people

  • christopher ingram
    christopher ingram

    you should of joined in it

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez

    The “#1 in the nation” can’t catch for shit smh

  • DeeSmooth 23
    DeeSmooth 23

    I swear I keep watching this video over and over. No matter what sport it is ? This is how blacks get good at sports.The hood sessions be the best heart fulled grudge match type of sessions ever.Only the strong stay alive.If u sorry best believe u will be on the sideline watching

  • Jeffrey Beane
    Jeffrey Beane

    This must be in Florida. But I really want to come out there and show everybody up. And when a white dude jumps over everybody and snatches the ball, I don't want to hear one word.

  • Civil Hypocrisy
    Civil Hypocrisy

    Mario was getting slapped lowkey

  • MrD24brown

    "I don't do all that talking!" Then proceeds to not stop talking the entire video. LMAO He ran some crisp ass routes though

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards

    Who is he tho???????!!!!! I'm trying to find em

  • NTS


  • _ Tylazine
    _ Tylazine

    “white kids don’t be doin this shit” aight bet

  • Gabriel vergara
    Gabriel vergara

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="590">9:50</a> he calls it the hood but is on the nicest field, playing next to a soccer game 😂😂

  • Laura Potter
    Laura Potter

    Only white Dude on the field is the qb💀

  • Prince Faulk
    Prince Faulk

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="212">3:32</a> Get Yo little ass out the way, move lil boy

  • Ethan Day
    Ethan Day

    You need to get Lamar Patterson back on

  • Nick Fuller
    Nick Fuller

    He said white dudes dont do this. He must not have seen CMC, kupp or thielen go to work.

    • joshua henderson
      joshua henderson

      Fr i hate when people bring race into this

  • Ernesto Gonzalez
    Ernesto Gonzalez

    QBs 👎🏽 WRs 🤏🏽 DBs 👍🏽

    • Ronnie Hardison
      Ronnie Hardison

      Yessir ✊🏾💯💯 Facebook: Ronnie Hardison (purp) Instagram: MillionDollaMind

  • Sly127412345

    Imagine, a kicker that isn't playing in college, making 1v1 videos as a receiver and CB and acts he's the best at all three positions... Guy's ego is over 9,000

  • Chad McGehee
    Chad McGehee

    " white kids ain't out here doing this" man fuck you and that racist ass shit. I actually enjoyed watching your videos but after that I cant fuck with you man. Such a fucking double standard going on out here its actually insane

  • Jonathan Alvarado
    Jonathan Alvarado

    My dude I loved this vid til <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="608">10:08</a> White dudes be balln too

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    Man said this ain’t 813 this is 941 I felt that 941 stand up bih

  • Pinky Promise
    Pinky Promise


  • Aidan Nunley
    Aidan Nunley

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="608">10:08</a> why you gotta due white ppl like that... there plenty good athlete’s out there that would kick ur ass in routes just sayin I mean yea they won’t be screaming the N word back and forth and shit but they do play football I don’t get why you gotta bring race into anything

  • SmokeyBear69

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="690">11:30</a> this man try to choke this man lmfao

  • Jayto

    luv the competition

  • Viperz Frosty
    Viperz Frosty

    Still trynna figure out why they still have Deestroying as a kicker

  • StoleYaBiddy

    i was enjoying the video until you brought out the “conner” shit. be better.

  • R1ch Tr1s
    R1ch Tr1s

    hate on the white boys

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus

    Ending song please

  • Cashout Jm Reacts
    Cashout Jm Reacts


  • DC _
    DC _

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a> typical corner celebrating even tho they ain’t do shit💀

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez

    I can hear the curse words just fine, but add subtitles to the rest next time. Lol

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