Anything You Customize, I'll Pay For Challenge (Giveaway)
I literally paid for anything my friends customize and gave it away
New plushies -
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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      Aleksandar Nedeljkovic

      How to enter giveawey

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      Lira Malaya Nataska De Jesus

      I want to dax design

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      Layla Rodriguez

      ZHC I need your help my laptop broke I don’t I is how and j need a new one can you plz get me a new one I swear it happens

    • Ariane M
      Ariane M

      I didn't win this time but I'll keep trying, also I just love your content so I won't stop watching your vids anyway!!!!💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚

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    I can never win. I don't have insta

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    my brithday was in april 14 and I truned 10

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    Go to subscribe pamson gaming.

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    I love the Space theme. I want one so bad

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    Realy you will give this think ☺☺☺

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    Plz can I have a ipad plz

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    love you


    Michelle’s voice is so nice XD no really it is

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    "Nintendo" switch Namibia Subsribed

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    We yo sé que nadie aquí habla español pero saliendo de la cuarentena me regalas un iPhone 11,digo aprovechando el bug :v

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    Every video I watch from you my mouth drops

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  • Ariel Jarlego
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    Is he working at Apple design center?

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    Pls gave me zhc pls can i get an aple pen pls

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    Hope Sinclair

    I have a question i don't have Instagram and i really want a iphone 11 pro and airpods 11 pro and a MacBook pro and ipad 11 pro but my mum does not have enough money and i have never got something from a giveaway please please please please please please please

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    i wish i have a ipad pro

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    So cool omg 😯

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    Zhc your the best you are awesome your my favorite youtuber

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    lolo studio

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    I wanted iphone 11 pro max and airpods😢can u giveaway me

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    Venkata Sri Lakshmi Tanigundala

    Zach I'm a poor person. And can I hav a iphon

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    Pewdiepie Must win

    Let’s go

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    What kinda tape do you use?

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    Love your videos😊😊😊😊

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    I want to have one, it is so cool

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    CZ - 02CM - Credit Valley PS (1653)

    i have 2 ps4's

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    Jr Angle

    My Instagram is juniorangel44 tell me if I win thx

  • Jr Angle
    Jr Angle

    Can I get a iPad for my mom its her birthday hop I win thx zhc for customize thing

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    I dare you to give me 1000 shoelaces

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    Pih 27

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    hello my name is leo and i would like a swish nintendi to personalize please. I like your personal video I like everything you do. like for him to see it

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    What should i do im so far from you

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    :0 this is my favorite thing to watch :3 but ya about a trillion people that watch ZHC never win giveaways >:

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    "Ipad Pro" "Romania" I have no money to buy it.... 😅

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    ZHC: he has so money I’m jealous Also ZHC: has a whole store of the most expensive things

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    Your AMAZING


    Please I need I pad Im pooor :(

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    I want a PS4 bc I have been work hard but have like $90 dollars and my dad dose not want to buy me a PS4

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    It is fayar or fayur??

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="416">6:56</a> dont you have AirPods? You're giving away so many of em but you still dont own a pair of AirPods?😂😂

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    I wanted one plz I’m at Melaka

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    I never got one from you please give me one🙏

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    Holy cow you guys are amazing at art

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    Im from phillipines❤ i have 1 question? Even in other country you will give her or him an phone? Or something


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    Amazing designs.

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    I'm so jealous of the talent 😓

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