Are Used Chevys Worth Buying? Let’s Find Out
Scotty Kilmer
Are Used Chevys Worth Buying? Let’s Find Out, DIY and truck review with Scotty Kilmer. Used Chevy Tahoe review. Are Chevys reliable? Does Chevy make good SUVs? Is the Chevy Tahoe worth buying? Buying a used Chevy Tahoe. Buying a Chevy Tahoe. Should I buy a Chevy SUV? SUV buying tips. What type of SUV to buy. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.
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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer

    👉Be the First to Get Notified When My New App Launches ▶ Doing This Will Make Your Engine Run Better: ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: 2. Mid-Grade Scan Tool: 3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool: 4. Cheap Scan Tool: 5. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: 6. Professional Socket Set: 7. Ratcheting Wrench Set: 8. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: 9. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Common Sense 2. 4k Camera: 3. Camera Microphone: 4. Camera Tripod: 5. My computer for editing / uploading: 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► Scotty on Social: Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

    • Dicky Ball
      Dicky Ball

      @Jared Croal , smoother/quicker circulation, yielding increased/better lubrication(less friction) of applicable components in lieu of said leaks?🤔 My son's Cadillac Escalade ESV idles around 20/21 PSI and normally operates around 40 PSI, which is sufficient for a GM 6.2 liter V-8, as verified by my local Cadillac dealer's mechanic. You should be alright, though, but keep an eye on the gauge/readout daily. Phone your applicable local dealer or stop in and speak to a mechanic or the service manager. If they're decent, they will verbally respond to your aforementioned inquiry on the spot. If you possess the applicable owner's manual, check in there or just Google it. Good luck. Stick to OEM AC Delco spark plugs and wires, too. I use Amsoil signature series 100% synthetic motor oil coupled with a premium K & N oil filter. I do notice a beneficial difference. Pennsoil platinium full synthetic motor oil and WIX oil filters also are sufficient, too. The OEM motor oil/oil filter for my son's Cadillac is Mobil 1, which is o.k., I guess. I also replaced the transmission, transfer case, front differential and rear differential applicable fluids with 100% synthetic Amsoil signature series miscellaneous fluids. Just saw a comparison test on different types of brake pads with the OEM brake pads winning out. Of course it'll cost more, but you get what you pay for. I'll be flushing out the antifreeze and brake fluids this spring, respectively. Hope it works out for you.

    • Dicky Ball
      Dicky Ball

      @JEFFREY GOUT , happens to me, too. Have a nice day.

    • Jared Croal
      Jared Croal

      Scotty Kilmer Just got given a Chevy Suburban with the 5.3 Vortec and 200,000 miles. Had several oil leaks that actually were fixed with BlueDevil Stop Oil Leak. But, ever since I changed the old oil and poured in the Stop Leak, I oil pressure has dropped from about 38-42 PSI normal idle and operating pressure to 20-38 idle and operating pressure. Why the drop in pressure? It has the right amount of oil. Any ideas?

    • Dicky Ball
      Dicky Ball

      @Paul Lunsford keep her.

    • Paul Lunsford
      Paul Lunsford

      @Dicky Ball I have a women cuz that I grew up with she keeps cars until it dies. Then get another car

  • Gerry Cooney
    Gerry Cooney

    I am a big fan of GM trucks and SUVs. I have an 05 GMC Sierra 4x4 2500HD, Duramax, 6.6L, Allison 5 speed, is at 294k miles. No repairs or failures. Reliable and strong. Duramax boosted slightly to 480 hp and 850 torque.

  • gboydro G
    gboydro G

    2000 Chevy Tahoe 248,000 still doing just fine

  • Buckit

    I know Scotty flip flops.... and he likes older Toyota mostly. I don't blame him he is right. But I am a mechanic of 20 years and I'm a GM man. I like the old GM but not the new stuff. I think all car makes new stuff is trash. But this video is my favorite of Scotty's. GM WAS the best ❤️ R.i.p. all new cars/trucks

  • Wakeywhodat

    My 2005 Tahoe has 248,000 miles with no major repairs. ALsofts and Tahoe forums have all the help you need for customization and common repairs. I haven’t needed a mechanic, I handle things myself. As for power the 5.3 has a ton of power. My dad likes the Tahoe more than his 10 year newer Escalade.

  • David Stolarski
    David Stolarski

    Could you do a review of a 2020 Chevy Tahoe, and show us why/how it is built so much worse? I think you may be ignoring some good improvements made to the newest models

  • Wheel dollabeel
    Wheel dollabeel

    Listen guys it’s simple but a 99-02 four runner you’ll be straight for the rest of your life

    • chink in the chain
      chink in the chain

      ford econoline e350 from the 70s will last another 20 years ... at the gas station

  • Glendon Morgan
    Glendon Morgan

    What about the big 8.1L gas engine in those models? I'm looking for an affordable work truck/towing and im thinking the Chevy 2500HD or 3500 with the 8.1L looks like a good bet. any advice? I'm talking the 2000-06 era. Before the bankruptcy.

  • Luis Sonoma
    Luis Sonoma

    Surprised no one has mentioned the popularity of using these V8's for a swap into smaller vehicles. I had a 5.3 out of a 99 Silverado into 92 Sonoma & I'm going to do the same with an LS2 out of an 07 Trailblazer SS into another Sonoma with a 4l80e 4x4

  • Devon Jefferson
    Devon Jefferson

    Ok I see what you mean now Scotty .. about modern Chevrolet I can agree on that forsure!!! By the way that's my Tahoe !! I live in Canada Ontario and have that same sticker in my door. Same red color and everything . Pretty cool I have a twin . You don't see many like those up here . I got lucky . I spruced mine up with duel exhaust new OEM tinted fog rear and front lights . Looks and rides super nice , only 172,000km on it tho. Some down falls like dash problems but I fixed it myself no biggie . Sometimes I get a little knocking when cold.but gets smooth like butter after. And the Gott dam rocker panels keep rusting . I got them repainted twice! And that red has gold flakes so it's not cheap. Next time I'm spray painting .. to hell with that .

  • doobeedoo2

    helpful video....I'd wanted to ask you about old Denalis, Tahoes, etc

  • Atlas Tobin
    Atlas Tobin

    You can thanks the banks & the federal reserve for killing GM

  • Gene Williams
    Gene Williams

    Dear Scotty K., Thanks for ALL YOUR GREAT ADVICE, & I LOVE YOUR SINCE OF HUMOR & YOUR pop ups.

  • marc davidoff
    marc davidoff

    Had an 05 yukon in the same color. Was a great truck with about the same mileage when we sold it last year The 5.3 vortec had 305hp.. well at least in 05 anyways. Problem in the salt belt states is undercarriage rust. Brake lines and fuel lines. Otherwise these are tanks

  • Alicia and Family
    Alicia and Family

    I have chevy Tahoe 2007 how can i fix the engine check light on guy wants to charge me $1,500 to fix n i can pass smog check

  • Barn-E JCRS
    Barn-E JCRS

    I get between 300 to 400 miles to the tank on my 03 5.3 Tahoe, depending on how I drive.

  • Roger R
    Roger R

    Garage put thicker oil in mine(2003, 150,000) when I told them not to, now I have a loud tic-ing noise for first 20=30 seconds... I had the oil removed and replaced with 5w 30 again, tic-ing isn't as loud, last for 10-20 seconds. Any ideas? oil pump maybe?

  • Stuart Weiss
    Stuart Weiss

    I had a 2001 and gave it to my boy with 81,000 and he drove it till 130,000 then sold it to a buddy. It’s still rolling.

  • Richard ledford
    Richard ledford

    I got a 1999 and it rilly good and salid

  • Performancecyclespecialties Crozon
    Performancecyclespecialties Crozon

    Garbage when left the factory !

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith

    I Have A 01 Tahoe I Got From Auction With About 170000 Miles On It... It Had The Check Engine Light On... I Put The A New catalytic converter in It And The Light Turned Off... Put Some New Tires On Her,Did A Alignment,Put In New Sparkplugs, Oil Change Fully Synthetic, With A K&N Oil Filter, New Master Cylinder Cuz The Brake Pedal Was Hitting The Floor,And Changed Out The Windshield Reservoir Along With The Two Lil Motors On Them...Now She Runs Great,Saves Gas,Stop On Demand, Nice And Smooth Ride...

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    Electric vehicles are some of the worst polluters there are. Not at the tailpipe but between the energy used to mine the materials for the batteries, the coal/gas needed to recharge said batteries and the very limited life span of said batteries/vehicles they are much worse for the environment. I'll take a gas/diesel vehicle over an EV any day of the week.

  • franwex

    I have a 2002 Silverado. It’s basically the same thing. Except I have the V6. The transmission had to be fixed like 15 years ago. No problem since.

  • Bearded Gunny
    Bearded Gunny

    What if I told you my mom has a 1988 CHEVY 1500 long bed with OVER 350k 🤷‍♀️

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme
    RC Hobbyist Extreme

    Tge Taho was a pig, period. They were a gas hog. I wouldnt buy one. Better than a Ford Explorer. Those vehicles were crap.

  • Thomas Cunniff
    Thomas Cunniff

    Just bought me a 1995 suburban and I love it. Runs and drives like a dream.

  • Daniel Perales
    Daniel Perales

    Hey I have a 2001 Tahoe LT 234 thousand miles loved drives like new

  • SharkBAIT RUDY
    SharkBAIT RUDY

    Can you do a review on a 2003 lancer oz rally

  • Ricky Loken
    Ricky Loken

    I have an 03 Tahoe Z71 what's 184000 miles still runs like a dream

  • Jesse Lopez
    Jesse Lopez

    GREAT video Scotty. I have a 2004 Suburban 214,000 and still runs GREAT.

  • SuperM1687

    I agree about AWD but Scotty its been a while since you lived in NY...

  • xamot80

    Don't know of 2007 and up. But my 2006 suburban 1500 5.3l and Silverado 2500 6.0l both are close 300k with just basic maintenance and Guage cluster replacement. A ford or dodge same years,would long be in the junk yard.

  • Jeremy Chupp
    Jeremy Chupp

    The bailout company

  • Jeremy Chupp
    Jeremy Chupp

    GM junk

  • John Porter
    John Porter

    What about a 2004 or 05 Tahoe?

  • George Hutcheson
    George Hutcheson

    18 yr old Tohoe will be running when the 2018 Chevys are setting in the repair shop. Or worst yet the scrap yard.

  • Mk L
    Mk L

    How about the years to avoid? Like when Chevy trucks started to decline and if the 6 speed trans is a decent replacement for the 4 speed. In your opinion, of course. I have an 01 Silverado with 180k running just fine. Looking at a 2009 possibly.

  • 608 Trucker
    608 Trucker

    4l60e is not reliable

  • David Montgomery
    David Montgomery

    I still have my 1999 Chevy Blazer that has only 133,000 miles on it. Doesn't have power lock doors or windows, but still runs really great and gives good reliability. Mainly use it for driving to/from work (less than 10 miles round trip). Very comfortable with great leg room.

  • Christian Cecil
    Christian Cecil

    I have a 2000 Cadillac Escalade with 94000 miles and I love it

  • rrnabors1

    A couple of years ago my local mechanic told me to avoid anything past 1999. When the electronics go out it is quite expensive to replace it. I was interested because I was seeing quite a few of them (2002 - 2003) for around $3,000.

  • Al Gorel
    Al Gorel

    Loved my 03 Yukon, but it was getting to be a maintenance hog at the end. Didn’t like all the salt up here in NE. The new ones got lighter for better gas mileage, but quality went down. It was a bulldozer in the snow! Auto 4 wheel drive. Kind of miss it.

  • Daniel Vazquez
    Daniel Vazquez

    I have an 04 same color I just love it but cant pass inspection here in NY(Transmission codes!)

  • david martin
    david martin

    I bought my 2010 Chevy avalanche last year and I’ve had to replace the alternator and sway bar end links. Other than that, it’s a solid truck.


    The 4l60e is a great transmission .


    My 2003 GMC Yukon XL has 261000 runs like new . I sold my 04 Escalade due to constant problems with the awd system . 3 front differentials later I was done with it .

  • K .Mikes
    K .Mikes

    Scotty is the little weird but cool grandpa I wish I had!

  • Johnny Moran
    Johnny Moran

    149k is low milage on that Tahoe in the south.

  • Johnny Moran
    Johnny Moran

    Stop it Scotty! The price on high milage Tahoe's and Suburbans are already staying too high!

  • Oskar H
    Oskar H

    There's a reason you still see a lot of these on the road! One of the best "cheap buys" there is today! I got an 02 Suburban with 230,000 miles. 5.3 with rear wheel drive only. Picked it up in California for $1900 at 195,000 back in 2018, and drove it back to New York. One owner and ZERO rust. 35k later, all I've done is the transmission at 220k. And thank god it's a 2wd... made that job a lot cheaper! Drives like a new truck!

  • Jimmy Gee
    Jimmy Gee

    As long as you maintain your baby, it'll last you a life time! Screw Tesla!

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B

    No Transmission problems? The 4l60e had very common problems. Wheel bearings, u joints, door handles were junk. I was a gm tech for 10 years and I do love this era of trucks but they definitely had there issues.

  • TEAMCHEVY #CommentKing
    TEAMCHEVY #CommentKing

    I approve this message ,👍🏾showing ❤️ from Maryland

  • Roger M Woodbury
    Roger M Woodbury

    Well Scotty, not entirely correct. It all depends on where you live. In two wheel drive in the winter, these vehicles are borderline dangerous without all wheel drive. Here in central Maine we often have days when the roads are still snow covered or worse, ice covered and between plowings or sandings. The four wheel drive system makes the things go always and without error in all kinds of conditions and here in Maine, we get ALL KINDS of conditions. Yeah, a bit more expensive but it all depends on the need. One more comment is that rust is the killer and these trucks will rust like fury, requiring another whole level and procedure of maintenance to insure that they will run forever, which they will if they don't rust to pieces.

    • marc davidoff
      marc davidoff

      Roger M Woodbury true on the rust. Loved our 05 Yukon, owned it since new. In NJ here when they started with the brine spray on the roads that did in the undercarriage no matter how much I tried to keep it clean. Brake lines went, fuel lines were soon to come

  • Jordan Shaffer
    Jordan Shaffer

    I’ve got a 2003 f150 super crew with 312,000 miles on it, original motor and transmission! Runs and shifts perfect! Now that’s some serious miles ;)

  • Robert W AKA Sideboob
    Robert W AKA Sideboob

    I have a 2003 suburban love it live in Maine don't even need 4x4 mil on mine 180000 this yr body work and knok senser

  • Nick Cossio
    Nick Cossio

    I totally agree with you Scotty I myself own a 89 C1500 Chevy Silverado with that good old tbi 350 and even with 251,000 on the odometer it's still running like a top.

  • egonzalez51087

    I have a suburban with 217000 and a sierra z71 with 308000

  • Charles Robinson
    Charles Robinson

    Hey Scotty, My wife has A 2000 Tahoe Z71 old Body Style and we love it. It’s got 321000 miles on it and still going strong. It has the Swing Open barn doors on the back and are awesome. No jacks to go bad. So many people have tried to buy it because it’s still A Beautiful Vehicle. Thanks for doing A Video on the Tahoe.

  • hugo 777
    hugo 777

    Those transmission are not reliable sorry Scotty they suck if you tow anything they overheat and break easily I’ve replaced mine 2 times

  • Dominic Phillips
    Dominic Phillips

    I’ve got an ‘06 Yukon with 220,000 miles on it, sadly she’s got the lifter tick. Might need to take her apart at some point and replace them.

  • BRETT m
    BRETT m

    I have a Yukon with 280,000 miles and runs perfect! Even in great shape inside, and out.

  • Tom Vana
    Tom Vana

    Are new ones?

  • aubrey Aubrey
    aubrey Aubrey

    Will never buy a chevy. I love ford and never had an issue with this brand. You like Tahoe’s get a navigator. My 06 navigator has well over 300k miles and it has all its original parts. It’s more luxurious than a tahoe as well. Mine has heated and cooled seats, navigation system, power everything, sunroof, cooler, and dvd entertainment system. Mine was even wrecked into by a chevy Silverado, and it held up. Yeah I had to get new tires rods and an alignment but you should have seen the Silverado lol.

  • gameslayer 1218
    gameslayer 1218

    Yea don’t need 4x4 in Texas but trust me any worse of a winter and you’re not driving a Tahoe that’s on 2wd. It’s not happening lmao.

  • whoshotya

    330k miles on my 03 tahoe with original engine and shes still running strong.

  • Brian Elliott
    Brian Elliott

    The previous generation of tahoe/suburban/yukon, pre 2000, put those to shame. I hated when they switched from the 5.7 to the 5.3

  • Brian Elliott
    Brian Elliott

    Nearly all the technology in that old truck that is "built to last" has barely changed from that tahoe to newer ones... rear end, engine, suspension...

  • Cameron Jaskolowski
    Cameron Jaskolowski

    I have a 1999 Chevy suburban with 188,000 miles that my grandpa passed down to me still runs amazing

  • Leroy Anderson
    Leroy Anderson

    In the mountains in Colorado we live we need four

  • Tony Snake
    Tony Snake

    I don’t no why this guy always pops up on my Recommendations I hate this guy

  • Can I please Get a waffle
    Can I please Get a waffle

    2005 Tahoe 195,000 horrible brakes and a timing belt with plenty of moisture. My parents use premium gas and I remind them to change oil and use fuel injector cleaner. Right now we get and average of 16 mpg and we live in the hills north Georgia. But it has the weirdest problems. From a month and a half where the ABS had a lot of problems and them went away on its own, to where we spent 500$ on a water pump and some new hose connectors. We didn’t need to spend that money because it was a 8$ coolant reservoir cap. Right now the front air only goes to 2 and the back doesn’t work at all (I’m gonna start smacking the underside of the hood with a pipe wrench and see if that works) I’d buy another just like it

  • Eddie Figueroa
    Eddie Figueroa

    It’s 2020 you haven’t realized by now that the governments are keeping the people from getting advanced technology to quick. We could have had cell phones with internet in 1950, but they wait years to increase the speed

  • Ashton Nelson
    Ashton Nelson

    they call em tanks for a reason! however why did you say the truck you were driving wasn’t a 4x4 when the shifter cluster can clearly be seen in interior shots?

  • zion lakes
    zion lakes

    that kim kardashian insert had me dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 210 BAR BRO Q
    210 BAR BRO Q

    Never ever buy a Chevrolet Traverse people, trust me they are a nightmare

  • chevvy52

    Very dependable 4l60e 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Antonio Arreola
    Antonio Arreola

    I have a 2004 6.0 Cadillac Escalade. Just like this

  • Gerardo Rodruiguez
    Gerardo Rodruiguez

    Lol my mom handed me down one when she bought her f150 and I dont think i have to worry about a family car anymore😀. With the way these things were built i think im going to invest in a nice metallic blue paint job and sunroof it already got nice forged aluminum rims from 07 and leather seats👌 🤣

  • Mark Vincent
    Mark Vincent

    149K is not high miilage 300k is high my 04 suburban solid rig!

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