Building a Chevy 292 Inline Straight-Six - Engine Power S7, E1
We build a hot rod 292 Chevy straight-six that puts power to the pavement for Truck Tech’s 1965 C10.
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  • Jake Kaywell
    Jake Kaywell

    If you want something REALLY different, why not a Studebaker 170 cu. flathead-six build? It'd be fun if nothing else!

  • The Truth about Africa hurts
    The Truth about Africa hurts

    Who remembers “buzzin half dozen”?

  • Douglas Fox
    Douglas Fox

    I'm 58 and owned 2 inline 6's...1977 Chevrolet Camaro 250 i6 auto and a 1989 Ford Bronco 300 i6 5 speed manual...Both were Mint and the Simplicity of inline 6's is Amazing...So easy to ticker with..Sad that EPA Gansters and Dealers killed off these Bulletproof engines .Cause they'd run Forever and that's Bad for Sales Turnovers...todays engines are Complex Junk

  • Lack of Focus
    Lack of Focus

    I really liked how the machinist showed what was happening and why it was being done as he worked through the machining steps. Awesome video!

  • mike leo
    mike leo

    When you got to the stretch range what was the actual torque one the wrench ?

  • mike leo
    mike leo

    Very nice , V8 builds are done to death these days , these old 6's are fine on the road all day long.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Isn't a 600 grit hone a little too fine for a street engine??,

  • ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
    ddd228/Dave in Seattle.

    My next engine block will be silver or...WHITE! Lock tite..ORANGE? The flat tappet cam is a MONSTER lift!

  • Ken MacMillan
    Ken MacMillan

    I remember when Mike was the new kid on this show.

  • Ken MacMillan
    Ken MacMillan

    This is the engine everyone ripped out so they could stick in a 350.

  • Samuel Phippen
    Samuel Phippen

    Love the straight six. Love the technical information. Love watching it come together and make respectable power. Hate Austin’s hillbilly accent. Seriously, he needs to tone it way down. Every time he talks I half expect the swamp thing to slurp out of shadows somewhere and drag him back to whatever inbred swamp people done learned him to talk.

  • bretta3

    They should do another one with high compression and no turbo.

  • bretta3

    Getting paint in those bolt holes is a really bad idea. You put a bolt in and it gets stuck before it is all the way in, then when you try to take it out is is so badly stuck that it breaks off. I've done it and will never let paint get in a bolt hole again.

  • Felipe costa
    Felipe costa

    Brasil e show 🔨🔩🔧🔨🔨🔩🔩🔧🔧🔨🔩🔩🔨🔨

  • Ben R
    Ben R

    You guys should do a vortec 4200 build, nobody does it. And they handle power very well

  • Larry O'Hanlon
    Larry O'Hanlon

    Very interesting. With that flat torque curve that would be a fun engine for a truck. Short shift all day long.

  • Shirley Randell
    Shirley Randell

    Can you guys do a Ford 4.9l/300 straight six?

  • Travis Nickerson
    Travis Nickerson

    You guys should build a ford 300

  • midnitesquirldog1

    Chevy 250 Straight 6 engines are the best engines ever made in automobile history you can get way over 300,000 miles out of them and beat the living piss out of them run them low on oil coolant whatever they still run forever ! problem is not much HP so most would junk these perfectly good running engines and drop in a Chevy 350.

    • Jake Kaywell
      Jake Kaywell

      I would also elect the Studebaker 170 cu. flathead-six for sheer American I6 awesomeness.

  • Manuel

    Came to a dead end with 84 gmc 250 had an integrated head

  • Bill Bird
    Bill Bird

    Did chevy, amc-jeep straight 6. They are fun.

  • G McNelly
    G McNelly

    what's up with the greaser look?????????????????????

  • Stan Eversham
    Stan Eversham

    Where can I see the dyno test with the turbo installed?

  • john mirbach
    john mirbach


  • Tony thompson
    Tony thompson

    Love to hear a 292 scream I had a c60 Chevy with one in it lots of low end power an pull hell off it's blocks

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson

    Never heard of rotating piston rings.

  • Troy Theriot
    Troy Theriot

    Why do yall lube some cams and not others?

  • Thomas Rosato
    Thomas Rosato

    I have seen the build up of the straight six many times but never the finished product, with the turbo. Many years ago I used to drag race a '65 Chevelle with the same engine. Seems similar to what you guys are doing. 4 bbl. carb, cam lifters, up grade distributor, headers, etc. I think my best run was in the 14's. Later I wondered what a power adder like a turbo would have done for me. Please tell me you are going to dyno the engine soon, with the turbo! Tks, tom rosato

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Thought only Aussies built 6 cylinders..... I thought Americans only bothered with V8's

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      @Skyline Fever I meant american and European motors, not rice.

    • Skyline Fever
      Skyline Fever

      Most Americans modify V8 engines, but there are plenty of people here who modify a variety of other engine types.

  • Gary Gushue
    Gary Gushue

    I myself prefer a inline 292 chevy motor over a small block any day. But the 292 chevy motors are becoming hard to find lately. unless you buy new. I prefer to build my own myself. Cheaper to build myself ✌🌟

  • skid mark
    skid mark

    if it ant brand new we want touch it,some of these,s build,s must cost$20,000!

  • skid mark
    skid mark

    that guy named Pat sure not from Alabama!

  • Tom Bair
    Tom Bair

    They did such a nice job on this build they had a jeep 4.0 that was horrible the way they built it

  • Jerry Hayden
    Jerry Hayden

    After reading some of the post I thinking if you're guessing for big power, I'm thinking say, make 1000 HP.😆 Maybe more. 🤣😆At 60 pounds of boost. 😆💥 Kaboom!!!🔥

  • Hal

    why do inline 6 engines deliver so "little" power? a V8 of that displacement would easily produce 400 hp...

    • Skyline Fever
      Skyline Fever

      This type of inline 6 has a really poor flowing cylinder head.

    • scottyV1000

      They are more for torque as they are long stroke and have large heavy pistons. These are also a pushrod design. They just don't produce the RPMs needed for high HP. Modern straight 6's (BMW?) are overhead cam designs with 4 valves per cylinder for better breathing and not as big on displacement so they can turn much higher RPMs. I think they also almost all have turbos. The pluses are the engines are pretty bulletproof and are well balanced.

  • mwint1982

    Leave it to these guys to queer up something so straight

  • Jared Mayer
    Jared Mayer

    Couldn’t you just use a spacer on the bolt and then tighten it down simulating load on the deck surface to simulate bolt load in the absence of a torque plate?

  • zzzingrol

    What are the applications for a 30 degree x-hatch vs 40 degree?

  • Eric Chapman
    Eric Chapman

    If oddball is what your looking for tgen is like to see an old Stovebolt 6 with similar mods.

  • ricardo1967

    Thanks for choosing an inline 6, super cool!

  • Rex Holes
    Rex Holes

    An inline six is the best balanced engine just sayin

    • Skyline Fever
      Skyline Fever

      That is one reason why I like them more than V6 engines. Unfortunately, auto makers wanted to make cars more compact, and they wanted to make FWD cars, so the V6 became a necessary evil.

  • Jake Botelho
    Jake Botelho

    Why does he have a tape measure in his pocket? Double checking his mic?

  • Mitch Fleming
    Mitch Fleming

    Did I miss where you put the plugs for the head bolts in?

  • Howard Jr. Ford
    Howard Jr. Ford

    As an engine machinist with almost 35 yrs of experience, more often than not when tearing down a chevy straight 6 we find a cracked head.

  • Scott Jaecques
    Scott Jaecques

    What did it do with the turbo on it

  • Cool as Ice
    Cool as Ice

    For the people who understand what im saying. This motor is extremely efficient for it's Age, size and technology. It was built for a Turbo which is going to impressive too. But If it was built for N/A it would've made over 300hp and almost 400 lb-ft. It is Superior to most modern engines! lol

  • blue03r6

    I wouldn't be too proud of that since modern 1000cc sportbikes make that kind of HP. some of them come factory at 310hp

  • Jeff Francisco
    Jeff Francisco

    Build the Falcon 200 6.Ford used these for at least thirty years.

  • Curtis kukuk
    Curtis kukuk

    POUND FEET???... And you call yourself a mechanic? Foot Pounds is and will always be the proper measurement for torque!!!

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown

    I've had two 292 Chevy engines in step Vans and both busted the number six piston in half. Put in a new piston and they ran fine. Strong engine but there is something going on with that last cylinder.

    • Skyline Fever
      Skyline Fever

      #1 and #6 on a single carb inline 6 would always have a different air fuel mixture than on #3 and #4. Perhaps those engines get too lean at number 6?

  • Joe van Edwin
    Joe van Edwin

    Thanks for doing the292!

  • Dan Bailey
    Dan Bailey

    with every thing you did why did you not balance every thing while you were there ? something is very wrong the HP AND TOQURE is way low why ??

    • Skyline Fever
      Skyline Fever

      The 292 cylinder head design is awful, and that is probably the biggest limitation. As for balance, it was probably done, but wasn't shown in order to save time.

  • LincolnTek

    Some V8 heads cut and welded together to make a six banger crossflow head would be a sweet set up with a turbo.

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price

    Had a 63 Nova with the 6 cyl. No issues here. This show is a bunch of spam. ARP? Comp Cams? Silvalite? What if I think these companies suck?

  • Larry Williams
    Larry Williams

    Rebuilt my 292, that was a running sob. My friend had a 300 ford. We raced alot. .

  • Chuck Buckner
    Chuck Buckner

    That is awesome! I would love to build motor like this. Heck of a big cam!

  • Grunt Minski
    Grunt Minski

    Like the 292 but would of liked a vortec 4200 instead

  • Dan Pollard
    Dan Pollard

    I'd Love to hear it when you get the turbo on that 292.Will that motor turn to Ten grand? I heard that a Lotus will redline at13 five flat out, but that's a 4cyl. I heard that an Offenhauser top rpm. Was about 15 thou.a four also.thats a beautiful mill long stroke 6. That you guys built. Good job!

  • P MAE
    P MAE

    It makes you sound like a tec nerd when you say "pound feet" , instead of foot pounds, as we have since the invention of the torque wrench. '

  • jeff bayer
    jeff bayer

    Love the six Love that you get guys are doing some oddball stuff

  • david r fowler
    david r fowler

    what i would like to see is a dyno pull with a correctly CFM rated carb with the correct jetting for the cfm , that is way too much carb for that engine

  • Randy bobandy
    Randy bobandy

    The narrators voice is not the same. Why change a good thing

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor

    Why put together a 6 when an LT1 v/8 Is inexpensive and way more powerful!?

    • Skyline Fever
      Skyline Fever

      Some people want their car to look special, so they will spend big money on small power. Have you seen how much money people will spend on a Ford Flathead because they love the look?

  • Tommy

    Women love a in line six. 🥁

  • Electro Mech
    Electro Mech

    I used to watch these shows on satellite. 500 channels why can't there be shows about fixing &building things. Now it's all garbage!

  • Tom Lucas
    Tom Lucas

    That flat torque curve especially at such a low rpm without the turbo would make a good crawler motor for a small to medium size truck or Jeep on 40's.

  • TurboV6Firebird

    love something different. i got a turbo v6 firebird as my name implies. check my channel for a few vids.

  • Carl Schock
    Carl Schock

    Wow! 220 HP to the wheels with low compression, thats 250 HP under the hood for an inline six. The torque is SO flat too, I'm betting 365 HP at the wheels with the turbo.

  • William Bartholomew
    William Bartholomew

    How did they plug those holes in the head where the head bolts originally went through the intake ports? I see they cut out the sleeve and ran a shorter bolt in those but they didn't do anything to the top holes? Worm screw/slug and sealant are what you'd want in there or you'll run lean and lose boost.

    • Strictly Business
      Strictly Business

      17:53 there are pipe plugs sealing the hole where the bolt boss was

  • William Bartholomew
    William Bartholomew

    You actually don't want to paint on a horizontal surface because the spray can works best when held vertically, you won't have runs if you don't spray too thick. Holding the can vertically will also give you a better spray pattern to help eliminate heavy spots & runs.

  • slamdeathgrindmachine

    A Chevy 292 inline 6 with horsepower!!! That's something I never thought I would ever see 😂

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson

    Love that inline

  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek

    I don't think you can claim "excellent flow" out of any old Chevy straight six head...

  • Dodgy Brothers Engineering
    Dodgy Brothers Engineering

    Makes me laugh when people try and deny that the Holden 6 came from this generation Chev 6. Love that ally port lifter where do you get those? The Holden 6 suffered from the exact same problem.

  • Velcro1167

    Always wanted to build a custom head for one with a crossflow air intake/exhaust system and larger intake and exhaust valves, I believe it would ad huge increase of hp and torque!!

  • Velcro1167

    I have seen 292's produce 625 hp with 755 ft LBS of torque with 29 MPG going down the highway, so don't knock and inline 6!!

    • Velcro1167

      @M W W I saw it on TV drag racing shows so how can I give you a source?

    • M W W
      M W W

      @Velcro1167 source?

  • jim baker
    jim baker

    i love this show

  • 1Kurgan1

    Is the turbo on there? It has to be, but then why are they talking about how amazing it is that it made more power on lower compression (that's generally how boost works).

  • Chris Partaka
    Chris Partaka

    Absolutely love this!

  • Mustang_Chick

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1260">21:00</a> Pat went into teacher mode! Like in the old days.

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