Can the CHEAPEST Hummer H2 Survive a 1,000 Mile Road Trip!?
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  • I animate
    I animate

    Burlacar:Iam fat also him: eats every other second

  • KRman

    the Mustang Boss 302 is my favorite car

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez

    My only question is if you guys have passed a small town named Glenwood Springs Colorado.That is my home town and I am a big fan of you guys, much love and support keep doing what your doing.

    • Burlacher

      Yep. I’ve passed through there several times. Nice area!

  • Kenneth Raps
    Kenneth Raps

    James little YT channel 🤣😂

  • Thom Frech
    Thom Frech


  • paul sharpe
    paul sharpe


  • Alan Klosinski
    Alan Klosinski

    Quite a car to pick up! Look sweet

  • Johnxfcgj


  • Shadow WolfYT
    Shadow WolfYT


  • Flipping Waffles
    Flipping Waffles

    we need more snack montages

  • Justin Rhamanohar Broward County
    Justin Rhamanohar Broward County

    gets in challenger "this is nice, no games you just mash it" lol

  • Gavin Costigan
    Gavin Costigan

    I'm dying laughing watching the pump stop and go. That is definitely a Hummer thing! All three of ours have done that.

  • David Elias
    David Elias


  • Michael Beth Medsker
    Michael Beth Medsker

    AC COBRA all the way

  • Olsen Hoogendoorn
    Olsen Hoogendoorn

    That’s where I live evergreen

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex

    It's an AVALANCHE with a different Body!

  • Redlinegamer //RGK205
    Redlinegamer //RGK205

    Burlacher is THE IRON MAN OF STeEl

  • jay b
    jay b

    I've bought my H2 brand new and I have 301k on to and still pulled my boat from Atlanta to Ft Worth Tx.. I will never depart.. Lol gonna check out the new Hummer trk..

  • James Ginn
    James Ginn

    loved the vlog, i used to live by breckenridge, memories on I70 lol

  • Claire Faraday-Bensley
    Claire Faraday-Bensley

    I am a fan

  • Jack Adams
    Jack Adams

    Is that Drew’s collection?

  • Try Arn
    Try Arn

    Why do you and james have to stand on your cars? What is up with that???

  • Atara Singgih
    Atara Singgih

    Saw the description and I saw “James little YT channel”

  • Greg M
    Greg M

    James's little YT channel 😂😂😂😂

  • Boston Bmx
    Boston Bmx

    Straight pipe it!

  • Boston Bmx
    Boston Bmx

    Love it honestly big obnoxious loud and most of all not needed

  • Joffrey Jofferson
    Joffrey Jofferson

    My dad and I built a cobra kit car when I was a kid

  • Izzy Santos
    Izzy Santos

    I see all these “best of luck” comments but I think you should do “best of lach”

  • moe cortez
    moe cortez

    I dont know where y'all get the info or trucks y'all driving I've been driving an H2 all original looks like something from a show room floor it drives like a caddi does 95 mph cruisin with plenty left to pass and ive put 180,000 miles on it and woukd drive it to anywhere with or without roads and with 12 mpg its no worse than a 10mpg tundra if y'all gonna make a vid atleast give credit where its due

  • squatchbass monotheism
    squatchbass monotheism

    COBRA any day bro

  • Bos

    A wild "Palos" appeared!

  • Greg Whitworth
    Greg Whitworth

    TRAIN HORN... Must have.

  • JLS133

    Train horn

  • SlavPlaysGames

    That clk amg merc omg so good !

  • Brandon Stark
    Brandon Stark

    I know comment is late but the video is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 had me laughing ✌💀💀

  • Wolfwood0011

    Train horn with a separate compressor to push that. Just a friendly honk that would be epic.

  • Mercedes Benz
    Mercedes Benz

    I live in Colorado and I know about this weather it’s crazy when it snows here lol

  • Joy L
    Joy L

    Really good episode!

  • Jan Oliver Roosioks
    Jan Oliver Roosioks

    Like to unban FaZe Jarvis

  • Matty Crayon
    Matty Crayon

    Great vlog. Haven't done a road trip like that in ages. 👍

  • Aaron Teague
    Aaron Teague

    😂😂😂😂 Best of luck!!! Lol

  • Zachary Rollins
    Zachary Rollins

    The hell cat is better then a mustang

  • Matt Shea
    Matt Shea

    That fuzzy screen transition made me throw my phone....scares the crap outa me lol

  • DAVID1.9 Mendoza
    DAVID1.9 Mendoza

    And there you go the birth place begins (BEST OF Luck) I think it's time for your own clothing line😂😂

  • MoNsT3R MooDy
    MoNsT3R MooDy

    Burlacher i love your videos bc they're genuinly real and entertaining

  • Boss Media
    Boss Media

    I’m a Mustang owner but I agree the hellcat sounds better than the GT350

  • Streemingcoat 67
    Streemingcoat 67

    Tbh this channel is just like the behind the scenes of the stradman's channel 😂😂

  • ethan smith
    ethan smith

    Hellaphant hummer coming to a vlog near you

  • Steve Anstaett
    Steve Anstaett

    I see you guys stopped through in Winfield Kansas. That's my hometown wish I would have knew that I would have like meet all of you thanks for the great vids.

  • daniel yeroshalmi
    daniel yeroshalmi

    "james's little yt channel"

  • Terri Simmons
    Terri Simmons

    I like the lambo

  • kenneth burns
    kenneth burns

    I missed you guys in Grand Junction. Wish I could have said hi.

  • Steven Lord
    Steven Lord

    You need strads hell cat!!!

  • John Cage
    John Cage

    Did you guys check the links, see what he put for stradmans channel, LOL Bro

  • Ernest john Mejia
    Ernest john Mejia

    James's litle Channel lmao

  • lorlaine yting
    lorlaine yting

    love you to and lp

  • Bear Bogu
    Bear Bogu

    Your mustang sounds better then the Dodge or your Mike is not good

  • Mike Simms
    Mike Simms

    Thanks for damaging my speakers by putting that static shit in there at twice the volume of the rest of the video. Learn how to normalize the audio in your videos before uploading any more content.

  • Alex Nitulescu
    Alex Nitulescu

    The Countach's wheel fitment is horrbible... Why??

  • Justin Jaworski
    Justin Jaworski

    Imagine if this channel gets more subscribers then James channel. Lol

  • Dog Lived
    Dog Lived

    yea yea you guys made good picks

  • Dog Lived
    Dog Lived

    cobra dog

  • Joel Repass
    Joel Repass

    Leavin on a jet plane. What a song. It’s sad that John Denver actually did leave on a plane😢

  • Quinn Anderson
    Quinn Anderson

    Duramax swap it!

  • Dominik W
    Dominik W

    Liked your cross over a lot 😂

  • Daniel Zambrano
    Daniel Zambrano

    I would take the cobra as well cuz it's my dream car

  • Jacob Denham
    Jacob Denham

    Although I love junk food. This made me never want to eat junk food again.

  • Wesley Gilbert
    Wesley Gilbert

    Haha! Snacks on Snacks on Snacks!

  • irre levant
    irre levant

    The Renault R5 turbo ll. Is super sweet. And rare.

  • Nick

    Otherwise good video besides the title and thumbnail "she was mad" bs

  • Nick

    Click bait title. Driver wasnt mad. Wish you and james would stop with the deception

  • Ladibugg

    I liked for an airhorn LOL.


    Lift, bigger tires, straight, pipes, supercharger, cammo wrap, nice H2

  • anna massey
    anna massey

    Omg video with burlacher n stradman in u just can't help but smile all the way through it lol 😀🏎️. U guys r just so entertaining n ya content is epic luv it 😀 🏎️ north of England

  • Jessica Patterson
    Jessica Patterson

    great video bro from what I can see your a lot more comfortable on camera also one more thing you need a gass cap or your mpg will get worse

  • jorge luque
    jorge luque

    Worst car ever

  • michael riedlinger
    michael riedlinger

    I live in Wichita

  • William Maillho
    William Maillho

    Have you heard of the new hummer that is under the gmc brand. It is an all electric 1000 hp hummer.

  • Liam Sternfeldt
    Liam Sternfeldt

    Bro the black cobra with the white strip is my dream car

  • D M
    D M

    This is controversial. I'd choose ANY cobra over ANY Lambo..

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