Choking Baby Saved by Quick-Thinking Police Officer
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It's the dramatic moment a police officer rushes to save the life of a choking baby. Dashcam video shows the cop chasing the family down and signaling them to pull over. The 11-month-old boy is turning blue and his parents are rushing him to the hospital. That's when the police officer heard the emergency over the radio. New Mexico State Police Officer Mario Herrera hopped out of his patrol car, grabbed the baby and started life-saving assistance.

  • Savanna Laver
    Savanna Laver

    Not to be rude by ummm corauna??? Like!!!!

  • Raul Huerta pedroza
    Raul Huerta pedroza

    Its said stephini corona😯🤧

  • alex dont date in roblox no yya mama is fat
    alex dont date in roblox no yya mama is fat

    Did she start covid 19?

  • Ava Wilson
    Ava Wilson

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a> scared me with the noises he was making. But this is so sad 🥺

  • thatone weirdgirl
    thatone weirdgirl

    Stephanie carona 😆

  • DragonslayerMC12 Aj
    DragonslayerMC12 Aj


  • Mr D
    Mr D

    Corona huh

  • Shila smith
    Shila smith


  • adoradores na terra guardiões no céu
    adoradores na terra guardiões no céu

    Polícia americana nota 100 em tudo

  • Pamela Reyes
    Pamela Reyes

    Excelente job oficial! 🌹

  • Josephine Carrillo
    Josephine Carrillo

    The baby at 11 months: *chokes on star charm* The baby at 20 years old: *”I should not have done that”*

  • Misty The Pokemon Trainer
    Misty The Pokemon Trainer

    Is nobody gunna say that her last name is Corona

  • Jose Araujo
    Jose Araujo

    Police Jerera😂😂😂😂😂 Herrera

  • Sabrina Letner
    Sabrina Letner


  • Dominga Escobar
    Dominga Escobar

    Mi Dios es bueno grande en Misericordia llevo a este joven policía 👮‍♂️ que si iba a salvarle la vida al Bebe Bendiciones para el joven policía y que los padres del bebe tengan más cuidado con el bebe Ellos nesecitan mucho cuidado

  • Sophia Korobkina
    Sophia Korobkina

    Wait. Did she just say they’re last name is corona? That must be hard

  • Junaid Junaid
    Junaid Junaid


  • Michael & Daniel 2 kids in the Philippines.
    Michael & Daniel 2 kids in the Philippines.

    Well done cop👍

  • Bilal Amjad
    Bilal Amjad

    Very very very good police officer . Sir

  • fakir ve gururlu turkiye
    fakir ve gururlu turkiye

    China child 😂

  • Papa Tawiah
    Papa Tawiah

    There always an angel around to offer help. So beautiful.

  • yo!Nks

    Hmmmm there named carona

  • Moses Kanyiri
    Moses Kanyiri

    May that cop live long

  • Slavko Hajder
    Slavko Hajder


  • Ishani Gurung
    Ishani Gurung

    Thank you so much god for saving that little baby’s life

  • Huseyin Ulucay
    Huseyin Ulucay


  • Linda McPherson
    Linda McPherson

    I'm surprised how many people don't have some basic first aid, as parents or just anyone. I learned it, just to have it. It came in handy 3 times, 1 child - choking.. 2 adults Heart attack and impalement... You never know..

  • Werner Sunkel
    Werner Sunkel

    All these thumbs downs must be from leftists who love killing the unborn

  • LeGameur 55
    LeGameur 55

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="37">0:37</a> corona

  • Rose Animationslovesbunniesandbutterflys1994
    Rose Animationslovesbunniesandbutterflys1994

    Phew I'm glad he's safe!

  • LaViajerita 87
    LaViajerita 87

    Parents may know CPR but it's just such an intense and nerve wracking moment that you forget everything when your child is in pain or near death. I used to work in an emergency department and a girl came in screaming with her her mom very frantic. She had broken hand or finger and her mom was so nervous and upset and didn't know to to calm the little girl. She was actually a doctor that worked in the same hospital. I later heard nurses commenting how sad it was she could not handle herself and calm the daughter.

  • Snowrabian Lebanonprincess
    Snowrabian Lebanonprincess

    This officer is a real heroe💚💚💚

  • iLLumiNAVi N.J.
    iLLumiNAVi N.J.

    I like how the babies in the front and dads sitting in the back tf lol

  • Nat Halie
    Nat Halie

    Thank you Jezus in gods name thank you, god bless that angel cop! Devine intervention that boy is going to be somebody and do great things. Thank you jezus halleluja!

  • Elżbieta Baran
    Elżbieta Baran


  • I Love Truth
    I Love Truth

    Praise God!!

  • Death Harbinger
    Death Harbinger

    Did I just hear Stefeny Corona

  • Deanne kliene
    Deanne kliene

    Awesome cop!

  • Foodwith Fashion
    Foodwith Fashion

    I’m glad he’s ok thank you officer ❤️

  • beyond O of life
    beyond O of life

    Thank you officer 😎👍

  • Stephanie Mwadime
    Stephanie Mwadime

    CPR classes and basic first aide should be mandatory for any parents in my opinion. Anyway great job.

  • Bernie Lopez
    Bernie Lopez

    God bless that officer and his family 🙏🏼

  • Dee Bro
    Dee Bro

    This is what we pay police to do, not kill innocent people

  • Lowkey Audacity
    Lowkey Audacity

    The fact his mum’s last name is corona...

  • moab123456

    Praise God

  • Good Straight
    Good Straight

    Babies require 24/7 supervision not even one second ☝️ or this could happen

  • Joy Coleman
    Joy Coleman


  • Guanskies

    When parenting is not already hard enough. What a scary moment. Glad the baby is okay ☺️

  • Obamaistoast2012

    Finally a video of a cop doing the right thing, hats off to the officer.

  • Nirob Ahmed
    Nirob Ahmed

    2002 dash cams-_-

  • M D
    M D

    That’s some demonic crying coming from that baby

  • LveMlike

    Omg so fortunate!!!! And their married will tighten because of this accident

  • stevie boy
    stevie boy

    Good fast thinking from the cop but even more a hero helping to dislodge that charm choking the baby. Ultimate hero forever.

  • Harinie Gaur
    Harinie Gaur

    My youngest child was a year old when he started choking con a piece of plastic wraper..I did a Heimlich and it got disloged .

  • Rock Solid
    Rock Solid

    Wow...that officer was the child's guardian angel.

  • bella Torregrossa
    bella Torregrossa

    And this is why I support the police

  • Lady M
    Lady M

    How terrifying! Glad lil man's ok!🙏🏽

  • Relax Galaxy
    Relax Galaxy

    take some CPR and Heimlich classes if you have kids

  • Isabel Garcia
    Isabel Garcia

    God bless!

  • eI Smurf
    eI Smurf

    I read that as "Quick thinking cop chokes baby"

  • Francis Faustino
    Francis Faustino

    CNN headline: Cop grabs baby by the neck and savegely beat spine.

  • Epoh Ecnatsnoc
    Epoh Ecnatsnoc

    I'll never understand why basic life saving techniques aren't taught in schools. Knowing how to save a life is as important as knowing how mountains form and how to divide!

  • Thaaonlysabrina

    No one: :Stephanie corona

  • A. Gutierrez
    A. Gutierrez

    New Mexico?

  • 1 2
    1 2

    He's fine just a little brain damage

  • Grumpy One
    Grumpy One

    We need more officers like that. Here in the ghetto They turn the other way and wait for you to die.

  • Brenda Morris
    Brenda Morris

    You need to thank God that officer was near by.

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata

    Thank God the baby is ok

  • Mxxn_Light_ Music
    Mxxn_Light_ Music

    Corona !!!

  • Orangey885

    He is awesome

  • Roxy Ilinca
    Roxy Ilinca

    Baby : OoOoOo~ A star! Need to taste it! *Minutes later* Baby : I just chooked and became a star wow-

  • Zalo

    For a slip second I thought it was about a cop choking out a baby 👶🏼!!! 😮

  • Jennifer Medeiros
    Jennifer Medeiros

    He's correct ambulances take a very long time even if you're dying

  • Michael smith
    Michael smith


  • Alahnah Jackson
    Alahnah Jackson

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="37">0:37</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> she the reason of the Corona virus idc let’s argue

  • juan vargas
    juan vargas

    This shows u how wrong life is, an athlete makes millions a year for throwing a ball, while the true heroes work hard and struggle to meet ends

  • juan vargas
    juan vargas

    A heroe

  • Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong

    This is why my man and I took a CPR class while I was still pregnant.

  • Rae Ander
    Rae Ander

    That’s so scary! Thank god that police officer was at the right place at the right time!

  • Fox gameryt
    Fox gameryt

    Stefany Corona virus

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