Crazy Man STEALS my Corvette! *INTENSE FIGHT to get it back*
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Here's what happened to our stolen Corvette !
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  • Royalty Exotic Cars
    Royalty Exotic Cars

    What would you have done in this situation ? *keep it interesting*

    • FuckFace

      I wouldn’t have rented anything to that skank

    • greggbalbuena

      smash his head

    • Trent K
      Trent K

      Now that I'm a little older I'd have handled it similar to the way you did. At 25 it would have been a fist fight.

    • Hunt Fish
      Hunt Fish

      You guys need a lose control Attitude on your team

    • Hunt Fish
      Hunt Fish

      Used my pistol

  • Derek Norris
    Derek Norris

    Suppose to be muscle, but he looks scared...Lol

  • WookieCookie 2014
    WookieCookie 2014

    What. An. Idiot. Who? The whole lot of them! The guys doing the repossession of the vehicle are not remotely equipped to handle most of the things that I've seen happen in situations that had started out just like this. They all simply got lucky that the Jersey-Wearing-Old-Guy was a coward at heart. That gut was an all-around idiot for reasons I don't need to explain. I hope they get the car back to its best condition-- sounds complicated, especially since the idiot with possession of the key, and seemingly the car, was not even the "renter". Seriously, I know that this turned out okay without violence, but at any time things could have become extremely dangerous for everyone-- real security, and _yes_ weapons, primarily firearms, are a must for occasions that can't be handled by being non-confrontational and passive. That happens more than you think. I don't condone violence. Avoid it as much as possible, just as they did here in the video-- but have a back-up plan in place for situations that run out of your control, no matter how peacefully you conduct yourself. Having a firearm *_does not_* mean it has to be used, or even taken out for display. But to not have legal back-up protection for situations that could get you, your employees, and/or bystanders killed is just really stupid. These are my opinions. I simply just think that it all turned out very lucky-- so many similar situations don't, especially when there is no real defense available for "muscle" in charge of "security". Seriously! ~Peace!

  • Justin

    "I make 500,000 thousand a year" I instantly bursted out laughing.

  • steve salles
    steve salles

    he claims to make 500k annually he should just buy his own car

  • kswright2339

    Just beat his ass and take the key. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams

    Blow his mf head off wtf talking about give me a ride lol give u a ride straight to the morgue

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams

    What a thug

  • Lee Hobbs
    Lee Hobbs

    You got bullied by an old man with a loud mouth wth.

  • James Dixon
    James Dixon

    Hes such a cowardly wuss.

  • Popenator 7
    Popenator 7

    SUPRISE suprise... Wannabe old toothless homie bro.. 🤦🏻‍♂️😀

  • Brenda Walker
    Brenda Walker

    Sorry big boy need to hit the gym get some muscle and some nuts he punked yall 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • T K
    T K

    Would've immediately called the police if he refused to give up the keys plus he had drugs in the car, that would've made the cops day lol.

  • Bree Trevillison
    Bree Trevillison

    Wait.... I was waiting for him to say something about a drug lmfao I called it when y’all pulled up on him. So his cocaine was in the car where was his belt

  • Phinneus Prune
    Phinneus Prune

    February 23, 2020. Talking about being sick. Everybody coughing in the car ... Looks like COVID hit the states earlier than March

  • Gilbert Salazar
    Gilbert Salazar

    Man this guy stole your car, punked yall out and yall still gave him a ride!!! HA HA HA. Annoying or not you dont do that my man! That big boy dont have 1% of muscle on him.

  • Kirk Ramsay
    Kirk Ramsay

    Better do a little bit better background check on these people who want to rent your cars 😎 I could have went horribly wrong

  • Aly B
    Aly B

    That’s what I taught my kids “ be careful of that one time”.... I live by that principle, always being careful of that one time....

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts

    Enough with the Holmes & the homies & the bros , talk normal guy !!! 🙄🤔🤐

  • berto stevens
    berto stevens

    😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you gave him a ride home I’m crying

  • Israel Poulard
    Israel Poulard

    Lol 😂 funny video

  • Scheri Walker
    Scheri Walker

    Just say NO to drugs......

  • Jah Son
    Jah Son

    Vegas life.

  • Delta Whiskey
    Delta Whiskey

    So what kinda gun you legally owning at 18??....must have been a

  • Bryan Chang
    Bryan Chang

    Why waste all the time just call em popo up

  • tsarrite

    Empty cans make the most noise.

  • Mr. Logic Pants
    Mr. Logic Pants

    So I'm watching this idiot thinking that guy looks familiar when I realized that this is in Las Vegas NV and he lives of the same main street that I do. Either that or he was that guy I saw peeing in the alley behind the Golden Nugget.

  • Rick Weintraub
    Rick Weintraub

    This guy was just stupid no education dumb as a box of rocks, likes to act like a thug,

  • YahWeh 2045
    YahWeh 2045


  • Janewski11

    As a person who has a conceal carry permit, and who has a conceal carry gun, one thing that we always maintain is restraint on pulling out your weapon. You NEVER pull out a gun unless you are in eminent physical danger. Had the idiot with the tattoos pulled out a gun, then, yes, most probably, someone would have died. People who get in your face and scream at you, aren't a reason to pull out a gun. Pulling out a gun in these situations can only escalate the situation.

  • dsnuts08

    why didnt they just call the cops

  • Manny Soto
    Manny Soto

    The Mgr is an awesome guy God will continue to bless good people keep up the good work and protect your employees and teach them like you do your parents and family have got to be so proud of you. God bless you always

  • _ dave
    _ dave

    what a waste of time this was

  • Christopher Vela
    Christopher Vela

    Where's the intense fight? My gf farts are more intense

  • R Painter
    R Painter

    Their mistake was being nice, to begin with. If they hadn't picked up the car when they did, I doubt they would have gotten it back in one piece. I think they should have dropped him with a taser.

  • Majah Syn
    Majah Syn

    Anyone else notice he keeps taking his teeth out lol

  • Eric Mcguire
    Eric Mcguire

    Dudes a coke/crack head

  • john bowse
    john bowse


  • captain doom
    captain doom

    The fact that he slid with sayin nigga, blows me about this entire situation. The whole situation as a whole is bizarre

  • dgretlein

    How is it possible this dude even passed any checks to even rent the car to him?


    The muscle looks more like a bud tender.

  • Brian S/ブライアン
    Brian S/ブライアン

    Bring out the Bat 🦇

  • No Chill andy
    No Chill andy

    It’s not even damaged that bad y’all stupid asf

  • ReneeNme

    Why didn't they just call the police on his dumb ass ? If he truly stole the car he needed to be hauled off to jail. Grand theft auto is a felony. We're talking prison time if convicted.

  • Dis is Truth
    Dis is Truth

    2 words numb nuts!!!

  • Cody Bowers
    Cody Bowers

    Your muscle didn't do shit

  • gage4g

    $500k a year? He should be able to buy his own vet.

  • guitaristxcore

    Bringing a firearm doesn't mean someone has to die. In fact, bringing a firearm could easily take the starch right out of a combative person, resulting in less violence.

  • Cyril Nkokha
    Cyril Nkokha

    This guy's not hearing them. The muscle is dragging behind. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This must be their uncle...

  • Spencer Dunn
    Spencer Dunn

    Lemme get my cocaine man fr

  • james jd
    james jd

    I’m a Repossession agent now crazy job

  • Spurs Texan
    Spurs Texan

    I would have just kicked his ass and took the key

  • Clayton Razo
    Clayton Razo

    Crack head takin his teeth out 😂😂😂

  • Clayton Razo
    Clayton Razo

    You can’t be nice and be a repo man. Would have knocked that crackhead out real quick.

  • E DAHL
    E DAHL

    You think the MUSCLE got a talking to...??

  • Terrell 718
    Terrell 718

    What part was the “intense fight”?

  • ChoccoBootyLips

    Intensely gay! WTF? Fight? Muscle?

  • Marlin Brittian
    Marlin Brittian

    Yeah that was a real intense fight

  • J D
    J D

    Every 1 2 sweet

  • waldo

    Yeah, it would have changed your life for the better you would have saw you have the right to protect yourself and brass knuckles are felonious assault

  • Minerva Owl Cult
    Minerva Owl Cult

    In my country it is 'feminine' teenagers with 'fashion' who wears saggy pants to the point of showing ass. In the US it is opposite. Still looks silly. EDIT: Especially on a grown adult.

  • Robert Novotny
    Robert Novotny

    He would be sitting in jail

  • Three3 Vinyldesigns
    Three3 Vinyldesigns

    Click bait. Should of been titled watch a few cowards get bullied by a coke head.

  • Kyle M Hamilton
    Kyle M Hamilton

    You can afford a lawyer I woulda knocked him out just outta the disrespect

  • anthony gregory
    anthony gregory

    What a wanna be thug. Acting hard because he tall.

  • Joe Shmo
    Joe Shmo

    The moment he got in your truck, attempted carjacking. Have his butt arrested

  • mike LJR
    mike LJR

    He cldve had a gun. You shouldn't interact with him at all. You shouldve called the cops immediately.

  • mike LJR
    mike LJR

    This man was trying to steal your car and you didnt call the police?

  • Kingbob Kingbob
    Kingbob Kingbob

    He ugly LOL

  • Joni the boi
    Joni the boi

    Mussels? Think you need to get your glasses changed, there's keeping things calm n there being three pussys sorry to say but looked like that latter..

  • S13redtop

    Click bait. No fight. People are so thirsty for clout and views. Lol

  • Cesar Parra
    Cesar Parra

    You r too nice dude

  • Cloud Entertainment
    Cloud Entertainment

    I hope you guys are fired, can’t even do your job right

  • Cody Zamora
    Cody Zamora

    I bet if you punched him square in the jaw one time he’d be done w glad you didn’t and let him be poor guy lmao

  • Daniel danfoxworth
    Daniel danfoxworth

    Call the cops.

  • Obey Juan
    Obey Juan

    Where’s the fight ??? 😂

  • Seth Parker
    Seth Parker


  • Seth Parker
    Seth Parker

    Attwood seems like a good and reliable guy.. at customer service. If this was actually real and not set up, get you a new muscle... One that isn't gonna let a 40 year old druggie run up on the boss 15 times. What if one of those time he is pulling up his pants, he grabs a knife out of his pocket and stabs your boss while working the tow ramp while Attwood comfortably watches the show 15 feet away.

  • Chris Christo
    Chris Christo

    What area is this in Nevada, just so I know to stay away?

  • Chris Christo
    Chris Christo

    Hopefully the virus took this gem to society out!

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