Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New Custom Tesla
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  • Leticia Garcia
    Leticia Garcia

    Then it rains

  • Art Gealic
    Art Gealic

    “Iphone entry” “Done” Why: i want to upload “drawing tutorials” on yt and tiktok but I don’t have good quality camera.

  • Kirby Niez
    Kirby Niez


  • Mr. Yukito
    Mr. Yukito


  • sabrina _ boba
    sabrina _ boba

    I love leo when hes driving the tesla 😂

  • Kai Cadavid
    Kai Cadavid

    “iPhone 11 entry” “Done” Why because at home I always watch your videos and I watch them over and over but my phone is a beat up 3 and it would be soooooooo amazing if I won the IPhone 11. Love your videos

  • Omar Barajas
    Omar Barajas

    Can u pls do a video tutorial oh and tell Machel that I said hi. Luv y'all keep up the good work and stay positive 👍

  • Frogman16 YT
    Frogman16 YT

    I dare you to pay me $200, normally people ask for 1000 but I’m not gonna. If not It’ll be fine😞

  • Marvis Tooey
    Marvis Tooey

    Should've put a twitch logo hood ornament

  • Eric Marcus
    Eric Marcus

    Iphone entry Done Screen flickers

  • Layla Shaban
    Layla Shaban


  • Layla Shaban
    Layla Shaban

    Hey Zac I love you and I am A big fan and where do you and where is the hype house and if I want something will I pay

  • Sacha Daems
    Sacha Daems

    Which marker do you use

  • Ezequiel Lucchetta
    Ezequiel Lucchetta

    Cuatomizin Ford GT 40 plis saludos desde argentina

  • Emma Bam
    Emma Bam

    We got a Tesla model 3 to sooooo... 😹

  • reshma patel
    reshma patel

    You are so awesome and creative hope I win

  • Venugopal Guvvala
    Venugopal Guvvala

    Ohhh my god it’s mr beast

  • Elon Silasjr
    Elon Silasjr

    My name is Elon too

  • Christopher Liwanag
    Christopher Liwanag

    draw yasuo

  • Karren faye pasiol
    Karren faye pasiol


  • Itz_Dionne_Park UwU
    Itz_Dionne_Park UwU

    "iphone 11 pro entry" "done" why:dont have my own phone..i just stay sit in my room while watching tv😧😔😓

  • McKenzie Maddox
    McKenzie Maddox

    Your a great person

  • Rosky Gaming
    Rosky Gaming

    Image if buggati

  • Evelyn Lopez
    Evelyn Lopez


  • bop man
    bop man

    MrBeast JR

  • Jellytical Station
    Jellytical Station


  • Ana Santos
    Ana Santos

    “And that’s how you costumize a Tesla “. With two lines😅😅

  • Tim Gerschler
    Tim Gerschler

    Ist jemand Deutscher

  • Cameron Cameron
    Cameron Cameron

    y’all are cool designers

  • Cameron Cameron
    Cameron Cameron

    how can you when phones iPads and other things

  • Lameesa


  • Swara Kalantre
    Swara Kalantre


  • Shyna Verma
    Shyna Verma

    Sir I really like your video and I want a unicorn customised IPhone 11pro max pls pls

  • Wani Baichots
    Wani Baichots

    I like this

  • Loser Beam
    Loser Beam

    I dare you to give me 7000 dollars

  • Yasmin oid
    Yasmin oid

    "Mama, I'm sorry. But, what the fu.. " that so cute 😻

  • Wyatt Lee
    Wyatt Lee

    How do you take the emblem off?

  • Gacha_ Honey
    Gacha_ Honey

    You realize that the drawings are going to come off in the rain or in a car wash...


    Can you give things in peru

  • XXX Lexsauise
    XXX Lexsauise

    But what's gonna happen to the car when it rains

  • iPaperPlayzYT

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a> ayee thats my main on league of legends

  • Content which you want
    Content which you want

    iphone "done"

  • Catunella S
    Catunella S

    Wey ya quiero ser la morra de los plumones

  • Leyy !!
    Leyy !!

    “iphone 11 entry” “done” “why: i did upgrade to the 7 but I still think it’s worth a chance to enter I am entering because even though I have a iPhone 7 it’s broken because I dropped it at jack in the box and cracked it and it is only 16gb so to have tiktok i have to delete a lot of pics and apps so i can keep tiktok i love your vids i have liked all your resent vids and commented on all of them i hope your are staying safe as well as bonbon 😄 and i wish you all the best of luck 🥺😚 bye

  • Nancy Rodriguez
    Nancy Rodriguez

    I’m hipped for my birthday and it’s in April 17

  • Dino San
    Dino San

    “Iphone 11 pro max entry” “Done” Why: Because i have iphone 6 for years now

  • Ishrat Sidhu
    Ishrat Sidhu

    I never win the giveaways

  • Rina Qevani
    Rina Qevani

    I really need a new phone i have a galaxy Samsung note 2 and I really cant afford a new phone so I was hoping to win a giveaway for so long but I have lost all my hopes

  • nathan sandy
    nathan sandy

    That bean bag was made of his hair

  • Inès Meziou
    Inès Meziou

    I’m not see the card of your friend destroying

  • Joker Gaming
    Joker Gaming

    Lol that is nice tasla

  • rsty.c FTW
    rsty.c FTW

    i need a new phone

  • Rosalie Sandiego
    Rosalie Sandiego

    I want some iphone 11 im using only android phone

  • Kurt Guillermo
    Kurt Guillermo


  • HMW Art
    HMW Art

    Watch me vid

  • Alyssa Bembry
    Alyssa Bembry

    Mr beast be like: we gonna throw meteoRs at my friends car ZHC be like: we gonna draw a smiley face on his tire

  • M A
    M A

    Leo’s side looks better(my favorite color is pink, I’m a boy)

  • micah calibo
    micah calibo

    How many hearts i need to get personalized iphone 11 🥺🤩 please notice me🥺

  • klash art
    klash art

    Plzzz ZHC I want copic marker to improve my drawing skills I have requested u for a couple of time

  • Wild1one

    Give me all your drawing skills

  • Mariana Torres
    Mariana Torres

    Is this marker permanent?

  • E T E R N A L
    E T E R N A L

    Oh just saying I think mechelle is crushing on Leo

  • Katana.Annie

    both sides are totally different and yet it doesn’t look weird at all

  • Katana.Annie

    omg dax is so cute!!! i want a chameleon!!! i wonder how hard is it to take care of one of em.

  • Yanel Ortiz
    Yanel Ortiz

    iPhone pls

  • E v a
    E v a

    Anyone mind talking about his talent? :O

  • Marcus Howell
    Marcus Howell

    I Dont Think I Should like It Because Of The Apex Or Dislike For The Fortnite.

  • Sanchit Jamdegni
    Sanchit Jamdegni

    I want a friend like ZHC lol🤣🤣

  • Baely and Brynn’s rocking fun time
    Baely and Brynn’s rocking fun time

    The car looks great

  • Jordan Lagro
    Jordan Lagro


    • ZED

      Jordan Lagro wut r u giving away

  • M Hassan
    M Hassan

    "I phone entery done" I want I phone bcuz : you are giving away

  • Benidict Gabica
    Benidict Gabica

    i'm here trying to win your giveaway because all of my neighbors have all my cellphone

  • Lesina Pou
    Lesina Pou

    how many people like it

  • Rebeca Romero
    Rebeca Romero

    Hiiiii I really wish you’d respond, anyways..... First of all I just wanted to remind you that you have such an incredible talent Now I know it’s too much to ask, but I know that you do giveaways to make this work better, and to make us happy, ever since I was like 5 years old, I’ve been dreaming about making my own ALsofts channel, therefore post videos on ALsofts, but that has only been in my dreams for 11 almost years :), and the reason why I say it’s only been a dream it’s because my family has never had money to get me one, and as a 16 yr old I would have to work for a year until I can pay for my own Mac book pro 😅 mostly bc in my country they pay like $900 by working a week which is like less than 50 dollars for a week, you maybe won’t even see this but I’m not lying, it would mean the world if I won a Mac, and I know that you’re not giving away macs atm but just keep me in mind if you do :) Hope you stay safe 💙 Now I know that you must be creating new AMAZING designs but pleaseeee help a future creator 😅


    I have a chanel called Mercy boakye darkwah

  • Angie Hdez Loyo
    Angie Hdez Loyo

    Please! Make some iPhone 5 cases ☹️ because I have never won anything

  • Ciara Johnston
    Ciara Johnston

    I love how different their styles are but how they match so nicely. Perfect balance

  • Milica B
    Milica B

    ur so talented🤩

  • Lexie's Unicorn Land
    Lexie's Unicorn Land

    I love you videos

  • Itachi Kirirua
    Itachi Kirirua

    U r too talented 🤪

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