Eminem Performs 'Lose Yourself' at Oscars 2020
Eminem performs his Oscar winning song, 'Lose Yourself,' from the film 8 MILE. This is the first time Eminem has performed the song live on the Oscars stage. See more performances and highlights at Oscar.com and in the ABC app!

  • Cathy P
    Cathy P

    That was the BEST!

  • sierra xo
    sierra xo

    Can you like .... TAKE A DEEP BREATH???

  • sierra xo
    sierra xo

    He sounds like he's having an asthma attack or like he's constipated

  • sierra xo
    sierra xo

    1:25 LOL

  • Julie W
    Julie W

    Still looking good

  • Anthony Conenna
    Anthony Conenna

    I wished he would pull his pants up.

  • Graiden’s Channel
    Graiden’s Channel

    Eminem should do rap God with the Oscars

  • Ruby Redd
    Ruby Redd

    Better recognize!🎙 EMINEM BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN!!!

  • Rajath Max
    Rajath Max

    Where is that 17 m video

  • Iceman

    Been coming back to this almost every day. Love it.

  • Saba albahili
    Saba albahili

    And that’s why eminem will always be king of rap ❤️

  • Lisa Aliff
    Lisa Aliff

    Rap God My man lit the Academy Awards. He’s come a long way from 8mile. Will follow him many more miles. Yes. And Steven Tyler too. They belong together on a marquee Love my boys!.


    Billie Eilish was there?... wow

  • RickyRichReacts

    *I know you probably hear this everyday, but I'm your biggest fan. I even got the underground shit that you did with Skam. I got a room full of your posters and your pictures man, I like the shit you did with Rawkus too, that shit was fat.* 😂😂

  • Blu3Dr4g0nR3d

    Even with a bad mic, Eminem sounded better

  • Speedytyperman Answers
    Speedytyperman Answers

    Martin Scorsese 2:42 at the top left side of the video. Thinking what the F happened to the cinema and oscars that I so dearly loved.

  • Someonerandom17

    A surprise to be sure But a welcome one

  • Iknow Allthesadsongs
    Iknow Allthesadsongs

    He deserves so much more he's a living legend!! The crowd sucks

  • CltxElvin

    Billie was like “who tf is that guy”

  • Kwame Chandler
    Kwame Chandler

    Eminem your a real nice dude letting the Oscars be held at your concert.

  • XD LemonGamer
    XD LemonGamer

    Turn up da mic

  • YAMBAG84

    I cringe every time they cut to the audience.

  • Jenna Blare
    Jenna Blare

    They should have turned up his mic. Like the back track is so quiet too.... 😥

  • Sea Pea
    Sea Pea

    80% of those people have listened to that song while on the treadmill at one time or another.

  • Sandy Battles
    Sandy Battles

    Eminem looks so different now

  • Sandy Battles
    Sandy Battles

    I saw billlie elish

  • Starkiller 2395
    Starkiller 2395

    I’m not saying this is bad but it just felt so out of place with the rest of the show.

  • celebiichan

    adum predicted this you dumb fucks

  • Phyllis Timmermann
    Phyllis Timmermann

    Always has been one of my favorite songs. So cool to see all those people singing along he crushed it!

  • Kathryn Smith
    Kathryn Smith

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Eminem, but I’ve always loved his song Lose It..... He was awesome and the crowd would’ve been more into it had it been the Grammy’s and not the Oscars.....

  • MilkTea

    Yea is this wasn’t the Oscars, them bitches would’ve been wildin

  • James Ketchum
    James Ketchum

    that song never gets old, 18 years later still gets me hyped when i hear it, LOVE YOU EM!!!!


    *Michael STILL would have TORE THIS UP.*

  • Heidi Homze
    Heidi Homze

    Lovely brunette lady: Only one in the crowd with no botox

  • Misha Chosen by God
    Misha Chosen by God

    That’s not Eminem. That’s a clone

  • Sarah Olney
    Sarah Olney

    He was right to drop that shit

  • dinaw nji
    dinaw nji

    This was just awsome❤

  • Lexo Cee
    Lexo Cee


  • Erin St.
    Erin St.

    1:13 who are these two little Em disciples? I know the guy cant think of his name.. ugh...is that his sister by him? don't think the old gray hair man liked it or maybe he couldn't hear. He looked disgusted.

  • 1flybyguy

    Eminem getting old and out of shape. Pants sagging. Lip syncing. Not at his best.

  • Michael Hines
    Michael Hines

    Latenitegrind.com Little Known Facts About Eminem latenitegrind.com/lng/little-known-facts-about-eminem/

  • wizard

    I know that they're talented and all but gahd damn celebrities look like some boring bitches😪😂

  • Shannon F-PA
    Shannon F-PA

    ❤❤❤ MY GOD HES HOT ❤❤❤

  • Switch Lanes
    Switch Lanes

    Slim is starting to look like Thick Shady

  • Aidan

    Billie in the background

  • Joes Mad
    Joes Mad

    Beard is weird.

  • Erik Gutierrez
    Erik Gutierrez

    Weak ass crowd ! "Oscar's " 2020 or not

  • Graciezstoriez Jr
    Graciezstoriez Jr

    The crowds boring

  • Christine lynn
    Christine lynn

    Eminem is the best rapper. 💗 And he's cute.

  • Amythist

    I will never be so old that Eminem doesn't give me chills when he performs. Love him

  • optimal_li

    No offense. It is 2020! He still wears pants like that.

  • mgtazco

    ABC is the best. F A K E N E W S

  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk !

    Dayummm.. he used to be awesome. Now Ok Boomers are I to him.

    • K Guerr1
      K Guerr1

      He's a Gen-Xer who doesn't give a fuck about anything except his music and family! Boomers and millennials don't have a fuckin' clue!

  • itsthat boy ethan
    itsthat boy ethan

    Billy Irish 3:03

  • Vincent Caruso
    Vincent Caruso

    This is the moment I woke up from watching the Oscars. The minute he finished I feel back asleep. Such a pathetic boring evening.

  • Billy West
    Billy West

    HIRE A COMPETENT SOUND TECHNICIAN HIS MIC SOUNDS LIKE ASS. Jesus, how much money do these people have? And this sounds mediocre at best... wow... so pathetic...

  • Amber Goodwin
    Amber Goodwin

    that mic is struggling real hard there

  • Aaron

    Eminem with a beard makes him look like a dad

    • whitestargamer ___
      whitestargamer ___

      I mean He is

  • Leann Kimmen
    Leann Kimmen

    I F*@king LOVE Eminem! He was awesome

  • Jade Baker
    Jade Baker

    Low key pissed off that no one in the audience celebrities or not was crying. Like I’m sorry do you know who is right in front of you?

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