Everything Wrong With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Quentin Tarantino is back with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. It's got Brad Pitt, Leonardo, Margo Robbie, and Bruce Lee & Charles Manson (no, really). Most everyone liked it and it was up for Best Picture, but it still has sins. So we counted them.
Next week: Recent-past horror & recent narration.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Chris Mequet
    Chris Mequet

    This guy has turned full on sjw

  • 300DBenz

    Pussycat puts her feet on the windshield: *10 MILLION SINS*

  • luigi ventroni
    luigi ventroni

    Is this channel still on? Wow

  • maxers

    You don't understand his style... And that is okay, this movie is for specific people, and besides, everyone sees such things differently

  • Philip Alexander Hassialis
    Philip Alexander Hassialis

    Seriously tho, DiCaprio's second scene with the little girl, god damnit, that was some mighty fucking acting in there, definitely one of Leo's best.

  • Nirmal Francis
    Nirmal Francis

    Why is there no cinemasins on wolf of wall street yet????

  • Pekin Duck
    Pekin Duck

    This movie is a sleeper. if ur sleepy, this movie will put u to sleep

  • Hamal_Hardcore

    I really hated bruce lee's part, CinemaSins is right on every point on that.

  • Becoming Smith
    Becoming Smith

    this sucks ass

  • Cappy 22
    Cappy 22


  • Johnny Taylor
    Johnny Taylor

    Everything wrong with die another day!!!

  • Richard Wolfe
    Richard Wolfe

    @cinemasins how have you not sinned the new "Point Break" movie?

  • Damien X
    Damien X

    I KNOW he does a bonus round at the very end for all the scenes that show driving... However, I think it's more of a testament of how cool, rare and unique it was for Tarantino to actually be able to pull this off & close SO MANY of these LA roads for so long just to shoot a small part of the movie!

  • Wise

    surprised u didn't sin a couple spots like 14:43 when that one girl says "what did charlie say" as if Charles Manson actually ORDERED the killings of Sharon Tate and the others. But its documented that Charles Manson never actually said those words nor ordered anyone to do that. 6:48 should have taken away 5-10-15-20 sins or whatever because BRUCE LEE got his ass beat in a movie, BY A STUNTMAN at that! 9:40 HOW DO U NOT TAKE OFF 10 SINS FOR THAT ASS BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12:40 Maybe should remove a sin for the beat down Brad Pitt gave to that hippie just to fix his car tire. 17:36 Dude don't you have to push a button for people to hear on the other side of those intercoms or whatever their called. +1 sin well thats my list

  • Biff Clamhammer
    Biff Clamhammer

    Bruce Lee was a fraud! Lee getting ass fucked was the best part of the movie.

  • Jacques Malan
    Jacques Malan

    I wonder how many of these sins are just Jeremy trolling the haters. Keep it up!

  • Pablo Veliz Blackburn
    Pablo Veliz Blackburn


  • DP_2020

    Parasite > Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

  • Sky Gazer
    Sky Gazer

    Fuck, already seen it three times. Now I'm going to watch it again. Beacuse this movie is awesome.

  • OmarSaad

    I wonder how pissed off Tarantnio would be if he saw this video that pointe out all the flaws in his film.

  • Burt Gummerfan
    Burt Gummerfan

    The movie is full of references to classic Hollywood. The driving scenes are obvious tributes to Birdemic. Surprised you didn't catch that.

    • M

      Burt Gummerfan Well, that’s your opinion. I personally didn’t mind them but I can understand when someone thinks that this movie was taking way too much time with scenes like this.

    • Burt Gummerfan
      Burt Gummerfan

      @M you CAN'T spend too much time paying tribute to Birdemic

    • M

      Burt Gummerfan He was sinning the fact that movie spends way too much time with these scenes. He may or may not caught that.

  • Maciej M
    Maciej M

    Its my first time when I dislike Yours movie after just 2min.

  • Fenway Park
    Fenway Park

    Just like Tarantino taking the truth and bending it like a rubber corn cob.

  • James McLane
    James McLane

    Jeremy always makes a pop cultural reference that isn't a sin of the film cliche.

  • James McLane
    James McLane

    Who is here after thebirdman ?😂

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley

    This really makes me want to see this movie

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley

    Typewriter maintenance! Impressed asf! Most obscure quote from one of the most memorable tirades from an underrated incredible movie full of great tirades. Two seconds later more dickriding 8 mile. Oh it was Green Mile, well this Channel full of douchebags would not recall their sin so I guess I'm not going to correct my mistake still very impressive inclusion of typewriter maintenance got to love that if you love movies

  • Dizaboro Edi Ban
    Dizaboro Edi Ban

    wow this is bollocks

  • Heitor Biazon
    Heitor Biazon

    Everything Wrong with The Irishman in less than three days.

  • Steve Mair
    Steve Mair

    YESSSS to the 'Burbs reference! Rumsfield! My first exposure to - and absolute favorite role of - Bruce Dern. Amazing character in an amazing movie.

  • Shikhar Vinodia
    Shikhar Vinodia

    I think after watching once upon a time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt should play a role in next John wick movie 🎥. He has already got a dog and a couple of balls with kicking Bruce Lee’s ass(in the movie) so why not head to head with John wick himself. It would be interesting 🤔 to see them fight....

  • Dennis Chamberlin
    Dennis Chamberlin

    Love the channel. Just found it and going to be binging for weeks now. Thanks!

  • Th3BlackPhoenix

    5:23 and 6:08 well the Bruce Lee fight flashback is also needed to let us know HOW MUCH Pitt was strong, so that later we would already know the Manson family was fucked vs him

  • Beefheart Vandercrease
    Beefheart Vandercrease

    *"Mechanical Asshole"* Bahhahahaha I'mma steal that

  • Isabelle Uy
    Isabelle Uy


  • steven ray
    steven ray

    acid counters the effects of alcohol. the trip may have been the thing that saved brad pitt

  • Sir Duckyweather
    Sir Duckyweather

    I'm honestly not even sure why Margot Robbie was in this movie. Eye candy, maybe? They could have cut every scene she was in and it would not have hindered the plot in the slightest. Her character was completely irrelevant until the very end, and the entire time I kept thinking the main characters were going to meet up and she'd become involved in the story to justify all the time spent showcasing her character. But nope, she's just there as a pretty pop culture reference.

  • Sir Duckyweather
    Sir Duckyweather

    I don't know why, but I liked that Leo's character had a speech impediment in this film. You don't see many main characters in movies who struggle to get their words out without calling attention to it or making them appear weak.

  • The Fidget Spinner Movie
    The Fidget Spinner Movie

    Stupid channel, still.

  • Free Bee
    Free Bee

    I absolutely agree that this movies portrayal of Bruce lee was totally disrespectful, but cliff DIDNT whoop Bruce lee. It was a draw.

  • M Hall
    M Hall

    It’s like Quentin said... “ I gotta make a “white” movie “ after his last two 🤣

    • Sergio Balaguera
      Sergio Balaguera

      M Hall What? No... why’d you even bring race into it?

  • Nico Feliciano
    Nico Feliciano

    This one sucks lol. This movie is good, I just feel like just trying to find something to make it look wrong, it's just mostly nonsense in this video compared to the others lol.

    • anthony martinez
      anthony martinez

      Nico Feliciano all of them are like this when it’s a good movie lol

  • David Diehl
    David Diehl

    I convinced my wife this movie was a romantic comedy so we could watch it on date night. She was not amused. Great film though.

  • Christian Honaker
    Christian Honaker

    I don’t usually comment but Cliff could kick Bruce Lee’s ass. He’s a war hero or so he thinks. No offense to the great Bruce Lee but your literally saying a martial artist could kick a marine’s (look at his tattoo) ass. What? Like I mean even if he’s the greatest martial artist of all time, I still put my money on the wife killing marine. No offense. One sin for you...

  • Lele Mene
    Lele Mene

    Pussycat isnt shaved Sin counter +1

  • Bly Guy
    Bly Guy

    Considering the movie is a fairy tale, I don't think a lot of the sins make sense, but appreciate your video nonetheless.

  • Jordan Martin
    Jordan Martin

    Well over half your points are just petty bullshit.

  • TheMrFabian1

    They should turn the fake movies into real ones, like they did with some of the fake trailers from Tarantinos Grindhouse feature.

  • JonGon Productions
    JonGon Productions

    I absolutely love Inglourious Basterds and how it rewrote history but I find this ending to be much more satisfying. Even though seeing Hitler & the Nazis get kileed was satisfying, it was very quick. With this film, we get to see what those Manson Pricks go through so much pain & suffering for what they did to poor Sharon Tate, her baby, and so many other innocent people. Also I found the ending very heartbreaking when Sharon invites Rick over for drinks, it was such a bitter sweet moment that brought u back to reality...

  • Deven Hodge
    Deven Hodge

    @3:10 I've driven through Mulholland Drive on several occasions(LA native), and I can tell for a FACT that no one pauses. They don't even slow down. Minimum of 60mph up or down that hill

  • Black_Stream

    Worst Tarantino film. Very disappointed.

  • Andre Alves
    Andre Alves

    This movie is SO boring, a lot of BS till the 15 min. that matters in the end. OMG zzzzzz

  • Jessica Emery
    Jessica Emery

    Jack Dawson didn't die on the Titanic, he actually time-traveled back to 1969

    • SlumlordDiegi

      Jessica Emery time travelled foward you mean

  • farook ahamed
    farook ahamed

    great movie though

  • alycia broadbent
    alycia broadbent

    Can you react to cats please

  • Anthony Palmer
    Anthony Palmer

    This movie sucked.

  • Hall Of The Vardy
    Hall Of The Vardy

    Only thing I hated about this movie was the narration. Would've loved it if the movie was longer

  • Jack Anthony Official
    Jack Anthony Official

    But this sins video actually makes me want to see the film.

  • Matt Kriz
    Matt Kriz

    It's a movie....an entertaining one. Last time I'll ever watch your cynical stupid whining about a great director simply trying to entertain. Thumbs up to Quentin...thumbs down to you

  • Henrik Nielsen
    Henrik Nielsen

    I feel like you misunderstood large portions of this movie

    • tadsgirl

      And never did any research on the murders.

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