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1,500hp Voodoo - RPG Racing Engines
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Highrise Manifold/Fuel Rails - Holley EFI
1,000cc Injectors - Fuel Injector Clinic
Coilovers - Raceland
Engine Management - DIY Auto Tune/ Hoffman Inovations
Turbo Kit - Flyin’ Miata
Roll Bar - Track Dog Racing
Body Kit - KBD
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  • itsjusta6

    Have you gotten entered in to win my GT500? If not, go to to grab your entries! Every $10 spent will get you one automatic entry, which means $50 gets you FIVE entries! Hurry before it’s too late! 🤟🏼

    • Angelo Stefanatos
      Angelo Stefanatos

      @istjusta6 can you send me the intro on Instagram @rap_god_9169 plss i rlly like it

    • HartBreak One
      HartBreak One

      Anymore key tags coming back in stock

    • Michael Capranica
      Michael Capranica

      Did you run gas thru satans injectors before you stored it. If not id get them checked. It’s worth it

    • unknown speed racer
      unknown speed racer

      Gavin I'm calling u out to race my 3rd gen rx7

    • Leviathan 5.0
      Leviathan 5.0

      I think Stangmode copied your idea, except he's only got a fraction of your subscribers and is raffling a brand new GT500. He better hope enough people buy enough shit to cover the cost of the car or else he's going to eat a huge loss

  • Keshawn Brewster
    Keshawn Brewster

    I stay in Ruston

  • OnTheBoostTRAP

    Dude..awesome editing and shots, props big time this content you put out is lit💪

  • hopfoxy isa
    hopfoxy isa

    I can't get merch so i cant enter

  • John Cosico
    John Cosico

    The exhaust note is so sick! You can hear the turbos with that flat-plane crank!

  • Ghostie

    title says GT350, he drives a GT500? am I missing something?

  • Colton Mccary
    Colton Mccary

    Bro I fuck with yalls videos but there's no way bro yall shouldn't be doing truck content with the at4 bro build it do something bro frfr everybody would watch my opinion

  • Ronnie Boucher
    Ronnie Boucher

    E85 = get`s weak and loves water - i think you might regret it = 93% - that is crap and only good for lawn mowers ! 98% octane with octane booster !

  • Psycho Kid
    Psycho Kid

    Buys a shit ton of E85 . Lol good tax write off..

  • Jmbdieselchannel Baker
    Jmbdieselchannel Baker

    Run methanol on your race car

  • Kenneth Feld
    Kenneth Feld

    Ford had been eating their lunch on tailgates ie the step, so they had to throw a hail mary to get something "Cool" Turns out, it still sucks.

  • VirtuaRacer

    These ads are getting way too aggressive.

  • coyote _302
    coyote _302

    I find it funny how old Ford's used to have a super low redline. And now in 2020 most Ford's rev to at least 7,000 rpm. And they have a 8,200 rpm mustang. What the fuck

  • Seanzyyy 401
    Seanzyyy 401

    How long can E85 sit in a jug? Or does it never go bad

  • Ctrl C Ctrl V
    Ctrl C Ctrl V

    How many times can you say E-85 in 12 minutes? (a lot)

  • Jaroslav Záruba
    Jaroslav Záruba

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a>

  • John Tyler Henderson
    John Tyler Henderson

    You need to get a slip tank for the truck for e85

  • Minder Maniac
    Minder Maniac

    I really felt the "I didn't even finish my coffee and I already bought more coffee"

  • Jaime U
    Jaime U

    yalll need a forklift lol

  • Christopher Poedy
    Christopher Poedy

    It’s a good truck for daddy’s money kids not a real working man

  • Zach Mattox
    Zach Mattox

    There are twin turbo gt350s making 1300 hp. But people still sleep on them

  • b conover
    b conover

    I agree.....your an idiot!

  • Spencer C
    Spencer C

    Solve the tail gate issues by buying a Ford superduty....all GM does is try to keep up with ford when it comes to all the cool goodies and they can't execute properly like Ford does with their trucks!!

  • Fanatics Fort
    Fanatics Fort

    can u give me a car for free

  • travis allmon
    travis allmon

    Hey Gavin, why didn’t you just use the lift to get the 55gallon drums out of the truck? I would imagine it would be 100x easier.

  • Scott Kendrick
    Scott Kendrick

    Dream car

  • Kaleigh Pruitt
    Kaleigh Pruitt

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="301">5:01</a> it's clear you've never lived in texas. Monday was 45 and rainy, Tuesday was 70 and today it's back down at 45 and windy as hell. Not to mention 2 weeks ago when it was 20 and snowy one day then 80 and sunny literally the next. THAT is bipolar.

  • Nut Twg
    Nut Twg

    Yall need a fork lift

  • Nut Twg
    Nut Twg

    You say lousiana is bipolar go to florida in the morning its hot and muggy then it rains then it gets cold then it gets hot then it rains again all in one day

  • GutSea YT
    GutSea YT

    Hit up any level lift 😂

  • gsregal86

    chicago weather is way worse we can have all seasons in one day

  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis

    You guys have obviously never been to Tennessee if you think you have bi polar weather

  • Logan Van Buren
    Logan Van Buren

    Gavin needs a slip tank for his e85

  • Flyingtom80

    5-6 weeks max

  • wade earnest
    wade earnest

    Eldorado Murphy station for the win

  • Brodie Tutt
    Brodie Tutt

    Shoulda got a ford

  • Brodie Tutt
    Brodie Tutt

    You may have full coverage on ur car but not your life

  • WontFindHaloHere

    Every station near me has e85 be jealous.

  • Alexander Grasso
    Alexander Grasso

    I think Gavin is trying to blow up the GT350

  • nick Rogers
    nick Rogers

    I miss e85 cold starts in my sti🥺 great sounds and smells

  • Jacob Lagerstrom
    Jacob Lagerstrom

    Hey man you probably already know but pump e85 isnt always true e85. It can be anywhere from e55 to e85. I know you have the fuel map that it can adjust itself. But if you get true drum e85 it will make better power on your tunes

  • Matthew Buttram
    Matthew Buttram

    Outro song???

  • Brad

    Shouldn’t fill gas cans or drums in the back of the truck. At least open the tailgate. Since the fumes are heavier than air, it will fill the bottom of the bed with fumes and just takes a little static electricity to catch it all on fire. Seen a few videos of this happening with people filling gas cans without taking it out of the bed

  • Nathan Brannon
    Nathan Brannon

    Havent yall thought about backing up to the lift an using it to lower those big ass things out of the truck with

  • Mythic Zipper
    Mythic Zipper

    hope next video drops soon :/

  • Joe Shmoo
    Joe Shmoo

    E85. Need I say more

  • Brandon Love
    Brandon Love

    Brayden price used one of your songs in his "lost my key" video "<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1126">18:46</a>" idk if you have copyrights or not but thought I'd put this out there 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • MattyP Vlogs
    MattyP Vlogs

    Yo Gavin I worked in a warehouse with heavy weight so there were times I would have to figure ways out to move things so what if you made like some kind of bracket on the drums to where you put a hook on it and when it’s in the bed of the truck you can hook it up and run a tow strap or a chain or something to the beams of your warehouse and do a pulley kinda system and scoot the truck foward then just slowly drop it down

  • Trey

    Gavin B&W has a trailer hitch that works with the gmc tailgate

  • Steven Shelp
    Steven Shelp

    Speaking on behalf of your trucks tailgate scenario, all modern vehicles are filled to the brim these days with “gadgets and tricks” just to raise the damn price and make it look like the manufacture I s making revolutionary changes in the industry. When stuff should be built stronger, lighter, more practical and safer

  • jdea18

    Build a drift car get some drifting content

  • Clark R
    Clark R

    Ugh, lol. R888's are NOT a drag radial. They are an R compound track (circuit not drag) tire. Still not the greatest in the rain though, lol. Bad ass car though man!

  • J Rains
    J Rains

    Crazy you have to drive so far for e85.

  • Rob

    I don’t think anybody is sleeping on a twin turbo gt350

  • BMW Mike
    BMW Mike

    At what point are you doing 9k rpm pulls? Every single pull you shifted around 6-7k...

  • SuperRated123

    Gavin how about install a lift gate on the truck ? 🤷🏽‍♂️


    If you think Louisiana weather is Bi-polar you should come spend a month up here in Michigan around this time of the year. You'll experience all 4 seasons within your first week here. 4 inches of snow one day, Melted by 60 degree weather the next day followed by a thunder storm for a nice cool night for bon fires and repeat.

  • jaymogul25

    I had my beats headphones on and after watching this video my ears were ringing from the blissful sounds of the HP harmonics🎧 😌👂🏾🔊👌🏾

  • Andrew Whipkey
    Andrew Whipkey

    A gallon of fuel weighs roughly 8 pounds, so realistically that drum weighed 450-500 pounds, but still, I agree that the tailgate should be able to hold the weight.

  • Yandy Medina
    Yandy Medina

    That why u buy a Ford lol

  • Dylan Ruiz
    Dylan Ruiz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="304">5:04</a> is straight facts

  • Austin Scott
    Austin Scott

    man i wish i would had stopped i thought that was yall at the Murphy gas station.

  • Paul M Bylbie
    Paul M Bylbie

    Nice revs.....sounds tight

  • Dkplays S
    Dkplays S

    Is a stock 2017 mustang gt350 compatible with e85? Do I just need a tune to run it or some conversion kit?

  • Landyn Chesshir
    Landyn Chesshir

    On saten ( sorry for not spelling right) how do you get the little LED lights inside the headlight red. In some or your vids. It has a red 3 led strips. I am wondering how. PS I tried to message you on insta. I am ljlc7

  • spoolin2bars

    FYI, the Toyo R888r is not like a drag radial. It’s a max performance summer tire that is typically used in hpde or time trial, track use. And once you have heat in them they are great in the rain on a road course. I was surprisingly fast on similar tires in the rain on a racetrack. Drag radials on the other hand have wayyy more traction in a straight line and are much worse in corners and probably in rain as well.

  • cisco flims
    cisco flims

    Should’ve bought a f250

  • ripfletching

    Great video. Buy a Ford truck

  • Lee Rogers
    Lee Rogers

    Your weather looks like here in Texas. Starting to think that anywhere in the South central US has that weather. Rain, Sun, Snow, high winds all in an hour.

  • Jayden Colon
    Jayden Colon

    Every time the vid ends I’m just 😞😞😪😪😪

  • 4pf 6abyy
    4pf 6abyy

    Wow never realized you live that close to the border of Arkansas, kinda cool having a ALsoftsr I like living close to my state

  • Derick Gonzalez
    Derick Gonzalez


  • Rick Moises
    Rick Moises

    let’er eat.....LET’ER YEEEEEEET

  • Eathan Blowers
    Eathan Blowers

    Do another junk of the month

  • Isaac Haynes
    Isaac Haynes

    You should go race that old man with the hellcat against the GT350

  • Norma Martínez
    Norma Martínez

    The whole point of him giving away cars is to get more money from the car than its actually worth

  • That Boy Jordan
    That Boy Jordan

    No state or country has worse bi-polar weather than Texas

    • That Boy Jordan
      That Boy Jordan

      Yesterday it was 32 at 7am, and 70 at 3pm and then back to 34 at 9pm

  • goliath playz04
    goliath playz04

    Can you leave a link to you intro music in your videos. Because it sounds amazing

  • Kill Gore741
    Kill Gore741

    You should get ignite red E85

  • DrDaggerSwagger

    What headlights are those?

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