He Fired Me. I Bought him a Rolls Royce.
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  • Noortwyck

    thats a silly exercise


    A rolls

  • Rabia Bassery
    Rabia Bassery

    Don't sell any car.

  • Devan Menon
    Devan Menon

    They rlly had an awesome fun with this car the whole day, i can see that

  • Elizer Gaza
    Elizer Gaza

    Tell him to make a 6x6 hummer

  • sohaim Khan
    sohaim Khan

    hope you get a better job

  • Taanish Sushil
    Taanish Sushil

    It was April 1means ha was joking

  • Logan Tompkins
    Logan Tompkins


  • AK

    Do an Rolls Royce Uber prank

  • Allen's Fan#1
    Allen's Fan#1

    You sir are a crackhead

  • Galaxy Frogs
    Galaxy Frogs


  • Noah VLOGS
    Noah VLOGS

    You should buy a small building for ur cars and it’s could be a studio too

  • Reverse Victor
    Reverse Victor

    So firing you was a joke because it was April first

  • Chicago Exotics
    Chicago Exotics

    Hey James, I think it’s safe to say that you are a mad man and keep up the good work and your amazing Chanel

  • Pinkie Loves Unicorns YT
    Pinkie Loves Unicorns YT

    Whose cars are these r these balacher's or yours

  • Spencer Jackson
    Spencer Jackson

    I have been to that same Texas Roadhouse

  • Clement McDonald
    Clement McDonald

    You need blackout curtains.

  • Paradise_Filson

    Soooo you live on Grove Street?

  • Arez

    You and Chrisfix should collab on a broken supercar.

  • John Ward
    John Ward

    People are so dumb. Nick and James are GAY. Duhhhh

  • LowSlo 92
    LowSlo 92

    Weld the diff!

  • Michael Scoggins
    Michael Scoggins

    Like if he should get a 1955 Chevy Bel Air

  • Brandon Bollenbach
    Brandon Bollenbach

    Nick fired you and helped you achieve your dream ! So happy for you stradman

  • Not -Alex
    Not -Alex

    Rolls Royce Aka the luxury BMW

  • Leonel Olivas
    Leonel Olivas

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="575">9:35</a> "i feel like motley crew back here"

  • Kevin Cheng
    Kevin Cheng

    The Hummer is like the only thing that suits Nick.

  • PriglesGT

    Please customise the car

  • Shrek

    I hate this

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    I would just be happy getting my shitty 93 eclipse back that was stolen from me this Christmas. Had it for over 5 years after saving up 1100 for an entire year while working at McDonalds. That guy is lucky to get that "junky" rolls royce. Its nicer than what I had.

  • Ha Get clapped in front of your girl
    Ha Get clapped in front of your girl

    Make a vid of you doing donuts in a parking lot

  • TGS_ ChilL
    TGS_ ChilL

    STRAIT PIPE IT!!!!!!

  • I H
    I H

    Can I buy the rolls??

  • Justin ?
    Justin ?

    Lmao looks like someone had comments disabled or deleting them. Or you just made this video unprivate

  • Jrtk Tv
    Jrtk Tv

    Why only 24 comments

  • Jrtk Tv
    Jrtk Tv


  • Will Turner
    Will Turner

    Y'all are so F'n crazy!!!

  • Avenir

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="696">11:36</a> LMAO

  • Karl Kuusk
    Karl Kuusk

    4 years later strad still has to mention him being fired. The man started your whole career, please stop.

    • Mikkel Munch
      Mikkel Munch

      I don't think he would buy him a rolls Royce and then he wouldn’t be over it

    • Mr60610

      It's a running joke dog, not that deep. they are clearly friends

  • United World Mapper
    United World Mapper

    Who else knew there is a new thumbnail in February 2020 and March 2020?

  • isidor ftw
    isidor ftw


  • blah blah
    blah blah

    Thumbs down Mr James Condon, why? Oh, its because you try too hard, just be yourself man. Its disappointing really because he's interesting without trying.

  • Ken Chong
    Ken Chong

    The orange one

  • Ken Chong
    Ken Chong

    Where’s the other one Lambo

  • Louis Greenberg
    Louis Greenberg

    change the shocks to air ride

  • Joe Bann
    Joe Bann

    Me , My wife and four little ones are on the struggle just need that one person to believe trust and help anyone can donate cashapp $JBann908 #struggle #eviction #lost #thanksgodbless


    Why only 21 comments

    • Xedefer


  • Brayden Murray
    Brayden Murray

    “Oscar scoot scoot” 🤣

  • blitz vonfire
    blitz vonfire

    Im a big fan of yours from Philippines hope you will notice me 😊

  • Pats Bern
    Pats Bern

    That black light thing oooofff

  • Zamboy11

    Wrap it purple and put purple led lights inside...

  • Leinard James Mariano
    Leinard James Mariano

    That is Freddie Mercury's Limo.

  • cameron blackwell
    cameron blackwell

    Straight pipe the limo

  • Jinxkid1876

    blacklight to the seats lmao

  • RL Racing Garage
    RL Racing Garage

    Hey I got one of those they're pretty cool <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="663">11:03</a> lololol

  • Xavier Williams
    Xavier Williams


  • Toxic Oskarfortniter27
    Toxic Oskarfortniter27

    My name is oskar

  • McLAREN Senna
    McLAREN Senna

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="707">11:47</a> that reminds me of that anime clip of a limo racing a Skyline GTR.

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez

    you should dress up in a suit sign up for Uber and suprise people lol or just go around giving people free rides and film their reactions xD

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez

    how much was it that's what I want to know lol

  • Uzimakes

    is he ali a

  • keath flohr
    keath flohr

    you guys are ridiculous LOL

  • Matias CL
    Matias CL

    "He killed my wife 10 years ago so i bought him a new HOUSE!"

    • Jesus Gonzalez
      Jesus Gonzalez

      Matias CL i thought of it that way too😭😭


    Girls are watching too!

  • Smokster313

    Give him 100 doller

  • Jesse C
    Jesse C

    You guys think it’s a joke but I bet you’ll have more fun in that car than socially acceptable!

  • Ishaan Gill
    Ishaan Gill


  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona

    I hope he LS swaps it.

  • Mitchell Young
    Mitchell Young

    You should put your thumbnail text anywhere but the bottom right corner, With the video length over the thumbnail all I saw was "My ex" hahaha. Love the videos dude.

  • Alfredo Martinez
    Alfredo Martinez

    Overnight challenge

  • ツAm I Here?
    ツAm I Here?

    Let’s be honest. He would’ve forgotten about that job by now if he wasn’t fired.

  • Will Bundy
    Will Bundy

    You should take the rolls Royce in for servicing and show us the bill

  • Aaron Truth TV
    Aaron Truth TV

    Stupidest purchase

  • Ramakrishnan Madhusudhanan
    Ramakrishnan Madhusudhanan

    Buy the Stryker purple ACR !! 😖😩

  • theoriginalmungaman

    Im always excited when I get a hummer!

  • RT_ Slime_
    RT_ Slime_

    This is awesome

  • Cody B
    Cody B

    I can always count on the Stradman to put a smile on my face

  • John

    Rolls Royce track day!!!

  • OutSourceQueens

    Paint it black !!!

  • Karlo Ivančić
    Karlo Ivančić

    Whos here before 1mil views?

  • Logan Tew
    Logan Tew

    i saw your house on tusday

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