How To Make McDonald's Chicken McNuggets
Today I show you how to make McDonald's Chicken Nuggets at home. The top secret McNugget recipe has recently been leaked online. They are incredibly easy to make! They taste and look identical to the ones you can purchase at McDonald's. Simply follow the step by step instructions! Enjoy!
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  • TCGamerOfficial

    Plot Twist: he actually owns McDonalds

  • Mine Forcers
    Mine Forcers

    Girls when puberty: I HATE MY LIFE Boys when puberty: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>

  • Britt Hayes
    Britt Hayes

    Poor farmers

  • Madhu Jagtap
    Madhu Jagtap

    Disgusting!!! You wasted lot of food .. how can u even create such content 😡

  • Khwezi Nande
    Khwezi Nande

    Oh my god😳😳😳toilet chicken 🚽🐔

  • Aide Hernàndez Valencia
    Aide Hernàndez Valencia

    Why do I still saeing this

  • Switchslash スイッチスラッシュ
    Switchslash スイッチスラッシュ

    Fun fact he actually made it for dinner that night

  • Marlon T
    Marlon T

    Welp this is my first time seeing this channel. That’s enough internet for today.

  • Yu Shi
    Yu Shi

    At the begging I was like ok ok this is fine but when I get more in to the video I was like .......... bruh I'm disliking this video

  • Chase Parker
    Chase Parker

    Imagine that one person who actually wanted to make chicken nuggets

  • Thanos chin
    Thanos chin

    I wonder how many people have saw his vids and thought it was an actual guide

  • BlackIronMaN2213

    When the chicken started moving I was laughing so hard I was drooling, I was crying, And my stomach started hurting

  • Miau

    African People : TrIgGeReD

  • Minnomal


  • harry

    My mom actually believed this LOL!

  • old school gamer
    old school gamer

    Is tast good do

  • IICatsparklzII

    Me: *disgusted and feels sick* Also me: *keeps watching*

  • Nisha Desai
    Nisha Desai

    shit dont like to see such dirty style of cooking ohhhh shit sorry never again try check also

  • HyPeR

    if was real...

  • Clownwithpoo

    I was just like oh how nice I can’t get McDonald’s anymore :I see what he does -goes of vid- *crys*

  • samuel gonzales
    samuel gonzales

    That recipe is so disgusting i've ever seen before in my entire life

  • Rahul Krishnan
    Rahul Krishnan

    Oooo dark😂😂

  • Xeyr ONLINE
    Xeyr ONLINE

    Not entertaining 😢 i felt sad to this

  • Kelly Yu
    Kelly Yu

    What are you doing pulling a chicken nugget is a toilet in the toilet and take to the pan that is disgusting and it’s so funny that I laugh and a chicken nugget is burning🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • The WatBox Gaming
    The WatBox Gaming

    how to make chicken mc nuggets, more like how to make chicken mc mess’s

  • Apa Boleh Jual Jual
    Apa Boleh Jual Jual

    Pengotor my 🤢🤮😷 corona virus

  • Accutie

    1 egg? *Doubt*

  • Miles Edgeworth
    Miles Edgeworth

    The 19k people who disliked actually followed the steps before watching the whole video--

  • Shaker ALsalim
    Shaker ALsalim

    What the QUACK is this so disgusting ewwww

  • Alexthenewboi

    The song in the background! Easter egg

  • 24Hrs

    Rip his toilet

  • Andrew Ballantine
    Andrew Ballantine

    It's really nice


    I love how all of how to basics videos seem normal. But then it gets weird

  • Leona Rox
    Leona Rox

    I am just sitting and looking at the screen like what the hell is going on

  • Srividya Vedagarbha
    Srividya Vedagarbha

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> who saw a tripod

  • Jan Oadrie Flores
    Jan Oadrie Flores

    am i the one who actually came for nuggets ......cause yah

  • Karunakar Sapogu
    Karunakar Sapogu

    Eat my s h i t tastes and looks better than that

  • x9xqtr 1008711
    x9xqtr 1008711

    I cried watching this 😢

  • Jairus Kristian Zulaybar
    Jairus Kristian Zulaybar

    I didn't look at the channel so that's why when I watched it it was weird

  • YoutubeKing102 Castillo
    YoutubeKing102 Castillo

    What is wrong with this dude??? Seriously 😳

  • lion gamer
    lion gamer

    Hmmm delicius 👌👌👌

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    Those who disliked are confused moms thinking this is a scam

  • spiderman

    I followed all the steps and had myself some scrumptious chicken mcnuggets just like the ones from McDonald's. My kids love it and it's a hit when they have their friends over.

  • tang8 ෴
    tang8 ෴


  • DiDDiT

    The sequel

  • Doggo Productions
    Doggo Productions


  • kazumiiツ

    l feel sad for the chicken nuggets


    ZzzzZz what a stupid video from a stupid person.

  • HorizonCentrzz666


  • Christian Lasarov
    Christian Lasarov


  • Beruss sama
    Beruss sama



    How to basic: how to make McDonald chicken nuggets Also how to basic: uses KFC chicken nuggets

  • EXtorion Clan
    EXtorion Clan


  • chrysean dela cruz
    chrysean dela cruz

    Uh disgusting chicken breast

  • Lhea Quintans
    Lhea Quintans


  • Sofia

    what the hell am i watching

  • DenzeGod 303
    DenzeGod 303

    The 1st minute he Wass doing good until the weirdness come and ruins it all

  • Dusty

    thank you, i look forward to make these

  • Jamie 1957
    Jamie 1957

    I don't wanna now how long it toke you to clean up

  • xxxtentacion f
    xxxtentacion f

    This shit so funny

  • Anwar AT
    Anwar AT

    I wanted nuggets .......but i got some thing better

  • けんけん


  • appledrawss

    The thing is, this is incredibly accurate

  • appledrawss

    The thing is, this is incredibly accurate

  • An Healthy Happy Man
    An Healthy Happy Man

    *squishing slime ASMR*

  • HullBoy 19
    HullBoy 19

    God, my tummy feels so empty when I see all those nuggets. If only I could visit your place.

  • ShrimpSauce

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> Theoretically, this is what fried chicken looks like inside your stomach

  • Naim Rama
    Naim Rama

    Wow my stupid self thinking this is actually real chicken nugget recipe and getting so excited to make this then realising that it’s not

  • Edward Manookian
    Edward Manookian

    Boot shape

  • Kai Murphy
    Kai Murphy

    When you hear the happy music stop you know something bad is going to happen

  • Jaden Crooks
    Jaden Crooks

    Looks about accurate

  • random_comments

    he should make a video with a camera pointing at himself, eating all the masterpieces he made in real time

  • Thatquit

    I’m so confused like wtf I just wanted to make nuggets at home

  • kQu_atz _
    kQu_atz _

    ASMR plz

  • Cool Dukes
    Cool Dukes

    Just imagine when the plumber comes over to fix the toilet and says Found the problem What was it? Well it seems your toilet was clogged with chicken nuggets

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    intense vibe

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    Random Robloxian


  • Lizel Fabian
    Lizel Fabian

    Nakputa ka

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    cyrus howe

    how does this guy kleen this

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      DDGaminG YT

      cyrus howe k l e e n

  • CandyMike857 xd
    CandyMike857 xd

    Haa cool

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