Lil Mosey - Blueberry Faygo (Lyrics)
Rap City
Lil Mosey - Blueberry Faygo (Lyrics)
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  • Rap City
    Rap City

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      Mbwela mbwela


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      AlphaKevin Streaming und Blogs bei AlphaKevin

      🇩🇪 lets go

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  • Danyal Hussain
    Danyal Hussain

    I don't understand I think the owner don't now what he is saying All people be like singing the song and me nothing to say

  • Danyal Hussain
    Danyal Hussain

    I am like what is this mean this is good but I can't understand what he is saying in real life if I didt read this I would be like bla bla

  • IntroGiveAways

    The (...) In the lyrics are so annoying..

  • Scrumz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> its not a curse word its “Flex”

  • Jim Chen
    Jim Chen

    bro, i saw a shadow in the start of the song.

    • duck lover
      duck lover

      it is part of the video

  • Jennifer Harris
    Jennifer Harris

    Wait, He said "Shooting shit"? I heard Sunset... whoops.

  • Zen grande
    Zen grande

    I love this song🤣

  • Jett sub
    Jett sub


  • Michael Rucker
    Michael Rucker

    I just herd this

  • Kid Ellis
    Kid Ellis

    It is no tik tok I love it

  • kayoogaz 8
    kayoogaz 8

    I thought ''damn charli damn charli''😐

  • Hashim 1234
    Hashim 1234

    *people singing these lyrics* : 🎶"*Blue berry faygo*"🎵🎼 *Me singing the lyrics*: *Strawberry faygo*


    Wow i love homestuck.

  • Jadalisse Morell
    Jadalisse Morell

    🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 I CANT STOP REWINDING ITS SO GOOOD, anyways please everybody STAY SAFE AND AT HOME ☺️

  • wolf gamingYT
    wolf gamingYT


  • jungkook submissive boyfriend
    jungkook submissive boyfriend

    Add #bts all the rap line songs please

  • Ajay Khadka
    Ajay Khadka


  • Haza Albloushi
    Haza Albloushi

    ilove this song

  • Yusneli Guerra
    Yusneli Guerra

    This song really tought me math

  • MacKenzie Sanford
    MacKenzie Sanford


  • Mia

    This is what blueberries sound like

  • azerm fr
    azerm fr

    This music is copyright ?

  • NOVA Vant
    NOVA Vant

    Wow I can’t believe that I’m eating blueberry while watching blueberry Faygo

  • Gamer House
    Gamer House

    Who was like basketball

  • Mend Po
    Mend Po


  • Mend Po
    Mend Po

    this is how many times he said blueberry faygo l l ^

  • Dominick Schroeckenthaler
    Dominick Schroeckenthaler

    Lil mosey is the best

  • Giovanni Olivo
    Giovanni Olivo


  • Christian Yakob
    Christian Yakob

    Use me as a " i don't care if you came from tiktok or not" button

  • Wait_What_1246

    This is THE vibe song

  • yadziofficiel

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Come in my instagram iamziyadboy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Supergamer 12
    Supergamer 12

    Lil tecca: ransom . juice wrld: robbery lil mosey: blueberry . whoever made the box. Rap city: everything . Trevor daniel: falling .

    • Supergamer 12
      Supergamer 12

      @Unknow CB u should go see my youtube channel

    • Supergamer 12
      Supergamer 12

      Who else listens to this song almost everyday

    • Supergamer 12
      Supergamer 12

      Ok thanks

    • Unknow CB
      Unknow CB

      @Supergamer 12 roby rich i believe

    • Supergamer 12
      Supergamer 12

      Who made the box??

  • Toren Moylan
    Toren Moylan

    My fav part is the whole thing

  • gossip girl
    gossip girl

    when he said pfffpff I swear I felt the spit come at me

  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz

    * me going on tiktok at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a>* * checks time* ITS OR READY 2 IN THE MORNING!!!!!????

  • John Kaltschnee
    John Kaltschnee


  • Sima Azarbera
    Sima Azarbera

    This song fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍👌🔥

  • home2001 patterson
    home2001 patterson

    this my shit for rea

  • Sebastian Barrera
    Sebastian Barrera

    This shit is fire, onestly it reminds me of the summer of missing school and friends, man I can feel it in my throat😆

  • Sam A
    Sam A

    I lo e this song so much

  • Malinda Woodard
    Malinda Woodard


  • 💗 lil bloxburg 💗
    💗 lil bloxburg 💗

    this should be #1. song

  • Gavin Kish
    Gavin Kish

    how many likes can i get to make a song

  • Adrien Ruiz
    Adrien Ruiz


  • Kevonn Grant
    Kevonn Grant

    Aye y’all gotta try the soda that shit slaps

  • Rachel Goodale
    Rachel Goodale

    the best song love it so much

  • Jeremiah Maxey
    Jeremiah Maxey


  • Fátima Hernández
    Fátima Hernández

    Hablan español o spanish como quieran:(

  • B3AR

    Me before the beat drops: (._.) When it drops: /-(*~*)-/

  • Aubree Beisheim Rash
    Aubree Beisheim Rash

    i love u all

  • Alison Rodriguez
    Alison Rodriguez

    Like si vienes de tiktok o la conociste en tiktok

  • tabby kelly
    tabby kelly

    Keep up the good work omg its good and this is my frist time hearing it

  • Kid Xero
    Kid Xero

    Good thing I’m not from tiktok

  • Makayla Churchwell
    Makayla Churchwell

    I see a shadow person in the back! :)

  • Thu Phan
    Thu Phan

    I know the dance 0w0

  • Sisamum Akul
    Sisamum Akul


  • Pradip Hazarika
    Pradip Hazarika

    Me acting like a celebrity looking in my car window

    • Merita Ismajli
      Merita Ismajli


  • moon pie Sailor moon
    moon pie Sailor moon



    Polacy przejmujemy tą piosenkę xDDD

  • Lopp Mkll
    Lopp Mkll

    فيه عربي

  • B L O S S O M
    B L O S S O M

    chicken nuggets fo life-

  • Darius Kozoletov
    Darius Kozoletov


  • Darius Kozoletov
    Darius Kozoletov

    And just like the other guy whoever is reading this, have a good day and life okay!!!O and SUB to Trapcity!!!!

    • Darius Kozoletov
      Darius Kozoletov

      And trapcity

    • Darius Kozoletov
      Darius Kozoletov

      Sub to Rap City

    • Darius Kozoletov
      Darius Kozoletov

      sorry Rap City

  • Germelle Howard
    Germelle Howard

    This song 🔥

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    My favorite sot😀😃😃😄😆

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    Big ass Draco Me: hahahahaa

    • Harry Potter
      Harry Potter

      ItzKacey Playz oh ok haah

    • Fluffy Doggos
      Fluffy Doggos


    • Zero Studios
      Zero Studios


  • Keil Steger
    Keil Steger

    i love this song

  • Jaden Velasquez Soto
    Jaden Velasquez Soto

    just listing to this song is a Vibe!!!🦠

  • DioBOSS BG
    DioBOSS BG

    Ima li ruka hora ot bulgaria? 🇧🇬

  • Gucciboi _YT
    Gucciboi _YT

    Lil Mosey is the whitest black person. He is whiter than me.

  • Shia Windham
    Shia Windham

    I thought it said "Two small vans will take u out real quick" 😭

    • xofty Jacob
      xofty Jacob


    • 6vil_people

      Lmao 😂

  • Mystxcal A15WAD
    Mystxcal A15WAD


  • Zineja Barker
    Zineja Barker


  • SD Dj
    SD Dj

    who remembers hot line blink

  • ItzzEric

    he stole sum from TayK

  • Ghost on joystick
    Ghost on joystick

    0.75x speed sounds good lol

    • Epic Hacks!!
      Epic Hacks!!

      Wait... U right

  • Makayla Anderson
    Makayla Anderson

    Admit it: this what we expected 2020 to sound like

  • Spooky Poison
    Spooky Poison

    The only song that was popular before it was released

  • Vess Da Gamer
    Vess Da Gamer

    My PC

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