Luh Kel - BRB (Lyrics)
Aurora Vibes
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Lyrics: Luh Kel - BRB
(What's up with you?)
(Every time you in my city you saying we gon' link
And I can never see you)
Man, you know I got you, fo sho
[Verse 1]
She know that she bad but she claim that she good
Straight from New York, wit' a boogie, no hood
I like the way that she flex cause she could
She get her walk and her talk from the hood
She hit my DM a couple of hearts
Said hit my line, now we can't be apart
She on my phone, all we do is talk
She on my phone, all we do is talk
She got my heart, she got my heart
I do not want be apart
She from the dirt, she from the mud
She hit my heart like a dart
I like the way, I like the way
When she pull up she don't fake
She say my name, she wet like a lake
All I can scream out is bae
Baby, you my lady
BRB, please don't think I'm shady
You amaze me
I know that you don't think I'm crazy
But lately, you be acting like you hate me
You throw it back like the eighties
[Verse 2]
Got a bad B from the 314
She blow my dick like a snotty nose
It feeling good but my eyes closed
Also have love for them island hoes
That's the next place that I'm tryna go
But right now I'm just gon' focus on you
I'm tryna chill and just do what we do
Watch some Netflix and we order some food
I got a lot on my plate
Just got a text from the 678
I know that it's late but she wanna heal all my pain
Say that she wet like the rain, I know I'm to blame
'Cause I can't think of her name
But she thinking she my main
So she bought me a plane
I told her I'm on the way
When I pull up, I'ma say
Baby, you my lady
BRB, please don't think I'm shady
You amaze me
I know that you don't think I'm crazy
But lately, you be acting like you hate me
You throw it back like the eighties, yeah yeah
Baby, you my lady
BRB, please don't think I'm shady
You amaze me
I know that you don't think I'm crazy
But lately, you be acting like you hate me
You throw it back like the eighties, yeah yeah
#LuhKel #BRB #AuroraVibes

  • Aurora Vibes
    Aurora Vibes

    Question: If there's any Luh Kel fans, what's your favorite song from him?

    • Emily Malefo
      Emily Malefo

      Wrong,BRB and Lonely 😍😍😍

    • At At
      At At

      Notice me



    • Aman sun
      Aman sun

      Wrong pull up and BRB

    • J Damn
      J Damn

      now it's officially YOU, cold heart and pull up and this

  • Mercedes Winklepleck
    Mercedes Winklepleck

    This song remind me of my bf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sabrina Henry
    Sabrina Henry


  • G2

    Him & Lil Mosey need to collab 🙏🏻

  • iitsnalou

    How you make your video (what application)

  • BlueKing - Games
    BlueKing - Games

    He's my favorite singer my favorite song from him is Plans

  • Fifi de cookie
    Fifi de cookie

    I feel so single rn..

  • Bakkar Islam
    Bakkar Islam

    Wooo osam song

  • Natalie Grace Fox
    Natalie Grace Fox

    I’m from the dirt I’m from the mud I hit his heart like a dart 🎯

  • Lalchenba Saikhom
    Lalchenba Saikhom

    It looks like wrong 😂


    * O *

  • Julianna Yost
    Julianna Yost

    she know that bad

  • xanny lol
    xanny lol

    Sounds gay

  • Bro jasper jspr
    Bro jasper jspr


  • Breanna Bailey
    Breanna Bailey

    this is good



  • Asmal Hussain
    Asmal Hussain

    Wow love this song

  • vincent pilao
    vincent pilao

    it's so damn

  • Jania l
    Jania l

    Why are all the cutest boys are all was older 😭😢😢

    • Ava Anderson
      Ava Anderson

      Jania l ikr

    • Black Saint
      Black Saint

      Glow ups

  • スティーブン

    i hate being single ma god

  • irvingthe_boy YT
    irvingthe_boy YT

    She wet like a lake not LA jus saying


    Song has more bars than 6ix9ine jail cell

  • Saif Alhammadi
    Saif Alhammadi

    i like it

  • Nikki Thomas
    Nikki Thomas


  • Fidz Salim
    Fidz Salim

    how to edit like that screen?

  • Mieks Is pacute
    Mieks Is pacute

    The first couple of sentece sounded like WRONG

  • Danielle Fuchs
    Danielle Fuchs


  • hxney.

    T i k T o k

  • Billpards Pardillo
    Billpards Pardillo


  • Niga- chan
    Niga- chan


  • RHX David
    RHX David

    This music îs s-o hard 🥵🥵

  • Valentina Peinado
    Valentina Peinado

    Love you and love

  • Nikita ware
    Nikita ware

    Who is here in 2019 10/15/15

  • Vetra Laura
    Vetra Laura

    I'm lesbian

    • Yasmina Yasso
      Yasmina Yasso

      @Karly Pubill own

    • Karly Pubill
      Karly Pubill


  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones

    I love this song so badd I no it by heart


      same on gawd

  • Joke

    Pnoi gang were you at

  • Sara 7
    Sara 7

    My jam🌼🤚🏻💕👅

  • Maryah Lewis
    Maryah Lewis

    my boyfriend like this song

  • Kenn Lim
    Kenn Lim


  • Jeego Bernal Official
    Jeego Bernal Official

    Ohh deym i love this💓 Small youtuber here😊

  • kimmyown.

    Finding a boyfriend who loves this kind of songs💓

  • Kellybrown Osaigbovo
    Kellybrown Osaigbovo

    Dis music is so chill

  • gegel mel
    gegel mel

    He was a good boy till he meets me hahaha imy mih

  • Julio Jimenez
    Julio Jimenez

    Wow 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mare ng
    Mare ng

    Brb no there’s no comeback

  • nuelyn arjona
    nuelyn arjona

    swag!!! she got mah heart!!

  • Kangaroo Slim
    Kangaroo Slim

    kangaroo slim will become the next luh kel lol

  • tea time sister
    tea time sister

    I feel so dam single 😅

    • JWMB2008 Beliles
      JWMB2008 Beliles


    • JWMB2008 Beliles
      JWMB2008 Beliles


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      Summer Yon


    • Cieara Mcentire
      Cieara Mcentire

      Same so good

    • Emmanuel Bmk
      Emmanuel Bmk


  • Nyasha Forrester
    Nyasha Forrester

    Y somebody can sing this for me

    • JeRzA FaN
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    • This is Roberry
      This is Roberry

      baby ❤ you're my lady 💏 B R B please don't think im shady U amazed me 😘

  • My Priyanon
    My Priyanon

    omg!! my boyfriend like this song so muchhh!!!!!! i should sing this song to his brithday

    • Armando Valles
      Armando Valles

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  • Ellie Hope
    Ellie Hope

    when she pull up she dont fake*

    • Royston Thomas
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  • TeamDuhh

    I know that you don’t think I’m crazy🥵🥵

  • Rayna Gacayan
    Rayna Gacayan

    Got a text from the 678

  • Lay Ziah
    Lay Ziah

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    Woww 😻

  • Kha Ihuza
    Kha Ihuza

    i fn love this

  • Billy Joseph Cabayan
    Billy Joseph Cabayan

    Some lyrics are WRONG

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    Eminem veras


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    Racha Beauty

    so bomb ❤

  • bruk off
    bruk off

    Same beat same

  • Tri'ViBig36

  • hussain khan
    hussain khan

    I like the way I like the way Baby you my lady 🤙💓💓💓

  • ༻beatricee༺

    * sniff sniff * i smell someone's underrated

    • JWMB2008 Beliles
      JWMB2008 Beliles


    • Technoblade FF
      Technoblade FF

      brudda he has 50m+ views on some songs

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  • Angel

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    teal unicorn

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    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ

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      Aurora Vibes

      Damn, even Jesus Christ has post notifications on.

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