Luh Kel - Pull Up (Official Music Video)
Luh Kel
Watch the official music video for "Pull Up" by Luh Kel.
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Directed by Terrius Mykel
Song Produced by Jonnyshipes, 11vn & RayRay&AR
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Pull up to yo crib everytime I miss you
And I Love to hear yo voice sound like a instrumental
I be going on all these trips but love it when I’m witchu
And You know When I pull up I settle all our issues
It’s thanksgiving so you loving on the way eat it
Micheal Jackson I’m in It you love how I beat it
If I tell you I love you baby I really mean it
And I really I miss yo body you know that I need it
You feeling sick from all the motion
Girl I love it when I’m in yo ocean
Touching on you I swear you got the potion
Loving on you I swear you got the potion yeah
And girl I leave you soaking
Girl you got me high but I ain’t smoking
Imma give you bout everything you wanted
Gas you up to the sky I got you floating
But you know this
Right crowd
Them other boys they need to pipe down
You and me baby we alone so that’s the right sound
And I like it when we alone so turn them lights out
And ain’t no Netflix and chilling I want it right now
I like it when we cruising
n****s be talking but girl you really do it
And you knew it
Yeah you had a nigga before me so now you choosing
Balling like Lebron and Kobe so ain’t no loosing
You got my eyes open
You the only one I want
And ain’t no option
Cuz I been waiting on you for months
You the only one I want
You the only one I need
You the only one I see
You the only one I need
When you hold the 223
Girl you got me on my knees yeah
#LuhKel #PullUp #Lifewluhkel

  • Luh Kel
    Luh Kel

    I Love Y’all ❤️🤞🏽

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      Alanna Matias

      Love u too no homo tho

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      Ángel SuarezJ

      Hi 500th comment

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      Norman Marie

      OMG u are the best... Love u too

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      Tyeece Prano

      uhhhhhhh you fine im to young tho I know you not tryna catch a case

  • Lea Tabinowski
    Lea Tabinowski

    love the sample of so sick by ne-yo

  • Ryan Thacker
    Ryan Thacker

    I love the Chinese girl

  • Dad Richardson
    Dad Richardson

    You copied Matt saracino

  • Shameka Buchanan
    Shameka Buchanan

    I love this song

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    Naomi Saforo

    Love you

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    Proda Bae

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  • hvnnie bvm []
    hvnnie bvm []

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> myGod why is this girl rollin her eye like it doesn't end

  • Carmen Brandenburg
    Carmen Brandenburg

    im a fan

  • Reptiles_inc

    Bruh I’m pissed this song and A BUNCH of other music that I bought on iTunes Store deleted🙅‍♂️

  • Kaione Moore
    Kaione Moore

    Pull up

  • Destiny Ewell
    Destiny Ewell

    We should all know this beat. But I love the way how he changed it up! Man u Talented. Fr

  • Natashia Willis
    Natashia Willis

    I love you

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    Jakiyah Deshazer

    i love you to

  • Janyla Hale
    Janyla Hale

    oh you know how sang boy

  • chloe.b_2007 blomstrand
    chloe.b_2007 blomstrand

    my favorite part: you the only one i want u the only one i need u the only one i seee, you the only one i need when you harder to 23

  • Ebenezer Musonda
    Ebenezer Musonda

    Hit song #luh kel Buh Yo what did u mean by "When u hold a 223"

  • Kevin Zepeda
    Kevin Zepeda

    Out of no where I hop to love music and and my mood after just smooth songs 😂

  • Rylie-Ann Guthrie
    Rylie-Ann Guthrie

    when ur a player, better get balling again like lerbon. I love this song, this goes sooo deep, reminds me of someone

  • LayLow

    so sick ne yo

  • Kywin Carter
    Kywin Carter

    Love y'all to

  • Akira Rice
    Akira Rice

    Love you too...Luh kel

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    sd1 toto

    🤣bruh slow day in da same apartment building

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    John Felix

    Kinda sounds like “so sick” 🤔

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    Hector Amenazzy24

    Duro mio

  • Aria ;-;
    Aria ;-;

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a>

  • 我是你爹

    Who is better Luh kel : LIKE Justin bieber : LIKE

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  • Hany Haska
    Hany Haska

    Falling in love with this Arrasement ❤❤❤


    whos here when this was called so sick

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    Global Innovative Industrial Solution


  • Dayani Zeron
    Dayani Zeron

    Me encantan estas mucicas🖤😍❤️❤️🎶🎵🔊🎶♥️

  • Lyn

    Don't catch the Rona when u go on ya tour❤️

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    king kamari

    Yoy are the best

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    I followed you on Facebook

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    nino smalls

    You have talent bro

  • Ellie M.
    Ellie M.

    He be cheatin😂🤭 he admitted to so is fine😂 but still

  • Sara_ Andrade
    Sara_ Andrade

    Lil kid me enganou

  • Safari 187
    Safari 187

    How is the song called when your phone ring plsss answear❤️❤️

  • life_is_numb_ sadly
    life_is_numb_ sadly

    So the guitar is from neyo so sick

  • Kimona Allen
    Kimona Allen

    Keep grinding this song pressure and fire🌋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Anna Moore
    Anna Moore

    who's here after wrong?

  • Abdul gouem
    Abdul gouem

    Producer you need autotune Luh kel auto what ?!?!


    He got caught rip

  • Shadow Clean
    Shadow Clean

    The hotel is called pull up like the song

  • Patricia Dawson
    Patricia Dawson

    I love tweakin I love pull up I love y.o.u I love wrong you put out more songs

    • Hailey mae
      Hailey mae

      Patricia Dawson you love tweaking? fuck yea homie dude

  • Rlw011489

    I love you

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  • Edmund Arthur
    Edmund Arthur

    Make more like this pleaseee🔥🔥🔥

  • Ruth Neiva
    Ruth Neiva

    the beginning is like the song "so sick", but it is very good

  • Shashank Hs
    Shashank Hs

    Bruv, why does this sound like Ne-Yo's so sick

  • NUNU

    like and luh kel will kiss youuuuu

  • Zac Bryson
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  • Zac Bryson
    Zac Bryson

    I love your music 😍

  • donai hammons
    donai hammons

    he is fine

  • Samia Hassan
    Samia Hassan

    Yall this beat from so sick by neyo

  • a'niyah lester
    a'niyah lester

    Luv this song

  • Ally Bear
    Ally Bear

    yall umm not to me a stick in the mud but is the intro of the song supposed sound like " so sick" By Neyo?

  • Ernesto Buenavista
    Ernesto Buenavista

    The instrumental sounds like So Sick from Ne-Yo.

  • Oothie Boothie
    Oothie Boothie


  • Young Rhyan
    Young Rhyan

    This beat is from so sick

  • Flawless Ayre’
    Flawless Ayre’

    We love you too

  • celeste Baker
    celeste Baker

    I downloaded TikTok and had like five favorite songs one was y.o.u. Then I looked it up and then I saw the person that made that song was luh kel then I looked him up then I saw like all my favorite songs then I was like wait....HE IS TALENTED (sounded funnier in my head 😂)

  • Hope Cat
    Hope Cat

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a>😍 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a>

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    Rosa Ti fleur

    Luh kel🌹⚠

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    Sazzzie 拍手しました

    @swxyzstunner ig

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    YasielRamires Mojica


  • JK•Dreaмzヅ

    Lmao perdet lyric prank on Girl Or Ex

  • Cait B
    Cait B

    Love it when an artist steals someone’s beat...

  • Vale Flores
    Vale Flores

    Ahuevo, México la mera verga parada 🇲🇽🕳

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    Diamond Peeples

    Love you

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    3 girls damm daniel . if that was me 4 some right there

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a>

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    You're the only one I want to see show me on my knees William where you on my 223

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