Luh Kel unreleased song🔥🔥 (YOU )🔥🔥 #LuhKel

  • Luh Kel Unreleased
    Luh Kel Unreleased


    • Kysia Glendon
      Kysia Glendon

      @Janelle Hannaway i luv him some much i wish he lived in united states

    • Janelle Hannaway
      Janelle Hannaway

      I do love luh Kel

    • Karii Mcfarlane
      Karii Mcfarlane

      So hot😙😙😗😘😗😙😙

    • Kysia Glendon
      Kysia Glendon

      he fine Periodttt

  • Tyneriah McIntyre
    Tyneriah McIntyre

    I love the song❤️💖

  • Royalty

    Who’s here after the song is out

  • y33llowsubmarin

    whelp he finally released the song 2 days ago

  • Karii Mcfarlane
    Karii Mcfarlane

    Love you luh kul😙😙😙😙😙

  • Laura Crites
    Laura Crites

    Release this already I’m dying for the full thing!!

  • Lyndon Balgobin
    Lyndon Balgobin

    What year day and date will this be released

  • 614._. kriti
    614._. kriti

    ❤️when is the song getting release

  • Mohieddine Aldayeh
    Mohieddine Aldayeh

    Bro unrelease this song pls

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker

    when is it coming out ?

  • Lindell Anthony
    Lindell Anthony

    When you goin to drop all off your songs bro

  • Ali Azeemi
    Ali Azeemi


  • Dreツ

    Relase date???

  • Jelianis Arias
    Jelianis Arias

    I swear this is and number 1 favorite song

  • Daily. Posts
    Daily. Posts

    Just emeralds it already u got me on repeat 🥰😍 but this song ummmmm just wow

  • Zach Attack
    Zach Attack

    pissed it wasn’t on mixed emotions😭

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      Zach Attack FR😭😭

  • Hawks Basic
    Hawks Basic

    Released this music please 😭

  • Alison Ramos
    Alison Ramos

    Release this song !!!🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • Taylor Allen
    Taylor Allen

    When the hell he gonna drop this😩😩

  • Angelica Hernandez
    Angelica Hernandez

    Omg release this already plz!!!! I keep playing this over lol

  • Dani Miles
    Dani Miles

    You're my absolute favorite ❤️ so beyond ready for this to be out!!

  • Madi Snow
    Madi Snow

    please release itttt 😩😩

  • Taylor Allen
    Taylor Allen

    He needs to drop this😩😩

  • Dali Maphumulo
    Dali Maphumulo

    When is Y. O. U released

  • Kayla T
    Kayla T


  • Naomi Williams
    Naomi Williams

    Pls drop the song

  • Shawn _Bummi bear21
    Shawn _Bummi bear21

    i like this song cant wait to hear the hold thing

  • emma grace
    emma grace

    he need to release dis rqq😍😫

  • Cory Cruz
    Cory Cruz

    Yo when you finna drop this song??

  • Karii Mcfarlane
    Karii Mcfarlane

    Cute 😗😗😗😗😗

  • Caila Pilkington
    Caila Pilkington

    It needs to hurry up I been having it stuck in my head for the last week and a half can’t wait to listen to it over and over again

  • Alicia Wildman
    Alicia Wildman

    What you waiting on to release this bro😩😩😩

  • color ful
    color ful

    When this song Fina released?

  • Landon Suggs
    Landon Suggs

    Song name?

  • Deloren Allen
    Deloren Allen

    You is cute

  • Jasmin Herrera
    Jasmin Herrera

    this song is gonna be fire 🔥

  • Sebastian De la riva
    Sebastian De la riva

    Dude this is🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kiley Price
    Kiley Price

    when u gonna released this song ?😫😁 i’m so obsessed with it already and i only heard on part😂

    • Naruto amv edits Uzimaki
      Naruto amv edits Uzimaki

      LaziRusher song is right here

    • LaziRusher

      He came to my school and I heard the whole song

    • Christy's Life
      Christy's Life

      @Idle Fn 7th*

    • Idle Fn
      Idle Fn

      Exactly bruh its Decemember 6😭

    • Carl Kidder
      Carl Kidder


  • Matteo Marques
    Matteo Marques

    Plz release this

  • Reklessgang Climer
    Reklessgang Climer

    Dis dat heat fye af what it called

  • JamaicanTrappr

    What’s actual name if it’s on da album

    • JamaicanTrappr

      Luh Kel Unreleased bet 🤞🏾

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      JamaicanTrappr lonely🖤

  • Con Morgan
    Con Morgan

    Drop this song 💯💯

  • Lize Shillingford
    Lize Shillingford



    Bro please drop this please

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      WOWLF 11/15

  • Jahneilia Samaroo
    Jahneilia Samaroo

    I'm in love with this song😊💕

  • Laura Balgobin
    Laura Balgobin

    When is it droping

    • JJ Anaiah
      JJ Anaiah

      @Laura Balgobin 2019

    • Laura Balgobin
      Laura Balgobin

      What year

    • JamaicanTrappr

      Luh Kel Unreleased what’s the song title

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      Laura Balgobin 11/15

  • perry2nccu

    100th time listening

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      perry2nccu sameeee😅

  • Andy Lannom
    Andy Lannom

    Post this song it is fire 🔥🔥

  • Madmax Pelham
    Madmax Pelham

    I can’t wait till this song drop 🤗🤗🤗

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      Madmax Pelham 11/15💟

  • sharaf ali
    sharaf ali

    I love this song

  • Kennya Parham
    Kennya Parham

    Drop this meinnnnn...... waiting for it 😍😍❤

  • Bookie Davis
    Bookie Davis

    Drop this

  • Trenroy Mendez
    Trenroy Mendez

    I need this song asap

  • Kysia Glendon
    Kysia Glendon

    if all yall like luh kel like this comments


    Ts need to drop😭😭! ASAP NO ROCKY

  • Shalonda Davis
    Shalonda Davis

    Hurry up

  • janiya Mcfarland
    janiya Mcfarland

    Ready for the release

  • Lavar Cole
    Lavar Cole

    I just want to be on the song for 2 reason 1. this is another hit and 2. Well 🤷🏽‍♂️ it goes hard...simple

  • Vanessa Simms
    Vanessa Simms

    This isn't the full song and I've replayed it so many times.....I thought it was a full song and now I'm seeing that the song hasn't been released...this is a great song....hurry and release please

  • maddi Fuller
    maddi Fuller

    When does this get released

    • Kiley Price
      Kiley Price

      when will u released this ?😫😁

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      maddi Fuller stay tuned

  • Nishell Savery
    Nishell Savery

    Waiting for this song!!!😭😭😩😩💖💖💖

  • Te-anna Agate
    Te-anna Agate

    please release

  • Te-anna Agate
    Te-anna Agate

    this song and beat hot

  • Zaela Johnson
    Zaela Johnson

    Luh Kel. I I I I am needing you

  • Lauren J
    Lauren J

    This is litterly fire 💯

  • Lauren J
    Lauren J

    Drop the song already😩

    • Taveon Boone
      Taveon Boone

      Lauren Jimenez right I been waiting for this a long time

  • Taveon Boone
    Taveon Boone

    When is the full song coming out

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      Taveon Boone I don’t really know but stay tuned🤘🏾

  • Rebecca Fox
    Rebecca Fox

    U are so cute and a good singer

    • The Defaults
      The Defaults

      Rebecca Fox that’s not him

  • S I M P
    S I M P


  • You suck ass
    You suck ass

    When does it get released

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      Trenton Hall I don’t know sub to stay tuned

  • Junior Zapata
    Junior Zapata

    Can’t wait for this song 🔥🔥🔥

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      Ignacio Zapata sameee🔥🔥

  • Kiarra Griffin
    Kiarra Griffin

    Cant wait for this song!!! ❤❤❤

    • Claire and Bella
      Claire and Bella

      Kiarra Griffin when is it coming out

    • Zaela Johnson
      Zaela Johnson

      🤘ME TOO🤘

    • Luh Kel Unreleased
      Luh Kel Unreleased

      Kiarra Griffin sameee!!

  • Renell couzart
    Renell couzart


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