Margot Robbie Pushes Her Limits While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
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Margot Robbie has a pair of Academy Award nominations and a list of film highlights that includes Wolf of Wall Street, Bombshell, Suicide Squad, and many more. Her latest, "Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn," is set to hit theaters February 7th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the multi-talented actor battles the wings of death and discusses everything from Australian slang, to the time she won a spaghetti Bolognese eating competition. Plus, a very special wing-10 surprise!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Season 11 is finally here! We are so happy to be back, get ready for a wild ride!

    • The Kleveoner
      The Kleveoner

      @MouthfulOfSpiders 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • payd doos
      payd doos

      Soon as the bomb touches your guests mouth you can't wait to get out your question Sean.

    • bluesniperlm

      I bet his butthole is a volcano

    • ceasemaurice

      have you interviewed elon musk, or daniel tosh yet.

    • Hrishikesh Patil
      Hrishikesh Patil

      Can we get Emma Mackey PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dark Horse Music Co.
    Dark Horse Music Co.

    alright goddammit : sean is a compassionate gentleman despite the obvious cruelty of the wings, and margot is a sweetheart and a trooper. probably my favorite episode so far I can't believe she is hanging after getting dazed by the first couple wings. hot ones gold right here.

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat

    What an awesome woman

  • Thomas Peterson
    Thomas Peterson

    I wish she would just fake an american accent of stage😂

  • M N
    M N

    Am I stupid or did I not know she had an accent? I’m stupid.

  • Joshua Gracia
    Joshua Gracia

    She looks like Maeve form sex education

  • Rakkety Tam
    Rakkety Tam

    i am very pleased she took of her jacket because her shirt is see-through

  • Cory Guy
    Cory Guy

    Margo: "Can I take my jacket off?" Sean: "Absolutely not. We're prudish and civil on this set."

  • Muj Ilmi
    Muj Ilmi

    you see Sean getting stressed out when Margo' hits the bomb lol

  • Ez Kill
    Ez Kill

    she's hotter than da bomb

  • Brittany Zermeno
    Brittany Zermeno

    “She’s Korean and Filipino shes got this” 😂

  • Brittany Zermeno
    Brittany Zermeno

    It’s crazy how at the end she was talking about the movie and smiling while in pain haha go girl

  • Brittany Zermeno
    Brittany Zermeno

    Haha this one was awesome to watch

  • Justin Krann
    Justin Krann

    Tom Brady!

  • Mara Jade
    Mara Jade

    John Krasinski next

  • Shaniquazzz

    Oh Gosh I'm such a Lesbian

  • John Roi Balcuba
    John Roi Balcuba

    what is that orange juice she drinks to help with the spiciness

  • Vignesh Ramani
    Vignesh Ramani

    Sean: "This sauce is from Australia" Margot: "Oh wonderful" Narrator: "Things weren't wonderful at all."

  • John Rodriguez
    John Rodriguez

    Can you f off with the quibi adds?

  • Chance

    What do you know, even a mediocre actress promoting a garbage movie is still interesting when you set her mouth on fire.

  • snapstring

    🏁 🇦🇺 👄 🔥 👻 ☠️ 🏴‍☠️ 🔥 🌶


    Scoville Level: 2,000,000 Margot Robbie: HOLY....FUCKING....SHIT HAHAAHAHAA

  • Real Harambe
    Real Harambe

    please get john wick on this show

  • Giovanni Lizzi
    Giovanni Lizzi

    finally emma mackey went to hot ones

  • pz9 the best killer melvin
    pz9 the best killer melvin

    Jokerr broke up with yaaaa

  • Noble Obodum
    Noble Obodum

    poor Margot was dying and literally answering all the questions as fully and politely as she could! We have to stan! I love this show😂

  • Emilio Bazan
    Emilio Bazan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1035">17:15</a> Margott: I think I might die (dying*) Sean: U R 4 on Ur ASS

  • Calvin Rice-Besse
    Calvin Rice-Besse

    the show with hot questions, and even hotter GUESTS

  • mattR Mega
    mattR Mega

    a hot chick eating a hot wing.. now that's some deception

  • XXXPrince the 2nd
    XXXPrince the 2nd

    Omg she is hotter then spicy wings

  • TheDuck ThatQuacks
    TheDuck ThatQuacks

    I can eat a lot of spaghetti but I doubt I could ever eat 4 pounds.

  • TheDuck ThatQuacks
    TheDuck ThatQuacks

    She's an amazing actress. A really good movie she's in that I recommend is "I, Tonya".

  • payd doos
    payd doos

    Ella Jay can pass for tweety bird. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="578">9:38</a>

  • Graham Jacobs
    Graham Jacobs

    shame, I feel so bad for her, lol

  • Syahmi Muhammad
    Syahmi Muhammad

    What are they eating to ease the spicy at the end of the video ? Lemon ?

  • Channel Channel
    Channel Channel

    She is extremely attractive, it’s scary

  • Pop song with angel
    Pop song with angel

    Do you want to listen my fucking crazy song that I created come and listen my babes and don't forget like it and sharing I love you so much guys


    You really should have Pat McAfee on the show. It would be sooo funny.

  • Cherry

    Margot Robbie is fucking fit change my mind

  • Tobias Scott
    Tobias Scott

    Hot one's guests: Sweating, eyes watering, fanning mouth Sean: No reaction HO Guests: Omygawd its so hot Sean: Nothing HO Guests: AHHHH!! Sean:

  • RustyBlade

    Margot: Can I take my jacket off? Sean: Go ahead and take it all off Margot: what? Sean: what?

    • Mr funny guy
      Mr funny guy

      RustyBlade Me :Wait what

  • phillmellina


  • Fayaz Shagoo
    Fayaz Shagoo

    When are you going to bring Keanu on the show!!!

  • Jans Deathjumper
    Jans Deathjumper

    that epic music

  • Dana Fletcher
    Dana Fletcher

    Jurnee Smollett-Bell was straight gangsta. "This is really good" as she proceeds to eat almost the entire wing.

    • Eliyah Wilson
      Eliyah Wilson

      Dana Fletcher i know right, I don’t understand why none of the top comments are talking about it.

  • adithya anoop
    adithya anoop

    Petition to get Eminem on the show

  • Tea

    nothing on that table can ever be hotter than margot

  • Shad Ahmad
    Shad Ahmad

    I've never seen a guest struggle so much 😂

  • SerpensSolida

    I love this girl, but I can't avoid to imagine her when she went to the bathroom to expell that shit.

  • Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil
    Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

    This dude is fuckin clueless about feminism

  • Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil
    Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

    Her palette is sensitive to everything but loads of sticky CUM

  • Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil
    Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

    Feminism is not interested in equality. Feminism is interested in feminism. And feminism knows that equality would make its movement obsolete. The more power given to it, the more it has to lose if equality is achieved, and thus the farther away equality gets. Debunked✅

  • Qualin Hunter
    Qualin Hunter

    I love her and I want to see my boy Eminem

  • Stephen Luther
    Stephen Luther

    Come on, you don't expect me to believe she or anyone else is holding their breath for 5 minutes. That's a lie.

    • Matej Milovanovic
      Matej Milovanovic

      Professional divers can hold their breath for 6+ minutes,and the world record is even higher than that.It's definitely possible.

  • J Alexandr
    J Alexandr

    Got halfway through this ... Kinda weak!

  • olly hp
    olly hp

    Birds of prey was trash

  • :::::::::

    To bad Birds of pray was such a shit movie

  • Swapnanil Chakraborty
    Swapnanil Chakraborty

    As an indian i can confirm that this challenge is pretty easy af

  • Vasilia Kofidis
    Vasilia Kofidis

    I already watched the movie and it was the best movie I've ever watched for me and definatley others too 😁😍😘

  • joe chrow
    joe chrow

    As far as being HOT and "Sexually" attractive Margot Robbie and Scarlett Johansson are "5" on the Scale of 10...Both are "Celebrities so many people claim they are "10s" because many people WORSHIP celebrities...Each day i see 5 random women who are sexier than these 2 Women...Both are not "Ugly" but they certainly are not "HOT" and neither 1 turns me on sexually

  • Matija Gerin
    Matija Gerin

    this is like watching masked torture

  • Thōmas

    He forgot to invite the cop lady.

  • What is this drama?
    What is this drama?

    Jurnee must be so proud of her brother, Juicy Smoulier 😂

  • Metalshaper95

    She’s so fucking badass. I LOVE HER

  • Cairnsy92

    Is it just me or does anybody else get annoyed when they nibble the wing instead of taking a chunk out of it 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Johnny Kage
    Johnny Kage

    She is one hot chick

  • Suyashhh GonnaRemicc
    Suyashhh GonnaRemicc

    She's so cute that I literally didn't hear any of the questions 😍😂

  • Rieverre

    *Watches cast of Birds of Prey eat Hot Wings ...* Ah, the chicks are cannibalizing again.

  • Karina

    her outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whiteraven

    Great Aussie chick, shame about the crap movie Margot ...sorry love hope to see you home soon. You know what they say " Get woke ....

  • Mikey Pascual
    Mikey Pascual

    Gotta love this woman and her facial expressions.

  • александр рудяк
    александр рудяк

    I shouldn't be drunk when you're doing a tattoo. You can start bleeding cause of it.

  • Shadi esther Cerpa
    Shadi esther Cerpa

    Blonde Anne Hathaway

  • FIU CmorBalls
    FIU CmorBalls

    Why stop at the jacket bruh

  • Brady Maughan
    Brady Maughan

    Wolf of Wall Street is her best movie because she was hot af

  • xxnightsniper1xx

    she’s fs the hottest actress like if you agree😍

  • samfa07

    Her lips got bigger!!! Am I the only one who notice that???

  • Undying Uzumaki
    Undying Uzumaki

    Imagine getting to sit down just across from this goddess of a woman, she's hotter than any of the sauces herself!!

  • InsomniaFun

    RIP their butts the next day

  • Andreas Onneken
    Andreas Onneken

    wow respect to her. She´s really a fighter. The resilience is amazing. And what astounds me the most is how she still swears so little.

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