My Message to the Kid who Vandalized my Lamborghini Aventador
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  • Cxsxy

    to the kid who vandalized my slow piece of shit

  • LEDANK757 69DAB
    LEDANK757 69DAB

    Eww rear wheel drive huracan

  • Queen Junious
    Queen Junious

    I like your collection of cars

  • Laserbeto

    Oh no, someone damaged your Lambo!?!? If only you had an abundance of money to repair it... oh wait, you do. I'll save my empathy for someone who actually deserves it.

  • TC Sweaty Ace
    TC Sweaty Ace

    15% of the video: about the kid 85% of the video: about an insane car and some insane fucking driving 100% of the comments: about the kid

  • Woke Joey
    Woke Joey

    So u own fast ass cars yet ur a bad driver?

  • LA’s Toys
    LA’s Toys

    Rewrap the car

  • Le Pug
    Le Pug

    I like the camo but like make he pay so he learns if not make him pay 100 more every time he does the same thing

  • Adriano_ Almeida
    Adriano_ Almeida

    In my opinion you should make him pay anyway, that's disrespectful even if it's just a "car"

  • CoD MaRkM7564
    CoD MaRkM7564

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="291">4:51</a> the moment you forget the vipers exhaust is behind you

  • vxk beast editz
    vxk beast editz

    Like the rolse rice is so silent when driving i guess but when the lambo come out liek like a car is farting

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan

    Re rap it please

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a> ik the guy on the right, he goes to my school lol.. crazy

  • car fan
    car fan

    no one: stradman intro:fffshhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Tdub1

    Dodge Viper? You mean Bravado Banshee?

  • Amy Hardin
    Amy Hardin

    and its a lambo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Dentis
    Daniel Dentis

    Send his ass to court

  • ParkerTheShorty

    Re wrap it

  • Veraux

    Wait, the hood looked fine, he didn't have to unwrap it. He could have checked for damage under the hood, besides carbon fiber is know for being very durable and flexible and it's not like a crack in the hood would cause some critical structural failure specially if there was no visible sign of damage. This just felt extremely unnecessary and just a way to whine about how much money he has. Wrapping a hood is not cheap, he just ruined that perfectly good wrap as a caprice. That being said, it was also extremely unnecessary so take a picture standing on the hood of a car but the reaction was over the top and just an excuse to make content. He should've made the kid pay for a nice polish or something equivalent.

  • Jesse Roel
    Jesse Roel


  • Drew Syp
    Drew Syp

    I personally think the carbon hood would look badass with an offset vent, rather than the symmetrical thing you have. Just to go with the chaotic camo pattern.

  • Jason VonIrsik
    Jason VonIrsik

    Sorry but I can't keep up with the constant movement so I'm gonna have to split. But sick rides....

  • Jackal Nerf
    Jackal Nerf

    What a gamer

  • Lukedawoop oppdawoop
    Lukedawoop oppdawoop


  • 13Shelby

    It’s about respect. You either have it or it’s taught to you. The hard way.

  • BettingChain264 On mixer
    BettingChain264 On mixer

    Imagine puting a forza splitter on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="295">4:55</a>

  • Dark Soulz
    Dark Soulz

    “Yeah I’m not a good driver”. The guy who has a Lamborghini and a limo

  • Dark Soulz
    Dark Soulz

    Re rap it which carbon fiber to get the lines fixed

  • Neutrally Neutral
    Neutrally Neutral

    You already vandalized it with that wrap. Terrible video btw, yeah you mentioned the topic you put in the thumbnail, bust most of this video was about the ACR.

  • Zach Beard
    Zach Beard

    This manz is lucky

  • Kamara Pikachu
    Kamara Pikachu

    Vipers make me wet. Viper ACR makes me soaked.

  • Motivation Exceeds Me
    Motivation Exceeds Me

    I kinda want to kill myself after watching this. And not because of the disrespectful car stander oner.

  • Milob

    Well you are asking for it having that hideous wrap. You have no taste...

  • x x
    x x

    Honestly the carbon with the camo looks really nice

  • Kirill Jocson
    Kirill Jocson

    Jacksepticeye is that you

  • DarK

    Viper is one of my favorite cars, this thing is a masterpiece. I love it so much.

  • Positivity

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="19">0:19</a> me hits my cousin a little bit harder than them

  • SumDood iSee
    SumDood iSee

    Standing on a random car's hood is probably the most retarded thing someone would think off :|

  • Christina Cable
    Christina Cable

    Dude. You vandalized that car when you wrapped it like that.

  • Youngdai Nai
    Youngdai Nai

    You have some of my dream cars

  • Strupes

    I like the invisible watch...

  • rahil hasan
    rahil hasan

    Once a mistake twice a habit you need to file a complaint owning a luxury or your dream car is not that easy so you need to teach him some lesson i would definitely teach him to respect someone's hard work

  • Mando Calrissian
    Mando Calrissian

    viper? thats a banshee!

  • My name here
    My name here

    If I were you I will sue them for evrey penny they have

  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv Sharma

    What is your profession my g

  • sKyRyu

    Is he seriously making enough money to buy And pay for month expensives of each just out of ALsofts?

  • Richard Hard
    Richard Hard

    Fk that due his ass... Kids have no respect these days and they never will unless they're held accountable for their actions..

  • chill out
    chill out


  • Valkyr

    Wtf. How much money this dude have

  • lilkodak23

    My moms ex boyfriend had a copperhead viper an we went almost 300 mph down i20

  • Handerfild Cherenfant
    Handerfild Cherenfant

    Ok so why are you showing where you live

  • Riley Horton
    Riley Horton

    Tbh... The hood looks better exposed 👍

  • A Gaming Raptor
    A Gaming Raptor

    you're so lucky!!! the acr is one of my favorite cars!!!

  • Joseph Romig
    Joseph Romig

    Re rap it with the kids photo 😂😂

  • RT Sodium4786
    RT Sodium4786

    “They do anything for clout”

  • Edward Lawrence
    Edward Lawrence

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="301">5:01</a> looks like the banshee

  • Lucas Rabun
    Lucas Rabun

    You look and kinda sound like Murph from Impractical Jokers.


    Hey please please see your ALsofts family your new cars

  • Yo Lost Child
    Yo Lost Child

    So say we beat his ass? Could we also use the "I just couldn't help myself" excuse?

  • WeRageAsOne

    Damn salt lake kids

  • Darth Nexus
    Darth Nexus

    I would've broke his legs but recorded a video of yourself somewhere else at at certain day & time so I can get my revenge & call it karmic justice since i wasn't even in the state when someone broke his legs 😈

  • Photo Shooter
    Photo Shooter

    You should have pressed charges. Just because theres no damage, doesnt mean what he did was ok. If you keep on letting them go, its just going to get worst.

  • Nick D
    Nick D

    Press charges

  • baby boy
    baby boy

    someone stood on the chimney of my 10 million dollar mansion the chimney is fine but the front door looks a bit out of shape? was not like that before true story. pffff!!

  • TAN- KYU
    TAN- KYU

    “I can drop $500” lmao yea ok kid try $5,000. I get not throwing the kid charges & putting him in debt if he showed some remorse but he posted it again? smh

  • Nathaniel Bith
    Nathaniel Bith

    Who stands on a car for a photo, also $500 won't fix jack shit

  • Joebama Care
    Joebama Care

    He got you pretty good

  • Alfred Lutz
    Alfred Lutz

    He sed it's just a car I sed it's a aventador the hell

  • ゲーマードラコイアント

    You wasting money for a car like what is that all your car or you friend car the duck you alone with all this car, i mean you caan give your parents the money that Instead of all the money bought by the car

  • Eduardo Vadell
    Eduardo Vadell

    Damm everybody wanna crucify the kid haha I understand that he needs to learn respect, consequences etc but remember he is a kid, my opinion is that I believe that the kid kinda learned with the sacare of the situation and knowing lots and lots of people saw what he did etc

  • Cody XX
    Cody XX

    You don't do anything and everyone watching is gonna stand on your car and than it will get fucked up.

  • Cameron Doan
    Cameron Doan

    Why tf does he hold his camera like that.

  • Summer Green
    Summer Green

    You seem a bit Materialistic looool (just a bit)

  • Okabe Rintaro
    Okabe Rintaro

    After a long time from watching him. Glad to know he still looks at his wrist as if there's a watch there ☺️

  • Lucas B. beats
    Lucas B. beats

    Where do YOU get your money dude

  • Николай Лазовский
    Николай Лазовский

    If that was my Lambo I'd rip off his skin and then put it on my hood as accessory

  • Positively Authentic
    Positively Authentic

    Nice Rich people don’t care about stupid stuff why should he be miserable and mad when he’s humble and happy and will make more money happy than angry

  • Positively Authentic
    Positively Authentic

    Wow your a good guy for not being mad

  • Jon

    That kid doesn’t understand how lucky he is

  • Zavier Kwek
    Zavier Kwek

    Kids this days I mean No offense But who would stand On a Ferrari That car deserves more respect

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