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  • Joseph_T

    hummers and mcdonalds? typical american consumer

  • Alan Klosinski
    Alan Klosinski

    That's second garage is just out of this world insane. How

  • NoCap 757
    NoCap 757

    He favors the big show lok

  • Elvis Car Reviews
    Elvis Car Reviews

    Is Oscar your dog or Stradman’s dog?

  • Wyatt The Wizzerd
    Wyatt The Wizzerd

    this seems very fimialaler to the stradman

  • StellarBlue1

    IS OSKAR (Oscar) a KEESHOND? I am curious because Oscar is an absolutely beautiful looking dog. He just looks like a million bucks. (You should only looks as good!

  • rafay raheem
    rafay raheem

    for the time being before Tyler fixing the Lamborghini you should go to gym

  • Rasmus Söderholm
    Rasmus Söderholm

    Outro ??

  • JD Grant
    JD Grant

    You're the man burlacher, hummers are my favorite vehicles for some reason I just love the way it looks

  • Daniel Hunter
    Daniel Hunter

    After driving in millions of dollars of cars they are heading to Mc Donalds. 😂

  • Erik Valle
    Erik Valle

    Typhoon all day 🤘🏼

  • michael riedlinger
    michael riedlinger

    I live in Wichita

  • snixn

    I would take the Delorean

  • The Kleb
    The Kleb

    I drive a red prius

  • Viking Man
    Viking Man

    One man key party lol Hoovie is the best

  • Nesty_Croak2YT

    really stradman i just watched your side of the video

  • World's Greatest Motors
    World's Greatest Motors

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a> had me dead

  • DailyDrivenRebuilds

    THE DAY THIS WAS POSTED I commented I wish I could of met you guys while you were in town. The next day I was getting an inspection on one of my cars Here in Wichita Tyler from Hoovies garage walks into the station. And I got to talk to him for a minute. Lol I take it as a sign to keep making YT videos 😂

  • Your Everyday Etheo
    Your Everyday Etheo

    *sits in hummer* "This is cush" They found the good cush.

  • Daniel Adame
    Daniel Adame

    I love hummers , love the new purchase, now time to modify it.

  • Mc mike Mc mike
    Mc mike Mc mike

    I wanna see this guy drive a McLaren F1 GTR lol

  • Josh Owens
    Josh Owens

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> - answer = no wife or kids

  • Matty Matt Conneally
    Matty Matt Conneally

    Burlacher says he would take the Rolls Royce.... days later Rolls Royce Limousine parked in the driveway

  • rOLLieONeS1

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="483">8:03</a> and now you own a rolls!! Congratulations! 😂😂

  • Josh Hernandez
    Josh Hernandez

    I would take the dmc or ferrari

  • Elliott Esayian
    Elliott Esayian


  • Bhramjot Notay
    Bhramjot Notay

    That ain’t Kush bruhhh LOL

  • Dalton De Rosier
    Dalton De Rosier

    I want the unmolested miata it looks so clean 😫

  • L.M.I.

    That undisclosed location looks like the Shelby factory 🤔🧐

  • gabriel rios
    gabriel rios

    I like the maturity of this channel 👀

  • Lolbaggers

    I want a rich accountant with a 100K harp and super cars

  • Dmitriy

    What’s next, all car ALsoftsrs getting together and visiting Scotty Kilmer?

  • Henry-Carl Sasser
    Henry-Carl Sasser


  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith

    I wonder if the Lincoln Mark is a recent purchase Hoovie made?

  • Andrew Carlton
    Andrew Carlton

    I would take the Miata.

  • Andrew N
    Andrew N

    It’s a hummer

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    Hoovie is like the “great value” brand Doug.

  • Numbxrx

    Stradman already revealed it but didn’t say anything

  • Montgomery Brown
    Montgomery Brown

    How many miles??

  • Asm Kaneki
    Asm Kaneki

    How long till he wraps it purple

  • Joseph Kurtz
    Joseph Kurtz

    Rolls Royce limo

  • Views on Views
    Views on Views

    I can't wait to see you rock climb with it

  • Ladibugg

    Hoover is the best

  • chaps198318

    Is that lincoln mk viii, bmw z3m coupe and the porsche 996 carrera convertible 3 of hoovies unseen new hoopties. If so I bet Tyler's loving this video....

  • Jojo Sugoi
    Jojo Sugoi

    They didn’t catch the Doug demuro reference💀

  • c h o t u
    c h o t u

    When Hoovie said let me show the quirks and features I cringed so hard

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones

    Typhoon, color, perfect! :)

  • watsupgardener s
    watsupgardener s

    I'd pick the miata cause I own one hahaha

  • James A
    James A

    I can't believe you bought a gas guzzling hummer

  • Austin Morelock
    Austin Morelock

    I own that same exact Typhoon in the same color

  • Portland4114

    Big guy collected cool vehicles, lol

  • Elisamuel Rosado
    Elisamuel Rosado

    Subscribe and support this guy! Good video

  • TheTurtleDude12

    They guy you got the Hummer from looks like my cousin.

  • Alexis Fernandez
    Alexis Fernandez

    James is like damn i gotta pay another neighbor for their garage space now

  • Michael Ed
    Michael Ed

    Heck yeah, now I get to welcome you to yet another auto enthusiast group!! Welcome to the Hummer community. Just like a Mustang, the Hummer is just as iconic. Now you got the best of both worlds, on-road & off-road. There are lots of mods you can do and info to help answer any questions via Hummer Owners group on fb and videos on ALsofts. Also be careful trying to fit it in the garage. 😂🤷‍♂️😎

    • Burlacher

      Many thanks, Mustangs and Hummers, heck yeah! I'll check out the group!

  • fiza javed
    fiza javed

    he copies stradman too and always is hard on james

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell


  • Michael Dunaway
    Michael Dunaway

    Typhoon hands done

  • Heavy_Haul_N_Fool

    You got a hummer form Hoovie .... you tube has gone downhill jkjk

  • William Maillho
    William Maillho

    Is that a fucking DeLorean!!!!! I would one hundred percent take that.

  • Jeremy Bandola
    Jeremy Bandola

    I will take the deloren


    I click on video I see doggo. I want doggo. DOGGOOOOOOO I WANT DOGGO LIKE THAT DOGGO


    When I so the word big i know it was the Hummer 😂

  • choochoo train poo poo 69
    choochoo train poo poo 69

    It suits you forget that are we gonna see a purple hummer tho and a photoshoot with the gladiator

  • Dėde P
    Dėde P

    Should'ev bought a h1 :))

  • Findusb 123
    Findusb 123

    Buy a h1 haha

  • Dawson Coleman
    Dawson Coleman

    Rolls Royce

  • savage gangster
    savage gangster

    I will pick the Gallardo

  • Matt.w2356

    1970 boss 302

  • MrMrlando22

    Nice purchase! Excited to see what you do with it. I think it's awesome they are bringing them back.

  • Muhammad Ahzam Tahir
    Muhammad Ahzam Tahir

    Even i had a hummer in Dubai in red colour

  • Kyle Whitney
    Kyle Whitney

    isn't hummer coming out with an electric version that actually looks promising?

  • Leonard R
    Leonard R

    Nick bought a car from hoover... some serious clout there! Nice

  • 2JZ Gang
    2JZ Gang

    1000 miles at 6mpg fun lol

  • Eric Worthington
    Eric Worthington

    1 of the 6, im picking the Blue Lamborghini Gallardo...

  • Dope Boss Gamerz
    Dope Boss Gamerz

    Delorian is superior

  • Worldproductions 250
    Worldproductions 250

    i would totally take that delorean. then lower it and stuff a v8 in it

  • Johnny Glamour
    Johnny Glamour

    Funnier than @%^$!! OMG...Loved watching.. new subscriber.. Been a Strad fan since his "silent" videos..

  • Thomas Olsen
    Thomas Olsen

    I'd love to drive the de lorion


    Scotty Kilmer has a cut out of hoovie now 🤣😂

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