Oliver Tree - Let Me Down [Official Music Video]
Oliver Tree
My debut album 'Ugly is Beautiful' drops June 12th! Pre-order: olivertree.lnk.to/UglyisBeautifulID
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Director & ASMR Supervisor: Ryan Farber
Written by Oliver Tree & Ryan Farber
Produced by Enzo Marc
Production Company - Roble Ridge - robleridgeproductions.com
Please don't let me down
Please don't let me down
You better come around

You save yourself
I’ll save myself this time around
You save yourself
I’ll save you too next time around
I’m not around, I haven’t been here for a while
You know I’ll never be back now

Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down
You better come around

I won’t come around

It’s the same old shit, I’m getting sick of it
It’s still the same old shit, stop putting up with it
Somehow I’ve seen, you’re someone else
Somehow I’ve seen, you turned into someone else

Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down
You better come around

I won’t come around
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  • Oliver Tree
    Oliver Tree

    MY DEBUT ALBUM "UGLY IS BEAUTIFUL" DROPS JUNE 12TH! PRE-ORDER NOW: olivertree.lnk.to/UglyisBeautiful

    • richard Morales
      richard Morales


    • Adrian Villanueva
      Adrian Villanueva

      @lps angel that’s the joke

    • toxic player uwu
      toxic player uwu

      You are my favorite

    • Wadeo Pickle14
      Wadeo Pickle14


    • brave stupid dumb kid :D
      brave stupid dumb kid :D


  • Can Get 1K subs before Corona ends ?
    Can Get 1K subs before Corona ends ?

    who else is listening to this while scrolling down through the comments


    Please don’t copy to BILLIE ellish. This man: i Change the presentación xd

  • Jeff Gatza
    Jeff Gatza

    Really dig the song.

  • Squishy69

    His outfit makes me so uncomfortable

  • zoentri

    man lookin kinda fresh doe


    he looks like dispicable me cartoon character

  • ASMRaquad liquid
    ASMRaquad liquid

    His big headphones make him look cute

  • Belno


  • Aden Mullins
    Aden Mullins

    Please don't quit

  • VALK

    let’s take a moment to admire his pants

  • Sleeper Cell
    Sleeper Cell

    Wish he took himself seriously because he's so good

  • Elizabeth Tellez
    Elizabeth Tellez

    Awwwwwwwww this is actually good

  • Elizabeth Tellez
    Elizabeth Tellez

    Awwwwwwww this is actually good

  • Keshen Govender
    Keshen Govender

    Is he ripping off colours ?

  • rosdraca 24
    rosdraca 24

    Dude just had a peptibismol-man army

  • Juan

    I was just trying to watch memes and this add comes up

  • Luci

    oompa loompa who? jk

  • Marina Loregian
    Marina Loregian


  • Getting 500 subs with no videos!
    Getting 500 subs with no videos!

    When I’m supposed to be in bed <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a>

  • Adair Hurtado
    Adair Hurtado

    Is this the guy who stole the moon from gru????

  • bio bagholder
    bio bagholder

    This feels like it was made for children. Very cartoonish.

  • Natalie Smith
    Natalie Smith

    Them Jean's I love them

  • no

    I still can't get over the sandwich bit

  • Malyk-Wesley Francoeur
    Malyk-Wesley Francoeur

    Nul à chier

  • Leonardo Meza
    Leonardo Meza

    Why does he treat people like shit

  • Wereboot 13
    Wereboot 13

    He really just kicked the lil baby I-

  • Jean Carlos
    Jean Carlos

    A weird color show

  • Joe Chesters
    Joe Chesters


  • Bryan Rocha
    Bryan Rocha

    Nobody is going to talk about how he pulled a sandwhich out of his pocket?

  • Vein Carmell Pangilinan
    Vein Carmell Pangilinan

    Poor pink guy

  • Green Warewolf
    Green Warewolf

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> and that's on permanent brain damage

  • jonathan galindo
    jonathan galindo


  • Blake Stone
    Blake Stone

    This video is hillarious. GET BACK HERE MICROPHONE

  • Y A N A B E A T S
    Y A N A B E A T S

    Where is my mind

  • charliemcnuggets

    Thanks Oliver "bowl head" tree... IV been listening now for a WEEK straight!!!

  • fAt gaMer234
    fAt gaMer234

    Damn vector

  • Rell 028
    Rell 028

    Billie Elish X Oliver Tree ✓

  • Rickle Pick
    Rickle Pick

    Oliver be singing like: 😛

  • MigGy Chubby
    MigGy Chubby

    those lyrics on this song have deep meaning 😔

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice

    The comments are funny but come on hes not bad at singer or writing, and the person doing the auto tune is really talented

  • priscilla perez
    priscilla perez

    Omg I want that doll in the video lmfao.

  • GEEF100

    Why does all your content revolve around trolling yourself prior to even the song being, good. At best, Oliver. Please stop letting me down

  • Nope Rope Gaming
    Nope Rope Gaming

    o i love dem pants 👖 I cant even tell you how many times I trip in those bitches while running in high school

  • KidBen11

    Eww the hair

  • BradyBeast

    howd he get headphones that big

  • Noah Barnhart
    Noah Barnhart

    Love the song

  • lifi lrm'd
    lifi lrm'd


  • Harvs Clan
    Harvs Clan

    *🇪 🇦 🇹 🇸  🇫 🇴 🇴 🇩 *

  • rat


  • Noelle Modeen
    Noelle Modeen

    duuuddde why is he so whiny though

  • Some Sally Face Fan
    Some Sally Face Fan

    Such fashion sense... how beautiful

  • Finn George
    Finn George

    To me it feels like the video is about the music industry or fame in general. The microphone (musical success/fame) keeps moving away from him (or is being moved by external forces), and he's forced to chase it and climb a ladder to speak into it. Eventually he gives up and uses his own microphone - he's gonna do it all in his own weird way. Keep it up dude

  • Sofia Tavares
    Sofia Tavares

    Me: *See's thumb* Me: You KNOW what coment is coming... *WHY WAS THIS IS MY RECOMENDED*

  • Aaliyah Terangi
    Aaliyah Terangi

    Can we get more Olly Tree ASMR plz


    They had to show him climbing down the ladders multiple times for the second verse

  • C-Chizzle

    I don’t really care for the song but the video is insane, in the best way possible

  • demon dj930
    demon dj930


  • Linda M
    Linda M

    It reminds me of the villain in the orange suit from the movie Despicable me 3 (I don't know exactly which part)

  • gyth

    Is rare..... I like

  • Addie drawz
    Addie drawz


  • robert mk
    robert mk

    Chainsmokers: Don,t let me down Oliver Tree - Observe.


    Bro this drop is to lit liter than a house on fire

  • 1k subs with no videos before quarantine ends
    1k subs with no videos before quarantine ends

    So nobody’s gonna talk about how fire this is......ok

  • 1k subs with no videos before quarantine ends
    1k subs with no videos before quarantine ends

    He’s the only person that can rock a bowl cut confidently.

  • Grimmm 258
    Grimmm 258

    Anybody else get H3H3 vibes from Oliver Tree?

  • Vile M4ST3R
    Vile M4ST3R


  • abby oof
    abby oof

    PINK GUY?!

  • joojsko

    it took me so long to realize how big his headphones are,, Oliver is such a legend it looks normal

  • mykull.

    Tree is like rockstar Billie

  • gopski

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="169">2:49</a> mood

  • Zachariah R
    Zachariah R

    Same background as the colors page lol

  • AkaSavage-

    This song is one of my favorites 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Bearrett 50 Kal
    Bearrett 50 Kal

    If you take Oliver serious enough to criticize him jokes on you

  • it's that lil crip on mic lil c
    it's that lil crip on mic lil c

    He through the child and pushed red man

  • Ángel DM.
    Ángel DM.

    Me das un chingo de cringe, pero me gustan tus canciones.

  • Antonio Gonzalez
    Antonio Gonzalez

    This music you here at the mall and you cry

  • Super NoodIe
    Super NoodIe

    There’s another song that sounds like this can someone help me out?

  • Juiccyy_

    The guy from despicable me is back from the moon

  • jutt 82
    jutt 82

    Do love the Jncos god those were popular when I was 14 back in like 96

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