Abel Carden
Let me know in the comments below if you would do this to your car!
AND if you liked it or not
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    Shit was lame

  • Zxlvc

    RIP windows

  • Nezu廃棄物

    Your last name is my first:)

  • Electricman300

    Hi I'm french I have many french rap for you to listen if you want "Stup" by Ashe 22 "Un cadeau" by Caballero et JeanJass feat Romeo Elvis and Slimka "Woin Woin" by Larry feat RK "Benibla freestyle" by Lyonzon "Extasy" by Zola "Cons'un pers" by Almerio feat Gouap If you guys like good beats you will love these songs

  • DarkAxis

    I saw this on tik tok lol

  • Jr Ismael
    Jr Ismael

    Wth windows?

  • Mark Jay Banan
    Mark Jay Banan

    What if we unsub unless he admits its staged ooor fix the damn car

  • Nickalas Kavanagh
    Nickalas Kavanagh

    Just why

  • Ashley Wolf
    Ashley Wolf

    J'adore t'es vidéos t'es trop marrant 😂😂 continu comme ça 😁

  • android gamer
    android gamer

    It looks shit💩

  • Breyli Salgado
    Breyli Salgado

    That 350z in that back 🤩🤩 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a>

  • 2 Slow
    2 Slow

    You look like lucas and marcus

  • AA of Hearts The Faulty Deck
    AA of Hearts The Faulty Deck

    Fake stranger, bad paintjob splashin colours, good masking, no finished overview. 1.3/5 rated video.

  • Khalid _
    Khalid _

    I know that you all from tiktak

  • Charly Bella
    Charly Bella

    yall came from tiktok too

  • Sabrina McCann
    Sabrina McCann

    This was not planned

  • Dante Tonietti
    Dante Tonietti

    That's bad

  • Bruh that's not cool
    Bruh that's not cool

    Bro wth that sucks lmao

  • Sienna van Straalen
    Sienna van Straalen

    Who else came here after tik tok

  • Slidfire 6
    Slidfire 6


  • Tiktok Compilations
    Tiktok Compilations

    Anybody else come here from tiktok

  • Taelyn Risinger
    Taelyn Risinger

    I saw the TikTok

  • your 400 year old grandma
    your 400 year old grandma

    Here from tik Tok for you page lol

  • Luis Romero
    Luis Romero

    I looked at some at Tik toc

  • crystal lake account
    crystal lake account

    I saw this on tiktok so I left tiktok and went on to youtube to see this if you did the same SUBSCRIBE to him or like

  • TWB The wild bunch
    TWB The wild bunch

    This is so fake the guy they prank has a hustlers shirt on tf is this bs

  • Shea Keane
    Shea Keane

    hell's yeah i would!

  • NoFX IlluZiioN
    NoFX IlluZiioN

    The police cars aren’t actually theirs idiot..

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams

    has anyone told you that u sound like juju smith schuster, if u disagree go watch jujus video

  • Eva Porter
    Eva Porter

    Who came from Tiktok?



  • Melina Rivas
    Melina Rivas

    Uhm I kinda of thought that the color of paint was pretty nice, and I liked it a little. You could’ve done better tho. This is my opinion.

  • GuccigangSky808 _gaming
    GuccigangSky808 _gaming

    Looks ugly

  • Robert Felix
    Robert Felix

    It looked rlly trash

  • Cxndy Cxnes
    Cxndy Cxnes

    That looked horrible really TikTok

  • Ay Clixy
    Ay Clixy

    Hustler ruined it🙇🏽‍♂️ 🚫🧢

  • Simi 03
    Simi 03

    What ......

  • Nick Townsend
    Nick Townsend

    Poeple who think it’s a stranger🤡🤡

  • Po0p_Dont_Sweat _
    Po0p_Dont_Sweat _

    Lame as heck

  • Lina Wati
    Lina Wati


  • Diana Dornauer
    Diana Dornauer

    Do some tutorial of shoe painting please

  • Rose's and Rivers
    Rose's and Rivers

    He got this idea from me

  • Kekoa Hilbert
    Kekoa Hilbert

    That was so fake I am pretty sure that you knew that hustler dude

  • vitAmin K
    vitAmin K

    bro i did not come from tiktok to see this shit

  • lil Ranga
    lil Ranga

    Looks like shit lmao

  • bbc mango
    bbc mango

    Just saw the car 😂

  • Tom Brain
    Tom Brain

    Who’s from TikTok?

  • Jimmy Martinez
    Jimmy Martinez

    Can I get a free pair of air pods please 🥺

  • AV1

    Where are the french subtitle ?!!!!!! Do you stop learn the french ?

  • Andira Zaini
    Andira Zaini

    I want get a AirPods giveaway please

  • Warren Coyle-moore
    Warren Coyle-moore

    Can’t wait for the giveaway

  • Kaden Rhinehart
    Kaden Rhinehart

    I like how they don’t know each other but somehow know a secret handshake perfectly at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="132">2:12</a>

  • Dinesh Thapa
    Dinesh Thapa

    Where is the finished photo of the car

  • Anthony Cervantes
    Anthony Cervantes

    That handshake sold out their relationship

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo


    • Rose's and Rivers
      Rose's and Rivers


  • LG Formula
    LG Formula

    Anyone from tic tok

  • Madison Davis
    Madison Davis

    Not with red tho... Like I could see the colors of paint being yellow and orange but pink purple and blue??

  • Jayden Jawahir
    Jayden Jawahir

    Who else is wondering the name of the song

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      The windows 😬

  • Arlene Nicole
    Arlene Nicole

    Okay.. what’s the point of this video?

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu


    • Rose's and Rivers
      Rose's and Rivers


  • Mollie Keeling
    Mollie Keeling

    I came from tiktok who else?

  • MathewAldrin faraira
    MathewAldrin faraira

    You should have avoid the window,then it will be cool

  • Амир Рустам
    Амир Рустам


    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      GoofTroop Goofy

  • Laugh Crack Comedy
    Laugh Crack Comedy

    What happens when Zak from ghost adventures Loses his mind? See what happens here.

  • MrBionicle

    Looks like straight trash

  • Fritz Haarmann
    Fritz Haarmann

    Staged fake story! 👎

  • Much Dutch
    Much Dutch

    Dumb. Wish there was a block feature to never waste my time again

  • Himon Djonsou
    Himon Djonsou

    In college I used to pee on people's cars and put bottles full of piss under their car wheel so it would explode on the car next to them when they pull out

  • Soraya DelAngel
    Soraya DelAngel

    I literally wanted to see the dudes reaction so I came on here to see how it was gonna go. XD

  • GoldenFortnite GamingGods
    GoldenFortnite GamingGods

    Faking videos for views (Gone right)

  • heatherypajaro

    Here from tik

  • heatherypajaro

    Enter ♡♡♡♡

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    The windows 😬

  • travis arnold
    travis arnold

    Cool! If y’all got a big Chevy I found a cool backup cam at if your interested...

  • Ariel 461
    Ariel 461

    I followed all the directions for the TikTok give Away

  • Keewee Froot
    Keewee Froot

    Yall got no life.

  • Matthew

    Who else came here just to dislike

  • Juan DeLaRosa
    Juan DeLaRosa

    GoofTroop Goofy

  • Cyclone Funny_DX
    Cyclone Funny_DX

    Who else came from tik tok

  • J Goody
    J Goody

    Did I just watch a Hustle commercial ?

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