Painting a 30 year old Ram Truck Cummins
Westen Champlin
We paint a 30 year old ram Cummins truck/ First-gen Cummins.
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  • Westen Champlin
    Westen Champlin

    Can we get a LIKE on this video? I broke an arm making it...

    • TOXIC ??
      TOXIC ??

      What kind of clear coat did you use?

    • Redhound

      And love your videos btw I watch all of them keep up the good work, gorgeous first gen😍

    • Redhound

      Hey westen my best friend has a 85 f-150 that he traded his dirt bike for because his parents wouldn’t help him get a vehicle but his dream is to have a 12v Cummins and we had an idea to put one in the Ford but we can’t find a 12v for cheap because money is a big issue and we are doing everything our self. Do you have a 12v laying around for a good price?🙏

    • Clinton News Network
      Clinton News Network

      Westen Champlin sounds like Canadian health care system alright

    • Wayne Nakata
      Wayne Nakata

      What are you going to do with this truck?

  • Benny Gipe
    Benny Gipe

    When are you going to finish this truck

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    Where is the truck? I don’t see a finished product video

  • Jeremy Conner
    Jeremy Conner

    Where is the next video on this build??

  • Maxu Sajmon
    Maxu Sajmon

    You chose the best base peint :D "Chromax" that the best peint for e moment , but you put ,the base 20 cm 1 couche the strait away 2 couche 30 cm et just strait away 40 cm just litle wave to put nicely the metallic , however very nice truck :D


    Open the fluid control all the way out.

  • Ppl2956 Son
    Ppl2956 Son

    I started binge watching your videos 2 days ago, and the part about the paint stand played and my girlfriend was in the room. She looks at me and says “I bet he used C clamps.” This is just how many of your videos I’ve watched in 2 days lol.

  • astor9917

    did you finish the dodge truck

  • yard farmer
    yard farmer


  • Railroads Across Maine
    Railroads Across Maine

    Still waiting for the clear coat to dry on that truck or what? Lol

  • Jacob King
    Jacob King

    Damn rocking that eskimo Joe's son

  • Michael Koon
    Michael Koon

    Hey westen what to the black Dodge you painted havent seen it after youfinished it and put it back togather mike from west virginia faful watcher on u tube watch you every day and enjoy you guys you make me laugh when im in pain you see i have cancer and half to have surgary

  • InsTincT Cøty
    InsTincT Cøty

    Me rewatching the episode until a new one comes out

  • Tom GamePlay
    Tom GamePlay

    The original paint is better man

  • Joshua Guinther
    Joshua Guinther

    New video?

  • Dennis Rivas
    Dennis Rivas

    So who's going to be Westen wiper, Waylon or Mullet Boy?

  • Daylen Jones
    Daylen Jones

    His mom fine

  • Ryan Dean
    Ryan Dean

    I would love to have Truck like that! I just recently my truck and am having trouble getting a new one....

  • Azim AZ landscaping and snow removal inc
    Azim AZ landscaping and snow removal inc

    Is it that ur mom or gf?

  • jerry hardin
    jerry hardin

    Where is the finished old ram video?

  • Lufttygger

    damn, so many airborne particles during the clear coating process - i'd run from there, if i had no mask, that stuff is nasty to breathe in xD

  • Michael Koon
    Michael Koon

    What happen to the Dodge after you painted ???

  • hellsbells1xx

    I bet it looks like a big black corn cob up close .

  • Kevin

    You know why the Tree Rex went extinct don't you? Because it was all bark and no bite.... your welcome.

  • Leakproofcow88

    "Let er' rip, tater chip." lol

  • Amber Bali
    Amber Bali

    As always, good video Weston. Hey, got a question for you, what's up with you boys out in the mid west wearing your jeans inside your cowboy work boots? Is that a style? Funny stuff.

  • Douglas Fehler
    Douglas Fehler

    Dr.D here in spring like weather in regina I think paint is the best when you think it is the best any painted on graphics say flames or real flames any how, you did really deacent paint job from what I could see in my tv.take care have a good day,week,month,24 seven. Ps. Not a real doctor.

  • Rob Hodge
    Rob Hodge

    I know this is off the subject but I just found your channel. I have a 2018 Ram Cummins 11,000 miles on it. I’m taking it to the dealer for an oil leak. It looks like it’s coming from the timing cover on the front of the engine. My question is this common thing?

  • Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson

    Your mom is gorgeous

  • John

    Man there is so much fog of clear coat in there that I am scared for a fuem flash over for you! You HAVE to get an exhaust fan and ventilation in there if you don't want burn those long locks. Love you're videos!!

  • Michael Koon
    Michael Koon

    Westen whathappen tothe black painted Dodge pick up????

  • Jeremy Genovese
    Jeremy Genovese

    Where’s the finish product

  • Michael Koon
    Michael Koon

    What didyou do with the Dodge you painted black havent seen it sence you got it done

  • C Heinze
    C Heinze

    Sh ....there's a stick in the can ...lmfao that'll help your arm Weston...!!!!rlmfao

  • Bc_dc_diesel

    Love your videos and love this truck! Starting to post some videos of my beauties tommrow!

  • George Van Schalkwyk
    George Van Schalkwyk

    Gregg A will be proud of that black:)

  • Christopher Baker
    Christopher Baker

    Lol wouldn’t that make it a “fodge”

  • Ein

    Came out hella nice but if you’re not left handed hella impressive

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty


  • Kristopher Burns
    Kristopher Burns

    Don’t brake a foot lol

  • Kenny Seymour
    Kenny Seymour

    you are a trans

  • Derek Laverty
    Derek Laverty

    Agh Weston, too many adverts man. We expect a few but come on man. Love your channel

  • greenhouse3505

    Give this baby a cut and park her in the sun. Can't wait to see that metalic shine! =D

  • B Povish
    B Povish

    your paint job will only look as good as your prep............. give it a few weeks and look at it again in the sun. :(

  • GGALLIN1776

    If you REALLY want to mix paint good, go to dollar tree & buy one of those betty crocker whisks. Snap off the handle & drive a 1/4" hex head screw into the plastic where it won't wobble. Chuck the hex head into your drill & let the paint have it. It looks like mixing a bucket of cake mix so don't get tempted & taste it.

  • Easy Pete
    Easy Pete

    I don’t think it came out near as good as your letting off.

  • Don Petrey
    Don Petrey

    So is this going to be give away truck wink wink everybody clap

  • Brian Hutchinson
    Brian Hutchinson

    Get R Done!!! Looks awesome. Home depot sells a funnel that snaps on a paint can, preventing spillage and paint in the top sealing trough on the can. Another tip, when resealing a paint can crack the lid open, and fill up the empty space in the can with argon/co2 from the mig welder, it displaces the oxygen preventing the curing process starting. That technique also works on pvc cement, & tire cement too. Also try putting your open tubes of silicone gasket maker in a mason jar full of argon, it can save trip or two going to the auto parts store. Keep up the good work.... CHEERS!

  • Big vern
    Big vern

    Next project build a spray booth pro booth . Getting good results now but would make a world of difference to your paintwork

  • Wesley Schneider
    Wesley Schneider

    do some red pinstripes

  • Aidan Maurath
    Aidan Maurath

    i like youer eskimo joes shirt my man. i have one almost just exactly like it but not really because it is actually blue. i like eskimo joes a lot. it is my favorite place.

  • John Wallace
    John Wallace

    you primered right over dents . come on man at least put filler over them and sand you know how to do that

  • Robert Main
    Robert Main

    Man I love watching your channel you guys are super entertaining wish I could come there and help you I would love to work with you guys. I bet you get that all the time I live in the great state of Ohio? Let me know I'll drop in the car and it heartbeat. God bless you guys keep up the good work

  • David Varela
    David Varela

    wasren are you going to paint rhe in side of the bed of the frist jen dodge

  • Noteman

    What’s with fat guys and beards?

  • greg hurrell
    greg hurrell

    western the one armed bandit

  • David Ellison
    David Ellison

    OMG Westin!!! 😳 UR MOM IS BEAUTIFUL 😳😍🥰

  • Jesse Jeffries
    Jesse Jeffries

    Etching primer bub. Always put that on bare metal before anything.

  • Lenny Parks
    Lenny Parks

    I vote a NV4500 conversation on it!!!!

  • Kyle Gorecki
    Kyle Gorecki

    “Nothin to it just to do it” I most definitely had steal that be watching for a while keep doing what your doin

  • CHEAVYguy650

    Don't light a match

  • Caffeinated Frostbite
    Caffeinated Frostbite

    that truck can say the n-word now

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="565">9:25</a> Only thing missing is a 9" long nap roller! Done in 10 minutes.

  • Sam Rogers
    Sam Rogers

    Break a leg! 😜 Love you videos brother!

  • Howard G
    Howard G

    You primed it thin like a pro! Primer coat should be thin enough to read newspaper print through. The paint and clear coat looks great. Who knows. You may paint your Peterbilt metallic black too. ;-) You need to do a video on that beautiful restored John Deere tractor, maybe that Farmall too.

  • Lauchlin MacKinnon
    Lauchlin MacKinnon

    You should do a tour of all your vehicles and your farm

  • Jerome Burrasca
    Jerome Burrasca

    How is it conceivable that you guys do not have a lifted 2500 turbo diesel 4x4 square body Suburban sitting on 40s with a big brake kit??? You could have all road tripped to King of the Hammers this year.

  • rocot brent
    rocot brent

    Westen, Go hospital and make x-ray or sth. Take care your hand and yourself. We need you and your videos. So let’s do your hand healthy, man!

  • Thomas Waldorf
    Thomas Waldorf

    Looks good hope you fixed the ding in the front right bottom fender.

  • Landon Messmann
    Landon Messmann

    I want this truck

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly

    Are your hats for sale somewhere?

  • Keith Ewing
    Keith Ewing

    Great job fellas

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White

    I would love to hang out with these guys over some beers and toys

  • Making it Happen
    Making it Happen

    I don't like to paint with black paint, the slightest dent is visible. The color is similar to my morning coffee, except the metallic.

  • Cody Sowards
    Cody Sowards

    Hey Westen where can I get one of your hats. love your channel

  • Troy Mont
    Troy Mont

    a little disappointed that you didn't keep it white, i thought you were going to restore it . . .wrong !

  • Crystal Ellis
    Crystal Ellis

    Go to the e.r they'll do an x ray by the way it would look pretty badass leaving it flat black just sayin I want the 1st gen dodge

  • James Williams
    James Williams

    How come we never see ur brother? It’s always you, Waylon, Dom and Connor on video. New subscriber btw. Just started watching when u started on the new red dodge rebuild. Love that first gen. I’ve went back and started watching from the 95 crew cab forward.

  • Procarry Trucker
    Procarry Trucker

    Love your videos. I'll be doing a shoutout for your channel sometime this week.

  • Cc Smith
    Cc Smith

    Just go into Urgent Care & get an X-ray. By the way I’m an ER nurse. 👍

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