🏎💨 I surprised UBER passengers in a Lamborghini Huracan! 😂
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  • M A L I K
    M A L I K

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    • Teran Ivey
      Teran Ivey

      Malik what is the song called in the intro

    • Play BoyMarcus
      Play BoyMarcus

      M A L I K -what’s that song called

    • Christian Gray
      Christian Gray

      M A L I K That is ugene who you made the homeless video with

    • Anthony Hernandez
      Anthony Hernandez

      Anthony Hernandez 17 minutes ago Meet Eugene, a homeless man I met while filming one of my previous videos. In This video you’ll hear his INSANE story.. and see his amazing transformation. PLEASE SHARE IT! I hope you guys enjoyed this video, we were so happy to see Eugenes mood completely change once we dripped him out with all the dope apparel all thanks to Hybe for sponsoring this video. There’s a crazy amount of mystery boxes containing luxury products like LV, Gucci, YSL, Off-white and more on Hybe.com! Don’t forget to check them out for a free box when you sign up! Help me change Eugenes LIFE even more by donating to his GoFundMe!! www.gofundme.com/f/changing-e... alsofts.info_cs_p... ADD ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: malikpettit94@gmail.com ----Instagram: instagram.com/malikk/ ----Twitter: twitter.com/MALIKK Snapchat: MALIKLOL101 (if you want to) :-) GO CLAIM YOUR FREE HYBE BOX HERE: hybe.com/i/malik

    • yunx.h

      Kevin Apupalo “different by Devin Tyler”

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan

    The way he laugh keeps me rolling

  • Gbe jayy
    Gbe jayy

    Is my music good enough?? Be 100% honest!! alsofts.info/hd/video/mYGRraDOrX9pnsw

  • Joshua A
    Joshua A

    This shit is so fake

  • Tony Arreaga
    Tony Arreaga

    whats that outro beat


    Is my boy ever gonna drop the song?


    Is my boy ever gonna drop the song?

  • xabi

    everyone ignoring that the camera man is in there before he even arrives

  • Lil Joshy
    Lil Joshy

    intro song????

  • manuel esser
    manuel esser

    Stop yelling and get along like others do bruh. .....fu*k

  • Isaiah Mccall
    Isaiah Mccall

    He saying huracan wrong

  • WB.Anogide ChrisX
    WB.Anogide ChrisX

    Blessed malik

  • Bandz TV
    Bandz TV

    Real shit💯

  • Tonya Rena
    Tonya Rena

    Ain't that Eugene

  • bigtaxrefund

    you guys who do these videos really need to mature up. u drivers behave like teeneagers. u all should carry on mature as a 40 y/o. if youre gonna drive an expensive car then your attitude should be expensive too. let the passengers behave wild but u drivers need to handle yourself much more professional

  • RNG release
    RNG release

    that nigga laf fuunny as fuck

  • RNG release
    RNG release

    is that his car?????? plz tell me

  • Nganga Kinyanjui
    Nganga Kinyanjui

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="308">5:08</a> too funny! but how'd you record him do that

    • slixzツ

      Nganga Kinyanjui he had a camera man over there

  • Kenzy Sostuuupid
    Kenzy Sostuuupid

    Sooooo faaaaake

  • B-Lokz559ER Suckafree559ER
    B-Lokz559ER Suckafree559ER

    In all real I thought your where a young buck doing this for cloud. The ending thought me a lot more. Keep doing your thing young one RESPECT.

  • Rayan Khan
    Rayan Khan

    You dont have gold lambo only you was enjoying in whole vlog you should obey what people r saying n give them happiness

  • Rayan Khan
    Rayan Khan

    You r bloody fucker why you let that man out of the car you r uber driver don't matter you have farari or lambo i live in Dubai these cars r casual

  • Ryan Sterlibg
    Ryan Sterlibg


  • sylvia atweri
    sylvia atweri

    that guy ain't homeless why would a homeless guy order a uber he got a uber for 4 minutes away from were he wanted to go too if he really was homeless he would save d money and walk the 4 minutes

  • pahtom god
    pahtom god

    was up[ my boy apreeatnm u my boy

  • JackJack Josh
    JackJack Josh

    What’s the instrumentals

  • JackJack Josh
    JackJack Josh

    Wats the beat in the beginning

  • Teran Ivey
    Teran Ivey

    What’s the song called in the intro @malik

  • Davemane

    Hmm manscape 🤔🤔 Well I am going through puberty 🥴😂

  • Ctitch Up
    Ctitch Up

    I Really Need This Song Bro ,, I'm Tha Beginning Of This Song 🗣️

  • wina kathy
    wina kathy


  • King heat
    King heat

    I've never heard about a Lamborghini Harockit 🤣🤣🤣


    Best Gospel Rap , Check it guys alsofts.info/hd/video/mmqFpJXGrJyFhsw

  • Chippi

    What editing software does he use?

  • Bradly Merrin
    Bradly Merrin


  • Jeremy Flowers
    Jeremy Flowers

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="209">3:29</a> isn’t that Eugene ?

    • Mixtape Central
      Mixtape Central

      Jeremy Flowers ikr

  • TrulyFly

    My name is Eugene

  • Ttayoo

    Gold digger

  • Ramadan Bombata
    Ramadan Bombata

    do i look like fredo😂😂

  • Ramadan Bombata
    Ramadan Bombata


  • Ebony Burgos
    Ebony Burgos

    I’m dead with her saying that’s her cousin she knows she’s lying 🤥 😂

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez

    Name of the song ?

  • ruben

    whats the intro song?

  • Scornful

    I wonder how those guys get there money Im not being racist and i dont mean u guys steal stuff ,

  • ShotbySushii

    Bruh in Orlando

  • Kyl

    No offence but u have massive hands

  • la Biodeversidad
    la Biodeversidad

    Quisiera poder ayudar a todas esas personas

  • Dramox

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a> why is the cameraman already there filming, you didnt clarify about making him go there first or anything... faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

  • Tharuu machan
    Tharuu machan


  • FazeKyle 1
    FazeKyle 1

    Liz look like a animal no capp

  • full face rider
    full face rider

    Boi the way u said huracan

  • Michael García
    Michael García

    Malik fingers tho

  • KingLionHeart

    what this song called

  • Kyle Brockmann
    Kyle Brockmann

    so fake

  • nathanael montero
    nathanael montero

    gold digger alert

  • Amalia Hernandez
    Amalia Hernandez

    The second guy he picked up is that supposedly “homeless” guy in his recent video he’s all bs he knows all these people acts like he helps to get views such a joke

  • Lil JoJo
    Lil JoJo

    Shoutout to Malik for startling loyal to the home dawg

  • Team M4
    Team M4

    can someone tell me whats the name of the intro song is pls

    • JJ GANG TV
      JJ GANG TV


  • Markeesia Bell
    Markeesia Bell

    You are the best youtuber ever#like if you see,this

  • Markeesia Bell
    Markeesia Bell

    Omg you live in Orlando

  • Jayden Morton
    Jayden Morton

    All the girls was tryna get wit him 🤣

  • TugaDaDon

    what is that intro song called? anyone know?

  • Capulet 1.7
    Capulet 1.7

    What is the name of the intro?

  • Angelo Williams
    Angelo Williams


  • BahamasMadeSB

    Lmaooo she said her phone drop

  • Dat.fly.guy. jones
    Dat.fly.guy. jones

    The only one that deserved that ride was Eugene, I dig that that was real s***😎👌🏿

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="194">3:14</a> the same homeless guy Malik is helped small world

  • Koro

    -<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="191">3:11</a> lol😂

  • Koro

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> nice panties ναι ρε γεια.

  • FaZe KWILL
    FaZe KWILL

    Did you even forget about the Coronavirus don’t grab there hand

  • Emmanuel Stephen
    Emmanuel Stephen

    What is up with Fredo’s ex??? 😂😂😂

  • Brody Stockton
    Brody Stockton

    You helped him already and you still making him be better that’s some real love

  • Asren Jalal Ilieas
    Asren Jalal Ilieas

    that song fire what it called?

  • Isaiah Baker
    Isaiah Baker

    that is so nice

  • Amrit

    Name of song in intro plz?

  • Kymoni Prescott
    Kymoni Prescott

    Malik Is A 🐐 and A Child Of God ....We Need More Malik’s In This World

  • Olivia Obi
    Olivia Obi

    God bless you

  • Eroze spaceman
    Eroze spaceman

    Lmao a clipper brand sponsors him right after fredo cuts off all his hair😂

  • Yfwb_christion

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="463">7:43</a> this boy killed me pulling out the pods

  • Seb Hazelton-toro
    Seb Hazelton-toro

    your so rude when someone touches somehting lol

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