Rebuilding a Destroyed ZR1 Corvette Part 4
New Demolition WRENCH gear here!!!
All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!
All Mere's Stuff:

  • HUSAN Egamnazarov
    HUSAN Egamnazarov

    I thing you gonna put that big piece of aluminum UNDER the car Спасибо)))

  • Jaime Alvarez
    Jaime Alvarez

    Is there no more demolition ranch , I try to keep up with the videos

  • Allen Ivy
    Allen Ivy

    man adjusting the windows on these is absolutely miserable, good luck.

  • SpeederManFF

    Love Berks dog!

  • Destruction_Man

    Aluminum for door interiors

  • Cal Hickenboth
    Cal Hickenboth

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="978">16:18</a> this piece looks looks a ghost leviathan head from Subnautica

  • bruce koerner
    bruce koerner

    You should buy a good touchup paint gun and buy automotive paint and stop using spray paint ! Only if You want quality !

  • Angus DeLoin
    Angus DeLoin

    6.5mm socket?

  • John Marvil Chua
    John Marvil Chua

    When he said something abt ditching the english units, i know i have to subscribe

  • Tokin 778
    Tokin 778

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> demo garage sound like a good ALsofts channel to have to work on vehicles

  • Daniel kruse
    Daniel kruse

    What is going on with the bronco?

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas

    Did anyone notice he said br1 lol

  • Justin Wallace
    Justin Wallace

    That small bolt you thought was SAE is actually a 6.5mm. I know it's dumb as well but I have one because I ran into the same problem lol.

  • the reptile guyz
    the reptile guyz

    6.5mm not sae

  • Eli Staggs
    Eli Staggs

    Hood scoop?

  • 97JoMiller

    looks like you got tired of making the shirts :-(

  • Martin Infante
    Martin Infante

    Converting everything in the US to metric would cost trillions of dollars and most Americans don't use MM or kilometers and all that garbage. SAE is far superior

  • The RedNeckEngineNerd
    The RedNeckEngineNerd

    Interior, body work, hood possibly spoiler

  • Cannonball Kid
    Cannonball Kid

    The aluminum is for a belly pan for aerodynamics

  • Dylan Hutchins
    Dylan Hutchins

    Great progress lovin it! And what was the audio used at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a>?

  • don earl
    don earl


  • Gage Dyches
    Gage Dyches

    I think aluminum is for interior

  • michael caraway
    michael caraway

    You should go with a digital display dashboard. They are customizable to what you want to be displayed and how you want it displayed. Also you should take it to a professional tuner and put it on a dyno to maximize performance. Fasterproms or PFI would be my choices but that's Florida or Colorado. Maybe Texas speed would be an option. The aluminum has got to be door panels.

  • Pcergle77

    Please tell me it’s getting an ls?

  • Joe Shustock
    Joe Shustock

    The aluminum is for the rerar window, the fins that he was talking about

  • Eric Callender
    Eric Callender

    Matt, what kind of tobacco do you use? Also, what kind of watch do you use?

  • Lonnie Johnson cpc customs
    Lonnie Johnson cpc customs

    @demomatt My name is Lonnie. I own a custom restoration shop. This is what I do for a living if you need any advice on things as far as dying those interior pieces or paint and body. Hit me up.

  • emya098

    Idea! You got an embroidery machine...just make the patches for Demo Garage & the name patch. Let everyone just put them on their own coveralls. The patches are super easy to make, it's doing them on the actual coveralls that's the problem. In a "real" garage, they re all sew on patches anyway!

  • skuzzle butt
    skuzzle butt

    No on metric forever. Oh yeah it's all good until you get into fractions and decimals. Hitting numbers that aren't evenly divisible will annoy you.

  • Captain Hook
    Captain Hook

    Matt, you guys stole our basketball coach. Buzz Williams. Jeez

  • Strong Wolf
    Strong Wolf

    You need to just sell the Demos Garage patch.

  • blazn469

    Why are you changing a ZR1, into a trailer queen

  • Kyle Clubbs
    Kyle Clubbs

    Aluminum door panels?

  • brian campbell
    brian campbell

    Aluminum interior panels?

  • rb67mustang

    The US should have never gone Metric at all, what were they thinking?

  • rb67mustang

    The US should have never gone Metric at all, what were they thinking?

  • Josh Palmer
    Josh Palmer

    Matt is gonna race the ZR1 on a dirt track and use the aluminum to enter it as a winged late model!

  • Tom Landolt
    Tom Landolt

    hey matt what about vet ranch? you not practicing anymore?

  • Dustin Heidle
    Dustin Heidle

    Instead of cutting the sleeves off. Shoot them off!

  • Ваня Мартынец
    Ваня Мартынец


  • Adam Carden
    Adam Carden

    Sounds like you need to build a insulated box around your air pump. I used dynamat car sound deading an regular insulation in mine an it made a difference.

  • Catherine Scarcelli
    Catherine Scarcelli

    Must be nice. ❤️

  • Jonathan Begault
    Jonathan Begault

    Aluminum drag wing

  • debbie boring
    debbie boring

    Matt question: If they started to make all Amerian cars metric tomorrow, how would that help you working on a 30yr old car tomorrow. Now I am not trying to start an argument and I tend to agree with you on this, I'm just saying. You still have to use standard and metric wrenches on "Now Both" of your Corvettes.

  • aaanathema

    So now you can leave the automobile series as Demo Wrench, and can rename the original channel as: Off The Wrench xD

  • Patrick Koeneker
    Patrick Koeneker

    How can I send you fan mail

  • j kilo
    j kilo

    Try the opty spark thing?!

  • Tomadao19

    Big ass wing

  • J Spraggins
    J Spraggins

    Aluminum for custom dash... duh🤑🤑🤑

  • Carter Eberline
    Carter Eberline

    You're obviously going to replace some panels with aluminum

  • hvyfknmtl

    please work out a way to get the guys from mighty car mods to your place.

  • Dakoda Filbeck
    Dakoda Filbeck

    Aluminum oil pan

  • Jordan Borne
    Jordan Borne

    Hay mat I think u should replace the rockits logon the hood with the demo wrench sing logo

  • S D
    S D

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1100">18:20</a> it’s for the bottom of the whole car, or for the interior (which it’s probably is for).

  • S D
    S D

    I know why you loved all those little clamps, that the viewers were sending to you. It’s because they were metric

  • ll03

    Would be sick if you supercharged it

  • SAXGaming

    Good bye SAE

  • SAXGaming

    Demolition Metric

  • Clarence Moore
    Clarence Moore

    Backseat delete for the aluminum

  • Krux Van Der Berg
    Krux Van Der Berg



    Maybe for the door

  • JesSeeMyLife

    Aluminum is for door panels.

  • Ruben

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1104">18:24</a> spoiler

  • Raymond Baker
    Raymond Baker

    Jeeps are cheap and everywhere js for your burnout car

  • Brody Heilig
    Brody Heilig

    Damn, sold out on the custom work shirts

  • Brody Heilig
    Brody Heilig

    They have a 6.5mm socket

  • NaCl

    They gonna shoot the aluminium sheet

  • Michael Montalto
    Michael Montalto

    Aluminum is going to be dash and trans tunnel... keep it up matt!

  • Night Hawk
    Night Hawk

    That quilt is so awesome 😎

  • Justin Ainslie
    Justin Ainslie

    Sooo upset missed the coveralls on the website would have loved a pair for when I work on my truck

  • Andrew Garris
    Andrew Garris

    Hopefully he put down some adhesion promoter before painting the plastic interior parts.

  • Tipsy McStagger
    Tipsy McStagger

    I thought you were American why don't you stick to standard American 1/2 inch 'F' metric make the orientals and the Europeans and everybody else convert to American😠😈😈😈

  • Ethan Lion7
    Ethan Lion7

    Matt, don’t you know the standard system exists for the sake of spiting the rest of the world and showing that we’re the best even when at a disadvantage? It’s like fighting someone with one hand tied behind your back. 😌😂

  • Tim

    In order of decreasing likeliness. 1). Full aluminum dash & cluster. 2). Full under-body skid plate. 3). The world's most absurd/largest spoiler.

  • il Notfriendly li
    il Notfriendly li

    Body kit for the vette with that aluminum

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Aluminum for skip plate?

  • Darren C.
    Darren C.

    Switch to Metric?? I was actually starting to like you. #closetcommie

  • Ac130_404

    Hit it with the wide body!

  • Marty Connors
    Marty Connors

    whooo Ametrica...

  • Skyler Jones
    Skyler Jones

    Door panels...etc

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