Ricky Gervais Pits His Mild British Palate Against Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
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Just in time for the return of David Brent in "Life on the Road" (February 10 on Netflix), Ricky Gervais steps into the hot seat for the (vegan) wings of death and some scorching questions from First We Feast's Sean Evans. Accurately dubbing Hot Ones "a cross between Charlie Rose and f*%king Jackass," the comedian gets pummeled by the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. Will he become "entertainment for some idiot on the Internet"? Will he "vomit and sh*t" himself? You gotta watch to find out!
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings

  • EmpireYellow1

    I'm disappointed he didn't finish eating them. Come on Ricky

  • Richard Banks
    Richard Banks

    Why am I not suprised the almighty Gervais is vegan 😂

  • Christopher Lincoln
    Christopher Lincoln

    ricky absolute genius

  • Vegan Tina
    Vegan Tina

    Love when they have the vegan wings 🥰

  • R Gibson
    R Gibson

    Vegan wings? Fuck off!!!!

  • 2011Account22

    Gervais is a funny guy. An atheist, so I pray for him, but a talented and funny guy. Shame he has TDS too...

  • J Alexandr
    J Alexandr

    Vegan Wings ? What the hell is that even?

  • katie

    please get Jason Bateman to do one of these, he would be so funny on it x

  • tongmaa

    I don't criticize Atheists for not believing in a deity, but I do get a bit of a crick in the neck having them ask those who do for 'Proof' in a God. The Atheist likes to claim 'disbelief', but it is a belief in God not existing, and they don't have a shred of proof; other than their faith which is just the opposite side of the same 'Belief/Faith Coin' as Deist/Theist/Pantheists' :)

  • Ernesto Berger
    Ernesto Berger

    We are not gonna send missionaries to preach atheism. Just ROFL. Forgot the books, interviews, shows, the conferences, etc. They just don't send missionaries because it will reveal that it is just a religious belief as any. Thinking that atheist people is just chill and fine with other people's belief is probably the most laughable dogma I ever heard.

  • Geoffrey Richardson
    Geoffrey Richardson

    Ricky ya done good dude

  • Geoffrey Richardson
    Geoffrey Richardson

    People are idiots

  • Kieran Jefferson
    Kieran Jefferson

    Howie mandel would be good on this

  • xxDrain

    Could we grow a mammoth tarantula in an overly rich oxigen environment?

  • Pasty Chomper
    Pasty Chomper

    Sean Evans: No one's gonna do a crusade to spread atheism. Xi Jinping: Hold my baijiu.

  • Matt Welch
    Matt Welch

    Gervais has got an truly authentic and contagious laugh.

  • Bryan Haun
    Bryan Haun

    Only video from Hot Ones I’ve skipped over. He’s whack.

  • Arnoldlayne98


  • Seth Friedman
    Seth Friedman

    All celebrities and athletes are forced to be photographed naked in a bathtub to submit and prostrate themselves before the Illuminati etc.

  • kkkennedykk

    I watched it to see this annoying twat suffer :)

  • Raed Skerek
    Raed Skerek

    Tabasco is hotter than Sriracha? My whole life has been a lie!

  • Michael YISRAEL
    Michael YISRAEL

    I love the atheist statement. It was very clever. BRAVO!!!!!

  • Simon Davies
    Simon Davies

    RG is a Pussy Ole.....

  • Elie

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="425">7:05</a> well I am definitely stealing this joke

  • E.B.A.H

    Mild english pallet cause americans invented spicy food🤣 love how yanks think they're special

    • EmpireYellow1


  • Enoch Goodfellow
    Enoch Goodfellow

    Actually it was De Niro who said he wanted to punch Trump in the face, and Trump clearly said that lots of women will "LET YOU grab em by the pussy," but why let the facts get in the way of your narrative eh Ricky?! Prick

  • Rutger Blom
    Rutger Blom

    The trainspotting joke was spot on. Love that movie

  • Welll Azvdo
    Welll Azvdo

    I love the part when he talks about his testicles 🤣🤣🤣👀

  • Harry Morris
    Harry Morris

    Who’s here after the birth of Jesus?

  • Jonatan Paz
    Jonatan Paz

    Ricky's definition of atheism seems to better describe agnosticism. If you are even asking for proof, then you are in doubt. Claiming that there isn't a god, without any verification is atheism. Atheism in blind belief there is no god. Agnosticism is questioning it. So atheism is as religious as christianity.

  • Connor :D
    Connor :D

    “I can take it in the mouth”

  • Cherubim666999

    what in the fuck is a vegan wing?

  • Ant Kings
    Ant Kings

    you have let everyone down!!!

  • tolfan

    Came for Ricky stayed for the vegan wings

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay

    Wtf is a vegan wing

  • Chris French
    Chris French

    Ricky says doesn't believe in God.... Then in the same 30 seconds calls him "Satan"🤔

  • Chris French
    Chris French

    Like this if Ricky needs to go on Joe Rogan 💯

  • Emma Salgado
    Emma Salgado


  • Chuck Norriss
    Chuck Norriss

    Who's here after masturbating to porn, to laugh the shame away?

  • Jesse Padilla
    Jesse Padilla

    “You just keep it pushing. You move forward in life. “

  • Jesse Padilla
    Jesse Padilla

    Just keep moving forward in life

  • karasu

    alsofts.info/hd/video/zpV7jqmszKCYr8Q alsofts.info/hd/video/yoWdp2Cq3HudeNg Tick Tock

  • karasu

    alsofts.info/hd/video/zpV7jqmszKCYr8Q alsofts.info/hd/video/yoWdp2Cq3HudeNg Tick Tock

  • Brandon Lopez
    Brandon Lopez

    Says religion is false. Calls host satan.....😂😂😂 (I don’t care either way, just laughed really hard at that.)

  • Charlie

    Get Karl plz

  • Nia Turner
    Nia Turner

    The Guests: always freaking the fuck out Sean: 😃

  • Roberto Mendez
    Roberto Mendez

    Love this show because it’s such a cool idea. Ricky missed what’s awesome about spicy food. Poor British never eat real spicy peppers. They’ve only eaten curry. Not the same. Spicy peppers are what makes ya feel alive!🙌🏼

  • LordMekanicus

    Would be happy to fix him a batch of vegan Colorado pulled pork. Sweet, Smokey, savory, with a spike of flavor from roasted hatch chilies, followed by a creeping heat of scorpion peppers and roasted red habanero. Of course, for the suffering, I would offer a spin in a Bocar XP-5 at High Plains raceway, maybe even let him drive the car if he promises not to blow it up. The offer is there friend! Let me know!

  • Jami Pereira
    Jami Pereira

    Two hot air balloons! Omg! Hahaha

  • Miguel Morales
    Miguel Morales

    He has a good sense of humor

  • Craigory Robie
    Craigory Robie

    Dana White!

  • stichting yimak
    stichting yimak

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="426">7:06</a> Only the real real heard this one

  • Winsly Gelig
    Winsly Gelig

    If this was me, my pores would be like waterfalls. I can handle really spicy food but I just would not stop sweating after a bite of just about any. some dishes I dont taste how spicy it is but I would know theres something hot in there cause I would start sweating.

  • Maliceah

    When Ricky says "That's really HOT!" he reminds me of the old viral video "Ouch, that Hurts Charlie!".

  • Maliceah

    Sean, you do such a great job of hosting this show. You keep things en pointe and you always have interesting ways to distract your guests from the pain and suffering they're enduring. Love you too, Ricky!

  • Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson

    Who is here after doing a big old shot of cocaine? Fking bell ringer.

  • Tommymaggot1

    Get Karl on hot ones

  • Roman Metelli
    Roman Metelli


  • Jeff Clement
    Jeff Clement

    Been bingewatching these and this is my favorite by far "Fuck me!!!" And his take on stinky cheese "There's been a fucking crime commited in this cheese"

  • Joey Santana
    Joey Santana

    Wicho_ How can there be satan if there is no God? How can there be wrong with no right? I'm saying this because he called the host satan.

  • Douglas Bossler
    Douglas Bossler

    He didn’t finish but he doesn’t deserve to be in the same category as dj khalid

  • April Thompson
    April Thompson

    The fool has said in his heart there is no God, psalms 14: 1. Sorry Ricky, love your non politically correct but God is real!

    • Robert Glenn
      Robert Glenn

      Nobody cares about a book compiled of random people’s ramblings.

  • 50hellkat2

    It feels like i had a tongue transplant and they gave me the wrong tongue. Hilarious

  • Affan Özbay
    Affan Özbay

    he is always quoting “humanity” stand up show

  • RikFTK

    "I think I got some in my eye..." "You quit, I'm done feeling sorry for you" Is it me or did Sean seem genuinly annoyed? He has a bit salty about, also in the end.

  • Douglas Schramm
    Douglas Schramm

    I quit drinking 20 years ago but I would love to sit and have a few with Ricky. Finally an actor that I can totally relate to when it comes to outlook on religion, PC culture, and personal happiness.

  • Ronan Barthon
    Ronan Barthon

    Go back to stinking England and talk about your own leaders you cubed headed bastard.

  • winter

    seans personality came out a lot more in this one love that

  • lisa mansfield
    lisa mansfield

    Looks like you are dressing for Trainspotting! Lol

  • ilaphroaig

    Weak Ricky....

  • Javier Meza Jr.
    Javier Meza Jr.

    He should’ve ask a question about Mel Gibson

  • bassplayer bassplayer
    bassplayer bassplayer

    the bible has been destroyed and banned sense the beginning, just cant do it!

  • bassplayer bassplayer
    bassplayer bassplayer

    there's plenty of book against evolution, ya'll just want read them,

    • Pale Emperor
      Pale Emperor

      Books, like?

  • r a l f
    r a l f

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="728">12:08</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="758">12:38</a> = facts.

  • A Russell
    A Russell

    Get Karl Pilkington

  • twankyjoe

    We Indians have tried to help these...brits... with their palate for centuries. I don't think they have it in their genetics.

  • Davis Prather
    Davis Prather

    I love that they used the _There Will Be Blood_ soundtrack for this.

  • KristianGerard

    The parables of the holy books would be back in 1,000 years*

  • drewbieware

    What the fuck are vegan wings?

  • Super Pizza Man!!!
    Super Pizza Man!!!

    Get markiplier

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