Shia LaBeouf Sheds a Tear While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
First We Feast
Shia LaBeouf finally takes on the wings of death for the Hot Ones Season 10 premiere! He's an actor, performance artist, and style icon, and he's got a pair of brand new films this fall: the much buzzed-about Peanut Butter Falcon, out now, and his semi-autobiographical story, Honey Boy, coming to theaters on November 8th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the "half-Cajun, half-Jewish" star battles the brand-new Hot Ones lineup and discusses everything from wrestling with Tom Hardy, to giving Kanye West his Indiana Jones hat. Welcome back, spice lords-Season 10 is finally here!
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Season 10
Episode 1
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Welcome back, spice lords! Who do you want to see Season 10?

    • Akum Walling
      Akum Walling

      Keanu Reeves

    • Ghost _
      Ghost _


    • OdellisaurusRex

      Game Grumps!

    • Meagan Testerman
      Meagan Testerman

      Chappelle duh.

    • clankdimxx

      Antonio brown

  • 01mrodriguez

    "I feel like I'm being touched by an angel right now." I'm dying over here. LMAO!

  • VicinteOP


  • Erick Fonseca
    Erick Fonseca

    What a cool cool guy!

  • James Bagwell
    James Bagwell

    This is by far the best episode

  • James Bagwell
    James Bagwell

    I want nothing more than to smoke a wood with Shia

  • alex hernandez
    alex hernandez

    fast runner= takes more risks. lazy runner= obviously staying on base. the end.

  • Rae Summers
    Rae Summers

    Yeah boi JUST DO IT

  • storyquest

    Shia Labeouf is like a real, gritty version of James Franco nowadays. Both were big budget teen actors, but James tries to grow into this edgy thinker, whereas Shia doesn't give a fuck and is actually nailing it.

  • Dev

    You’re a god, you’re an A-list god

  • keanu macks
    keanu macks

    I love his energy

  • tamara 117lgoe
    tamara 117lgoe

    Sean is so talented. These interviews make the most unlikeable people seem cool. If I ever watch the Michael Cera one and decide he's not that bad, I'll lose my shit.

  • Setairyu Jakka
    Setairyu Jakka

    When the guest of the show becomes one with spice and the host becomes chuck norris

  • AndrewLetit FlowWolf
    AndrewLetit FlowWolf

    lol is it a requirement to smoke mad weed before this challenge?? Something has changed in Shia in the last 5 years, he seems like someone i could chill with now instead of someone i wanna smack

  • InsomniaFun

    I cannot believe how completely chill he is, complete contrast to what the internet makes him out to be. Also, he OWNS this for adding sauce to all the wings.

  • Feral

    This is the best ep.


    Shia Ladouche is fake as fuck.

  • Julian de Armas
    Julian de Armas

    "I look so sad right now" fucking dead hahahahahaha

  • K Ricker
    K Ricker

    So u ceateded u bitch]

  • kevin garner
    kevin garner

    so glad this guy does not do movies any more

  • Flyxguydom

    Don’t know why, but ever since I was like 10 and saw transformers for the first time I’ve always thought Shia LaBeouf is the coolest guy ever

  • Michelle Resa
    Michelle Resa

    I really enjoyed Shia's

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    He keeps putting the sauce back

  • Beth Pettit
    Beth Pettit

    Why is this show so magical? You have made me really enjoy and become interested in people I either never thought about before or plain actually disliked. I have so much respect for this dude now.

  • katelin wallace
    katelin wallace

    Ugh your website hates me or my card I've tried buying Los caliente hot sauce seven times now and it won't take my card and it's a normal card 😭😭😭😭😭 I just want hot sauce lol

  • SlickDawg

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="191">3:11</a> when the host tries to be slick.

  • Abdurahman Saed
    Abdurahman Saed

    I watch this episode once a month because it’s good for my soul

  • Fredo Man
    Fredo Man

    Shia Labuff💪

  • Jacob Rogers
    Jacob Rogers

    Didn't someone call out the bottle for being 2 years expired but Sean sad it was a show bottle??? eek

  • Fly.Y

    This is the first time I’ve watched these videos fully bro I actually love shia

  • Cmtat

    I've been sleeping on this episode

  • Keariss Gann
    Keariss Gann

    When did his voice get so deep lol

  • Austin Nealeigh
    Austin Nealeigh

    HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US. Bahaha This guys is such a tool.

  • Sarbjot Dhillon
    Sarbjot Dhillon

    presented by corona extra hehe <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a>

  • Eagle Freedom
    Eagle Freedom

    I can honestly say that this is my favorite episode of the entire show Shia is a big G like for real

  • Kiki Supak
    Kiki Supak

    Love hot ones to date

  • RedPop God
    RedPop God

    Did everyone forget that he played on Transformers 1,2, and 3

  • TUBA

    Push the middle chicken. 😂

  • TUBA

    Ok, how many times did he say cute or cutie?

  • TUBA

    I did not know that this dude is this goddamn funny.

  • Midwest Motorsports
    Midwest Motorsports

    JOHN WICK is a must for your next guest!!! ;-)

  • Midwest Motorsports
    Midwest Motorsports

    I love this channel 100%! but I cannot stand Shia - drunk idiot with no manners and no respect for others!

  • rory mcmullen
    rory mcmullen

    who are the fucking annoying people laughing in the background man

  • Rodrigo De Araujo E Silva
    Rodrigo De Araujo E Silva

    Shia played it great. What a nice surprise. Keanu Reeves next, for sure. Please!

  • Katie

    My favorite hot ones episode ever.

  • Cal Ó Donnabháin
    Cal Ó Donnabháin

    Anybody know the song that plays in the background at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="250">4:10</a>? It used to play in work and I never shazammed it...

  • Rodney Kelley
    Rodney Kelley

    Shia looks like he's about to build a wall of Persians.

  • Acoma Slip
    Acoma Slip

    A lazy runner doesn't want to work as hard for the steal, he will be better at gauging what he can get away with. A fast runner will have an overconfidence that his speed will get the job done for him.

  • Markus Kaulius
    Markus Kaulius

    Have you ever brought on a big UFC name? I'd love to see Conor McGregor crying on here!! And I have no doubt it would be your most watched show yet!!

  • Blues !
    Blues !

    Two Movies people dont remember. Even Stevens Holes

  • Markus Kaulius
    Markus Kaulius

    This has been my favorite episode so far! Looked like a great bonding experience!

  • Solomon Johnson
    Solomon Johnson

    He's such a cool guy 😎

  • Doran Amatto
    Doran Amatto

    Here I am 6 months later on view two. Kristen Stewart was so right when she called Shia "a beast". In a good way.

  • Equals Peace
    Equals Peace

    Shia would make a gd Wolverine

  • free lunch
    free lunch

    This is Not the guy from depech mode?

  • Grayson Ridge
    Grayson Ridge

    Damn this dude is mellow. He is way cooler than I ever thought.

  • Saeed

    what boots is Shia wearing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="642">10:42</a>? Would love to get me some of those :O

  • Monte Pytka
    Monte Pytka

    Funniest episode 🤟🏽😂

  • Frodo H
    Frodo H

    I am watching this eating HOT WINGS!

  • Dawn DelBianco
    Dawn DelBianco

    Best episode ever !!

  • Dylan Molina
    Dylan Molina

    Best episode ever! Shia you are a big inspiration to me!.

  • taraaababy

    Fell in love with him in transformers and literally fell all over again 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Vlad Scheiskopf
    Vlad Scheiskopf

    that cunts faker than a 3 dollar bill

  • essens identity
    essens identity

    What is the name of the song playing when they eat the loscolientes sauce? Please help. Love that sound.

  • Hans Richard Antsmäe
    Hans Richard Antsmäe

    The best Hot Ones episode out here, Shia is such an inspiration..

  • Armando Graz
    Armando Graz

    He sounds nothing like Sam

  • Arbie San Ramon
    Arbie San Ramon

    How tf can he stay so calm after putting in an extra dab on that wing with da bomb and ate it with big bites?

  • Andrew Harbort
    Andrew Harbort

    Every time I see this episode I click on it intending to just see the first few minutes or one specific clip from it. But every time I end up watching every second of it from start to finish because of how entertaining, heartwarming, and overall wonderful this interview is with Shia and Sean. This is the internet at it's finest and it makes me happy.

  • Liam Horgan
    Liam Horgan

    Shia is a pretty damn awesome guy eh

  • Andrew Harbort
    Andrew Harbort

    This is the best hot ones episode easy

  • joe rioux
    joe rioux

    I couldn't stand this guy for the longest time. He is an alright dude

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie
    Subscribe to PewDiePie

    one of the best ep love this

  • JFelt

    He’s like the uncle from the south that I haven’t seen in five years kinda guy

  • tongmaa

    Well, I like Shia a lot more than I did - he has great control, and when the mellow hits, he will be toasting his hot dogs with 'Reaper' from now on :) I'll still stick to the Fatalii hot sauces, for fire and taste :) Lemon drop peppers have the same flavor with only about a third of the power of the fatalii, and that 'power' makes the mellow much better ...

  • Rakonus

    I think this is still the best episode of season 10. Shia is so genuine

  • Grayson McCue
    Grayson McCue


  • goose10091203

    He was too fucking funny. Not even a huge fan, but man he's a great person to have on the show!

  • Sdarms111 Doug
    Sdarms111 Doug

    I did like Shia in the Transformers movies.. he was hilarious... but generally not a fan, mostly because of his off-screen issues. Seeing how great he was at the Oscars with that kid from Peanut Butter Falcon TOTALLY altered my opinion. That was totally genuine and great to see. And his neck and ears started flushing after the first wing lol

  • Justin Gaston
    Justin Gaston

    This dude is a legend

  • jordan feliciano
    jordan feliciano

    dude i wanna hangout with this fucking guy. i love shia. hes dope af

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