Ships of Fortune: Official Sea of Thieves Content Update
Sea of Thieves
The Ships of Fortune update has arrived, introducing the rewarding but risky Emissary system, new PvP Trading Company The Reaper's Bones, an increased reputation cap for most Trading Companies, crew reviving, the next chapter of The Arena, a hoard of new cosmetics and, most im-paw-tantly, CATS! 🐱
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  • Sea of Thieves
    Sea of Thieves

    If you're the sort that likes to check every inch of the ship before setting sail, probably the type looking forward to flying the Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag, then you can cast an eye over the full Ships of Fortune release notes here:

    • CoryxKenshin 2
      CoryxKenshin 2

      I love this game but my friends don't like it.


      Sea of Thieves hey I’m not trying to bash this game because I love it, I just wish this community wasn’t so toxic, every time I play I can never leave port, people shoot me, kill me and sink my ship before I can even go out into the ocean and play. I really wish there was a way to just play privately and I only have to worry about skeletons, megs ect.... sadly I uninstalled and don’t plan on playing again because well I can’t play anyway because the community who plays this really ruins it for me and it sucks because this game is such a gem I wish I could explore but people really ruin everything. I hope things change so I don’t have to play against sweaty pirates, it’s not my cup of tea.

    • huy phajm
      huy phajm

      when to the sea of ​​Thies on the steam??

    • Arnaud Mahieu
      Arnaud Mahieu

      I was so hyped about the merchant outfit but it's a costume! The whole game is about cosmetics and customization and you can't customize the emissaries outfits. That's lazy! Why not make the jacket mandatory and the rest optional????? Please rare... I don't want too look like the others...

    • MrWhit

      @Leo Besser I got in the update was a ton of fun the functions really seen like they matter now

  • Luís Matos
    Luís Matos

    Just add progression upgrades, ship and pirate perks, the habilitiy to burry your loot, conquer an island that earns money for you until it gets conquered by another team, sea tornadoes, massive islands and scuba diving and I'm in again. Oh and the hability to buy wood, food and cannon balls when you start the game.

  • cosmiccosmog

    me: finally my athena flag is all good to go for the quest now i just- reapers emissary: YOU PICKED THE WRONG SEA FOOL

  • Athena

    Anyone else then me who can't use voice chat on xbox? I know my mic works but when i try to talk in game... nothing:/

  • john doe
    john doe

    Priorities: _Please_ add preferred input like Call of Duty. Our friends are on Xbox and you lost 6 players the first night. We can all use controllers but we get matched with exclusively K&M.

  • Just Us Ark 69
    Just Us Ark 69

    I really think “3rd Person” should be in the game like it would make PvP better like could you imagine driving the ship from a 3rd person perspective it would be great

  • Billy Joel
    Billy Joel

    Clans or Crews could be a huge add. Also, battles to allow your clan to rank up and go up against same ranked clans. Something along those lines so that reputation comes into play.

  • Mixing Gamez
    Mixing Gamez

    I think harpoons should be able to grab fish or grabbing them whilst in the water, just to make it more simple..

  • Nodrog Mulac
    Nodrog Mulac

    It’s now a month later, where’s the next update?

  • Golf Fanatic
    Golf Fanatic

    You guys really need to prioritize filling servers

  • Luke Gay
    Luke Gay

    We need to put some dogs in

  • Heroix

    Add pirates of the caribbean song please

  • Big Musk
    Big Musk

    Add weapon variety, can even be accessible from the weapon locker on y our ship. Why cant i dual wield pistols Why isnt there a buckler Why cant i have a warhammer of zweihander Why cant i use an axe? Why cant there be a hand held grapple hook that allows you to shoot a boat from the water and drag yourself to it Why cant there be armor loadouts that you can customize that maybe increase movement speed in water at the cost of reduced HP (like a swimsuit with flippers sort) Why cant i make my character into a heavy armored beast that moves like a tortoise and cant swim Why cant i customize my characters actual gameplay beyond just how i look. You dont even have to make this earnable either. Just put it all in the locker already on the boat and allow you to use it all from the start so it still fits with the philosophy of wanting everyone to have everything from the start

  • Drew DeRuyter
    Drew DeRuyter

    Updates this month?

    • MattyMan 2118
      MattyMan 2118


  • Spirit Taker
    Spirit Taker

    Please fix your servers because I just spent an hour on the skull fort and it glitched out and I couldn’t join back so I just had to watch as my friend got all the money

  • TTVCurious

    Could we be able to invite other ships into our game so we could join friends in the same server on another boat?

  • Juliet Washburn
    Juliet Washburn

    I recommend adding an ice region on the far west part of the map. Thats all that's missing in the sea of thieves. Well that and for stitched jim to become a skeleton lord and allow players to fight him. You can add that to if you want

  • Xeporia

    now it's time to improve the character creation mechanic, even if just a simple editor

  • zFlamesPvP


  • Tarkan Huseyin
    Tarkan Huseyin

    A lazy and pointless update how about adding real content like new enemy and something for pve players wanna play instead of just creating rubbish like this to drive player interaction to cover up the fact that you ain't made any meaningful content for this game for a few updates now 😒

  • Henri Jänhi
    Henri Jänhi

    2nd Best update by far

    • Failed Abortion
      Failed Abortion

      What was the first?

  • TheSlyFox


  • Alexandre Januario
    Alexandre Januario

    Update Servidor Private!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Microsoft

  • MysticVirus

    pls add pve only mode

  • Shawn


  • William Ngo
    William Ngo

    This game actually has so much potential to be an all time great if dev's listen to the player base. Just bought it. Hope the future it holds doesn't disappoint!

  • big smoke
    big smoke

    Hi I'm a new subscriber:D

  • Lucca Barbosa
    Lucca Barbosa

    Real Nice guys! Arena matchmake is really fast! Only 45minutes!

  • No_Name 4
    No_Name 4

    I hope this game lasts forever, it's the best game to play with freinds and family.

  • eX 1Tu5_
    eX 1Tu5_

    ...nice game BUT... WE NEED MORE PVE / PVE SERVER ........Bye Bye SOT, was a nice time !!!!

  • MatteoD

    Your game is ass, every arena game I got into it always had teamers

  • Julian Bartnik
    Julian Bartnik

    The worst game I ever saw👎🤮

  • hipsu555

    Game still needs a PvE-mode with with seperate progression for people than dont like PvP, until then alot of people will just stay away from the game cause of the high pvp-focus

  • Owen MacLeod
    Owen MacLeod

    The arena update isn’t the best

  • mineapotimouseXR

    we really need sea of thieves for PlayStation 4 tho

    • mineapotimouseXR

      @Captain Narwhal I guess it's just that console exclusive games are the most annoying thing

    • Captain Narwhal
      Captain Narwhal

      Microsoft owns rare, Microsoft Owns xbox. Microsoft won't give Sony Money.

  • Code Exodus
    Code Exodus

    So when is that login bug getting fixed?


    i hate this game people are camping on outpost and stealing our loot its not fun anymore i want privat server this game is dumb with outher player i only see player who want to kill me why is ther no frinedly server so dumb pls add this

  • JøKeR

    1v1 against friends, set the mode 1v1, ex: an animation and show a warning. And if the player accepts, when he has "1 of life", disable 1v1 and show the winner of the battle on the screen.

  • Ano Nymus
    Ano Nymus

    I love the uppdate it has potential but.. there are two mayor things that makes it flopp hard "Ressurection - stupid, example was attacked by a 3 man brig, i manage to get on their ship no one looked at the laders, i killed two ankord and retreated down to eat and reload, come back up... that one guy ressed his two companions in less then 10 seconds, guess it dont mader if you are good player or not anymore, just bring more people to carry you Reapers faction - Please for the love of the whale lord take reapers off the map, sens the reputation nerf it's such a crawl get the reputation up i turned in two fort loot, and at lvl 51 that gave me slighlty less then half a lvl with multiplyer 5, now i would go plunder other ships instaid but here is the REAL kicker. EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU - if you start on a server intending to do a gold hoarder emisary run and see a Reaper ship on your map thats rank 5, Do you A go out on your way and do the thing? B skuttle and try a new server? ... everyone chooses B By having reapers constantly on the map you lituraly put on a "warning hostile players" on the server that everyone now will see and avoid like the plague, or chase them down instaid.

  • Vizkarra

    Is level 50 still legend?

    • Vizkarra

      Amazin5hot I’m kinda dumb I just forgot to but the title for merchant master

    • Amazin5hot


  • Devin Pellot
    Devin Pellot

    Sad to see the dev's continue to ruin PVP.

  • TheWarriorPizza !
    TheWarriorPizza !

    This game needs a couple of things to be perfect. -Complete rework to the combat system -Way more sea life (sea feels empty) -Way more variety in enemies(We need ai enemy pirates, english/spanish royal military, Sea-humanoids ...) -A bounty system (players that have killed a lot of other players and gotten lots of chest get a bounty on them that rewards players for killing them)

    • Zanniia

      Card games on your ship

    • you shall not pass
      you shall not pass

      I also want more npc, towns like tortuga and more rpg elements.

  • Brody Rogers-Genaille
    Brody Rogers-Genaille

    The sword is to op please nerf

  • Josh Arthur
    Josh Arthur

    Great game. Been playing it since the beginning. But jeez rare. Sort the combat out. It's just become jump spamming around with a blunder. Whatever happend to grounded sword fights with blocking and timing or shoot outs using environmental cover. Ah well hopidee hop blunder blunder.

  • Steven123lucky

    Adding more content yet not fixing all the bugs and improving their servers

  • Rizki Purwanto
    Rizki Purwanto

    To fight Animal Crossing New Horizon. Sea of Thieves could give player an option to conquer island as Home. Land Reclamation and dredging the island as player want. Planting banana trees and other crops. Sell the yields to other pirates or to Merchant Alliance. As there's no days skip in sea of thieves like usually we see in farming game. It is quite challenging to plant those crops and takes so much time. But it worths a try to get big money. Protect the island from other pirate players who wants to steal your crops.

  • llxGoDxll l
    llxGoDxll l

    Add new monsters

  • Ellen Kiencke
    Ellen Kiencke


  • Brown Banana
    Brown Banana

    someone fix this game

  • Djibril Van Kaunas
    Djibril Van Kaunas

    Best beta game ever when is the official release?

  • Bruhumulous

    The sea is super empty. Please add dolphins, whales, turtles, etc.

  • Jango Fett
    Jango Fett

    Ya we need more sailor songs boys. Itd be cool if there were more monsters in the sea. Like sirens, blackbeard, flying dutchmen

  • Aleksander

    i miss something..... i want to dig down stuff! that would be epic! dig down chest to hide them. then its a X where stuff is under the ground

  • Keegan Racey
    Keegan Racey

    Sword is too good now

  • Kyle Billingsley
    Kyle Billingsley

    Please give us the option to turn toggle sprint off.

  • Davey Wavey
    Davey Wavey

    I think I might be having a senior moment I have just purchased the Night Wulf ship 🛳 collection but when I start a new game it doesn't show. Where do locate the new livery please 😎 regards..

  • Finding Lettuce
    Finding Lettuce

    Is it just me or do the mask that the reapers bones characters use look like a dragon priest mask from skyrim?

  • gambiit

    any clue when it'll be released on steam? myself and MANY friends are waiting to buy it on there, as the microsoft store is awful

  • DRTY D
    DRTY D

    hay SOT! i just spet a lot of money no the entire sabre wolf set with collectors too. and it looks nothing like the colour in the photos! the photos look dark green but in the game it looke like a washed out lime/yellow colour!?? it looks aweful! is this going to be fixed or can i get a refund??

  • Evan Walton
    Evan Walton

    i found a garbage video that is funny because it is funny it is called "noob fight epic gamur"

  • Bobert Daniels
    Bobert Daniels

    I've watched this three times and still don't understand the point of becoming an emissary. So, if I buy the Gold Hoarder's flag for example, I get: access to a new cosmetic outfit to purchase a flag on the back of my ship that lets other players (specifically reapers) identify that I'm an emissary and a special voyage if I load my ship up with enough hoarders specific items to fill up the new meter that ticks up on the bottom left of the screen? I signed up, cleared a fort and turned everything in and just had no idea what I had accomplished or how the gameplay loop is changed at all

  • the_dapper_stormtrooper

    rip to everyone being peaceful, people are now rewarded for pvp and now know where everyone is on the map, all we wanted was less pvp in adventure mode and a better arena when we needed our violence fix, but now (even with the new arena) adventure is borderline unplayable to people who want to peacefully play the new update

  • Quincy Sullivan
    Quincy Sullivan

    Hey I found out how to glitch under the map. Don’t know if it’s new to this update but just a thought.

  • jonny RL
    jonny RL this is to have "sea of theves" for ps4

  • JuJuTy WintryWindow412
    JuJuTy WintryWindow412

    The brig needs to be updated... as in have a fail safe because I went on a brigantine with 2 of my friends that I wish I never met and the first thing they do is lock me in the brig. What I’m saying is if the culprit actually does something bad, that’s when they get locked up. I love this game, but some of the community is toxic, but that’s probably why it’s called sea of thieves, but when my crew locks me in the brig permanently, that’s when the mechanic crosses the line... I said some hateful stuff and now I’m banned for a day which sounds like irony to me. Also I love this update and can’t love this enough because of how good it is and how much control you now have with the emissary flags, so thank you and I’m excited for the future of this wonderful game.

    • JuJuTy WintryWindow412
      JuJuTy WintryWindow412

      Yes, but it’s like you either get a small enough group to fit on a galleon, or you start up a looking for group post and that really sucks because this game is best when you can enjoy it with people that you genuinely enjoy, even if somebody is being stupid... but also when can easily destroy our own crew which is funny and stuff, but it sometimes gets annoying when you’re trying to be nice to the one person not in the party, but they start briefing with firebombs because we thought they were AFK and now the ships gone. Talking about ships gone, today I was on a galleon with my friends and we hit a rock the was sort of small for a galleon to flip, so it made the ship have an aneurysm and flip itself over and just sink which is very confusing.

    • Remi King
      Remi King

      It happens to me 2, u have to play with people u trust

  • Moenky Gaming Machine
    Moenky Gaming Machine

    Do something about pvp a lot of players hate it your pushing players away

  • LX

    So do you have to be rep 100 to get pirate legend?? (Saw the expanded rep system)

  • Adrien

    When will their be a combat update

  • Zack Duval
    Zack Duval

    why cant u guys add more weapon options there were hundreds of guns during the pirate era why cant we have them devs???

  • VeronaKate

    Uhg ! I really want to go back to this game but I feel my American Rights are VERY limited in terms of speech in this game . Rare Lost my support the day they started Banning people for wrong usage in words . They Take Profanity Far too series for a Teen Game . Note: You really do not Have Freedom of speech in this game .This is why I do not play it anymore . Hate When Games Temp/ban players for swearing or cursing . I know Cursing is a bad thing and should not be expressed . However We are all pirates in this game .I like the Real tradition and profanity behind pirates . This games kind of makes you act like a Muppet treasure Island pirate over immersivly acting like a real pirate . This is my biggest turn off about the game sadly . >.< I really want to come back to this game though ! They should add a 8th line in the pirate code . Pirate shall not swear or they will be temporally punished . XD

  • LGN Dust III
    LGN Dust III


  • ghckjhkvjj fgfhlgohjgh
    ghckjhkvjj fgfhlgohjgh

    Is this not broken. Grade 5 = 250% rep and gold and you get a gilded by getting grade 5. You will now be able to get PL in a week, plz nerf this to maybe 100% for grade 5.

  • Simply Seny
    Simply Seny

    I would play it if it wasn’t so fricking glitch and keep crashing


    Теперь я никогда не стану легендарным пиратом. Мало того,что игра стоит 3200 рублей, тут теперь еще фракции надо до 75 уровня качать, а раньше надо было 50. Ну, конечно же, завезли в игру котов. Каких то там питомцев за донатные деньги. Вы будете вообще игру улучшать? Теперь золото на черном рынке стоит в 2 раза больше дублонов. Насчет эмиссаров. Вы,пират покупаете одноразовый флаг за 20000!!!! Вас топят, и в итоге вы ничего не получаете, вы только в минусе.

  • Antofito Gamer
    Antofito Gamer

    I am form ps4 and I want sea of theives like if you are the same

  • Inigo Tropea
    Inigo Tropea

    How do you get the Athena’s ship in the trailer?!?!

  • Benjamin Raymundo
    Benjamin Raymundo

    PVE servers please

  • Nathan Dalman
    Nathan Dalman

    RIP PvE players. PvP sweatlords are gonna be everywhere now.

  • Yakkzy

    I W A N T A F U R R Y F E L I N E F R I E N D

  • Edgar Laurent
    Edgar Laurent

    I don’t like the fact that you can bring back your teammates. The kills are not rewarded enough in a ship battle. If you kill a guy in his ship the goal is to make hard for them to repair the boat. I think board an enemy boat is useless and it was the funniest part of the ships battle

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