Somehow my Friend Let me Drive his Koenigsegg Agera R
Check out Brixton's awesome wheels, Made in the USA:

  • Calvin Heinle
    Calvin Heinle


  • AirNote

    Agera R is my fav car. I was sad when it stopped production in early 2017 or late 2016.

  • Shawna Lehmann
    Shawna Lehmann


  • the king
    the king

    my dad owns 2 koenisegg agera rs

  • Fatih Toys Review
    Fatih Toys Review

    the pagani

  • exotic Clapp
    exotic Clapp

    Did you know the ghost on the back off the koeninsegg means that it was made at the hq of koeninsegg

  • Om Barot
    Om Barot


  • john paul
    john paul

    The acceleration 😱

  • BURNGUY65 65
    BURNGUY65 65

    oh thats sick

  • Avnet Aggarwal
    Avnet Aggarwal

    The koinsegg

  • Sinow channel
    Sinow channel

    Koennegsig 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • King Crimson
    King Crimson

    The red headlights on the bc tho

  • Dax Denlinger goat
    Dax Denlinger goat


  • Novera Decker
    Novera Decker


  • skyhigh gamer
    skyhigh gamer

    I see the Pagani in behind

  • Lloyd Melton
    Lloyd Melton

    Kernig r

  • Leo Selvin
    Leo Selvin

    would rather drive the koeninsegg, cuase im swedish :)

  • HolidaysAndMe

    Is that mannys car ?

    • Mahin Rashid
      Mahin Rashid

      He sold it...

  • joan macale
    joan macale

    2019 aww :(

  • Daquan Holder-Brathwaite
    Daquan Holder-Brathwaite

    I would like to drive the konisehe sorry I can't spell but yes

  • Julian Robinson
    Julian Robinson

    Fucking hell theres another guy just have him hold the camera!! Its a 2 million dollar car and you're driving ONE HANDED!

  • Quan Lenhardt
    Quan Lenhardt

    Konicek r

  • Bảo Nguyên Võ
    Bảo Nguyên Võ

    drive r

  • Mucimajom 123
    Mucimajom 123

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> i like how it just casually has the HAAS logo on the side of the machine

  • hugo lawson
    hugo lawson


  • Star Platinum
    Star Platinum

    Agera R no question, it’s my favorite car!

  • Hamza Kaash
    Hamza Kaash

    Lets go ghost squadron

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson

    If that car was a women I’d kiss her

  • Elliot Batish
    Elliot Batish

    I would choose the huayra because of the sound of it

  • Sarah Punzalan
    Sarah Punzalan

    Agera rs

  • kelly sharples
    kelly sharples

    Koenigsegg agera r

  • Kelvin

    Nu cousin said to me he knew alot about cars but he thought that a astin Martin vulcan was a Toyota

  • Pensi Blaster
    Pensi Blaster

    Koenigsegg because it is faster and has very good handling

  • hernawan prasetya
    hernawan prasetya

    Koenigsegg agara rs

  • Splezo

    I would choose the Koenigsegg. Because its designed in sweden and Koenigsegg is Swedish. And because I am Swedish.

  • Niels de Louweren
    Niels de Louweren

    Ol be e lambo and e Porsche

  • Niels de Louweren
    Niels de Louweren

    The pink is e Porsche

  • Niels de Louweren
    Niels de Louweren

    Its e Porsche

  • zkkwgg

    i just bought a pheonix yay

  • Gmoon

    That urus in the back tho buuuut the rs Phoenix

  • Angus Korten
    Angus Korten


  • Saúl Ramirez
    Saúl Ramirez


  • Captain_stuuu


  • og guy nr1
    og guy nr1

    I whuld drive the huyara

  • nate o
    nate o

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> you should get the uncut rims

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All

    Q:What do you need to be called a Friend by every ALsoftsr A:Koenigsegg

  • Wayne Bourg
    Wayne Bourg

    The Bugatti Chiron is the fastest production cari in the world (I think)

  • Faze_ Pizza_rolls
    Faze_ Pizza_rolls

    Stradman: I have to be careful and stay inside the lines. Stradman: drives the car with one hand Everybody: gets anxiety because he is driving a Koenigsegg with one hand 😬

  • Ethan Nell
    Ethan Nell

    Agera R, no question

  • REX The Gamer
    REX The Gamer


  • Eric Powers
    Eric Powers

    I wish I can drive one of those cars It will be a dream come true to me

  • Andrew Hany
    Andrew Hany

    plz drive the komigsegg agara RS

  • Don Barcelona
    Don Barcelona


  • DoolyAhDooly Purple Team
    DoolyAhDooly Purple Team

    Koenigsegg Agera R all the way

  • byeloser


  • matis S
    matis S


  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    This is s manny s agera he sold it for a good offer that he couldn't refuse

  • The Gaming MarshMello
    The Gaming MarshMello

    obviously the koenigsegg because its the fastest car in the world its a easy question really /:

  • Connorrr YT
    Connorrr YT

    Bruh my dad won’t even let me drive his 2018 Jeep

  • Rebecca bell
    Rebecca bell

    I would drive the pagani huaira I dont know how to spell it sorry

  • Gel_ L4thal-Spore
    Gel_ L4thal-Spore


  • Atomic Mosby
    Atomic Mosby

    cool stuff

  • Brand New Rock
    Brand New Rock

    Swedish Perfection Boys & Girls 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Rice Pheonix
    Rice Pheonix

    Stradman can't blame you for freaking out

  • Widowmaker

    This guy (not James) has more Koenigseggs in real life than I have in the crew 2.

  • Muhammad Mukhriez
    Muhammad Mukhriez

    Ofcourse koegnisegg arega r 😍

  • Ben Ballenger
    Ben Ballenger

    Agera R faster=better

  • ツquartqzツ

    alright, let's forget how this man drove two koenigseggs in one day?

  • Vapr rekz
    Vapr rekz

    That’s a haas machine my dad has one He’s a metal fabricator

  • Ha Oscar
    Ha Oscar

    I will drive devel sixteen

  • TheRealRobloxer


  • A_ Person_747
    A_ Person_747

    Koenigsegg Agera R

  • Eddie Gomez
    Eddie Gomez

    Mmmmmm I pick Koenigsegg Agara r I would take Agara FSU

  • Razqa Prasetya
    Razqa Prasetya

    i rather koenigsegg then pagani!

  • Dalitso Mwale
    Dalitso Mwale

    Blue carbon fiber Koenigsegg for life bro I love you beautiful Christian von Koenigsegg and the Koenigsegg one1

  • mark francis Bequio
    mark francis Bequio

    I want the lambo

  • Gegsterblester Jeeet
    Gegsterblester Jeeet


  • Reynaldo Sanon
    Reynaldo Sanon

    I would drive the agera because it's my favorite car

  • Claude Baron
    Claude Baron

    You have a very very good friend. 😂😂

  • Zlatomira Paeva
    Zlatomira Paeva

    the agera r cuz christian von koenigsegg

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