Captain Disillusion
Captain Disillusion faces the scariest of all nemeses.
Written by
Alan Melikdjanian and Samantha Kuk
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• Dolly Parton accepting Liseberg Applause Award 2010 - by Curtis Hilbun
• Dodie Clark You Tour at Brussels La Madeleine - by DancingInSpace

  • Zaheer Sarang
    Zaheer Sarang

    I hate the fact that he is criminally underrated

  • Superkobster

    Allen's shirt is... good?

  • CaliforniaCarpenter7

    This was literally *so good* that I started clapping at the end. We don't deserve you, Cap. Thanks for what you do. I would like to request a video showcasing paranormal type videos that are the hardest to debunk.

  • Isaac Cuevas Quezada
    Isaac Cuevas Quezada

    I'm kinda worried that Captain disillusion is going insane.

  • Katrina Leshanski
    Katrina Leshanski

    You didn’t have to do this your awesome any way and you make great videos we’re sorry we pressured you to make you feel like you had to do this

  • Kristian Maksan
    Kristian Maksan

    Givian Vomez

  • Nanayesit Ruizo
    Nanayesit Ruizo

    Dobby die a long time ago

  • David Aberant
    David Aberant

    What is your makeup budget

  • Jasper Heal
    Jasper Heal

    All this reminds me of Vault 11... Great video!

  • Joshua Shiloh
    Joshua Shiloh

    no matter how hard it is i still love ur vids captain disilusion

  • Lbot beenthere
    Lbot beenthere

    He actually put his real death timer on there but didn't show us. Anyone else remember that old website death timer or death date or something?

  • Tang. Kimheang168
    Tang. Kimheang168

    Can you debunk your room and technology?

  • YO Paddy
    YO Paddy

    Can u make a perfect time loop on tin tok

  • Tang. Kimheang168
    Tang. Kimheang168

    Why do you paint your face ??

    • Magellanic

      because otherwise he'd just look like a gray alien

  • SrpntHous2

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> Clever joke

  • Ethan Hoek
    Ethan Hoek

    This is basically a short film. The Captain's the best!

  • puzzLEGO

    theory: that timer is an actual timer for how long until he quits youtube

  • Morrison Scott
    Morrison Scott

    I'm new here what the heck was that I'm so confused

  • filipo obrad
    filipo obrad

    bro why is he painting his face.

    • Magellanic

      to look more normal, and not just all silver

  • Lana Gramlich
    Lana Gramlich

    I wanted to thank you for what you do. As a photographer, I used to do much the same for still images shared on FB. It's surprising, what people will believe. Frighteningly so.

  • otherlego

    Of course it real! Why wouldn;t it be real?! It's ostriches, they run! They like to run!

  • mört

    12 years and he still uses the same intro

  • Chris McLennan
    Chris McLennan

    Is tarni roebuck fake?

  • SB C
    SB C

    for 2020 we should postpone all deadlines one year into the future ...

  • Anna Kasenova
    Anna Kasenova

    Is dis hair last vid ??!! Soo sadd

  • doeke
    doeke real or not?

  • Twitch_StarLord_

    I forget how I got here, but this is amazing. Truth... ah, isnt it something humans strive to find. And technology too, I loved all ur effects. Even the OUTRO! Amazing Magic like tricks using tech. Guess being able to debunk myths on internet/tech/video related scenarios also imply the natural ability to replicate them.... interesting! Subbed! ~Random Discord ★St☆rry♕

  • Janis Daugavietis
    Janis Daugavietis

    I am 39 years old and I'm completely addicted to CoolMath Games

  • Janis Daugavietis
    Janis Daugavietis

    Without face paint he looks so much older :(

  • Janis Daugavietis
    Janis Daugavietis

    Dodie sightings are my favourite sightings

  • MaxTophat

    You should do some of the government released alien videos


    I love your videos CD !!!! I am so impressed 😳

  • Rich Candelaria
    Rich Candelaria

    JFK, Big foot, NASA, and 9/11 vids.

  • jethro andal
    jethro andal

    We need a Captain Disillusion Show on tv.

  • Dana Davison
    Dana Davison

    Captain, why doesn't anybody analyze your edits and animation? I would but I do not posses the software to do so, think you are so good at ripping on others? I bet if someone zoomed in on your videos they would find some "inequities..." Or are you up for the challenge of making an infallible edit compilation of yourself?

    • Dana Davison
      Dana Davison

      @mambda Actually I should have probably rephrased my previous comment as it sounds as if I am insulting him, I love Captain D's videos and I admire his skills to the utmost extent. I just thought it would be fun for somebody to analyze his videos for a change! :)

    • mambda

      Of course there sometimes are small details that aren't perfect, so what?

  • Apratim Ghosh
    Apratim Ghosh

    Amazing video, amazing channel!

  • Aaron Baxter-Jensen
    Aaron Baxter-Jensen

    dude, im about to turn 40 this year myself, failed most goals i set at 30 so i feel your pain, you might be a captain, but i have the damn pirate bird!

  • Nathanz Gaming
    Nathanz Gaming

    Have you got the cicret bracelet yet?

  • SharkBeret

    Sooo... what’s happening around the week of Friday, November 10, 2023? Is that timer gonna reset?

  • Nate Dwag
    Nate Dwag

    I love ur cgi

  • James Hong
    James Hong

    captain d help with this link too:

    • Choco3101

      James Hong because the footage is so dark you can key a figure

    • Choco3101

      James Hong Upvote, but I think it will be too easy

  • James Hong
    James Hong

    captain d can u help us with this link:

  • randypagan

    you should release multiple versions of your videos and have one where you arent wasting time trying to be funny or goofy and just get straight to the information who is actually interesting enough. And you dont need to dress up and paint yourself up. Infact, im not even sure why you need to be in your videos

  • Luis Rodríguez
    Luis Rodríguez

    Bravo Good Sr! Bravo!

  • Gogeta Royale
    Gogeta Royale

    We have to find the debunkation time of Captain Disillusion , according to me its 9 years and 215 days , don't know why but thought you got CoVid19 and can you pls debunk Covid 😆

  • Pro jo
    Pro jo

    Not to be mean but way you haw the makeup on your face in your videos pls make a video ore a comment ther u tell us

    • mambda

      He paints the upper half of his face to look more human.

  • G3rm1n rosario
    G3rm1n rosario

    Amazing i love this

  • Izayiah Mayberry
    Izayiah Mayberry

    One time when I was four my mom had a coin and she gave it to me and when I put my hands behind my back the other coin was transferred to the other (keep in mind I didn’t switch my hands) I’m confused on how that happened

  • Daniel Catalan
    Daniel Catalan

    Do Ichiro’s throwing video!!!!!

  • Alex Coroian
    Alex Coroian

    My wife said you're not funny. I'm sorry you had to hear about it this way.

  • Kief Smolensk
    Kief Smolensk

    Hey, Captain, can you tell us how much CGI was used in "Automatica" by Nigel John Stanford? I mean how close are we to actual music playing robots?

  • Aidan Glenn
    Aidan Glenn

    "I am 39 years old and completely addicted to" Sick shirt

  • Inspect My Life
    Inspect My Life

    Did captain quit ALsofts

    • Choco3101

      Inspect My Life He uploads rarely so it takes about half a year till he uploads

  • Michael Cardinal
    Michael Cardinal

    the channel got weird idk whats happening with all this new stuff like he is in capture or smthing but the old way he did videos was way better

  • SinkingDeep

    This is the end of him

  • Alif Ali Abu Saleh
    Alif Ali Abu Saleh

    Captain Disillusion:It's The Start Of The Year Me:Sees Upload Date

  • Airsoftstuff

    Could you do the pentagon UFO video

  • Bruno Montoya
    Bruno Montoya

    Can you debunk the UFO sightings released by the Pentagon

  • Kia Kushami *
    Kia Kushami *

    Could you debunk the siren head?

  • Tammy Walsh
    Tammy Walsh

    Thank God for You and yours!!!!!!!!!

  • Undertale Fan
    Undertale Fan

    When’s the next video it’s been a month, is that how long it takes to edit or something

  • Johnny boyee
    Johnny boyee

    hey Capn D! check this out let me know if the link works

    • Choco3101

      Johnny boyee I think it is like the dimensional ufo portal but it was put next to a photo of the moon... the moon was later lightened to blend in with the sky.

  • Wow Just Wow
    Wow Just Wow

    *casually says good job to yourself*

  • Katan Akuma
    Katan Akuma

    This channel would be worth watching if he got rid of the whole Captain crap.

  • cats 2 electric boogaloo
    cats 2 electric boogaloo

    So. I just found you a couple days ago, and after watching your videos, I have come to the conclusion that this is truly a unique video. I admire your wit combined with clever plot writing to create an interesting and, more importantly, understandable message. It has the sweet nostalgia of old school learning videos, and just the right amount of sincerity. I'm sad to see that there's been a battle with due dates and as a new fan I can honestly say that it's alright man, take your time. Good luck with your adventures, and I'm awaiting with excitement for the next episode.

  • Weirdo3

    CD: I better prepare for the next decade! Me: holy crap he went into the future

  • Go! Mewmo
    Go! Mewmo

    Do Humunculus videos. Creating DNA alchemy creature using chicken egg and human DNA.

  • c johnson
    c johnson

    do repairing furniture with ramen videos

  • Unknowned Leaf
    Unknowned Leaf

    Can we just appreciate that this was all created via blender

  • Adrian Trout
    Adrian Trout

    We need CD for this one 😕

  • cool guy 69 Crismaru
    cool guy 69 Crismaru

    Debunking speedrun 100%

  • wsc fan
    wsc fan

    Are you dead

  • iKae

    Captain Hasn't aged since 2007. His brother must be VSauce

  • dimitrios lianos
    dimitrios lianos

    958 people over 60 that believe in conspiracy theories dislike this video, but more reason because the count down is ticking, every tik tok and a decade... . . . . that matters.

  • Bunhak Lail
    Bunhak Lail

    is this real?

  • Wai Chun Kwong
    Wai Chun Kwong

    Do you think CD will be interested to show us how they did the video editing in this free energy Generator video which has 4.5M view, maybe too much this kind of nonsense? The juice start from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">05:00</a>. the link and (edit) their channel

  • ZanySimmerx

    Captain dis you should do chris sacko

  • 999 superstore
    999 superstore

    Do chris sacko's new vdeo

  • gotem

    Do chris sacko vid

  • chris sacko
    chris sacko

    You should do chris sacko new video

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