Braille Skateboarding
We've done some Hot Skateboarding Challenges before but never like this. The notorious Last Dab from the @First We Feast Show "Hot Ones" is the only obstacle our guys have yet to face. Will Nigel, Mogely, and Glo be able to skate after eating something so hot, or will their punishment get even worse?
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  • ruebeauregard

    in europe food is life and love and family and pleasure in the u.s. it's pain and war and sweaty discomfort. y tho? :D love you idiots :*

  • Samuel Lee
    Samuel Lee

    we all can agree that Nigel probably did it on purpose so he can get some hot sauces.

  • Kirzan

    I get Glo though. I love hot sauce, just not extreme stuff. This sauce, actually the weaker scorpion version, made my stomach go no-thank-you and I curled up on the floor for like half an hour.

  • Cody Cline
    Cody Cline

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="843">14:03</a> how did nigel know about my acid trip?

  • Justin Matheson
    Justin Matheson

    Glo's reaction when mogley falls lmao.

  • Milan Gregor
    Milan Gregor

    I just love Nigel’s style ! Rly nice bro 👊

  • viper gaming
    viper gaming

    I know that show

  • The KID
    The KID

    I want to see Nigel on Hot Ones.

  • Moose Marchi
    Moose Marchi

    Nigel is awesome!

  • eryc champagne
    eryc champagne

    You guys should try this with Da Bomb hot sauce

    • Braille Skateboarding
      Braille Skateboarding

      You are going to be really happy tomorrow when you see the video

  • eryc champagne
    eryc champagne

    Nigel should go on Hot Ones

    • Braille Skateboarding
      Braille Skateboarding

      That would be awesome

  • Mosiah Concha
    Mosiah Concha

    what shoes is nigel wearing?

  • Justin Satterfield
    Justin Satterfield

    Team 10 ft bungee cord game. Connect 2 players with a bungee. Both have to do a trick, preferably from 1 side to another of house. If a player falls or misses trick other team goes. Game of skate rules. Dont get infront of your teammate or get bungeed off your board

  • John Hortin
    John Hortin

    the biggest thing about this sauce is it hit really hard at first but after like 5 min it is gone

  • Gabriel Stroope
    Gabriel Stroope

    This was awesome

  • iRxzyy

    who else said "cuz you're gabe" when he asked "why would i say that if he didn't say it?"

  • Hunne2303

    I would not eat really...2M+, that´s the realm of chemical burns...

  • Jon Bass
    Jon Bass

    Why is uzi always pouting lately...he doesn't even seem like he wants to be there


    Moges...grow that hair out and chop that dyed hair. Living in backstreet boy days and you aint even that old. Peace and love

    • Braille Skateboarding
      Braille Skateboarding



    McNigel la beasty hot suace too easy !!! 😊🙏

    • Braille Skateboarding
      Braille Skateboarding

      So good

  • stardustie

    Do this with Da Bomb! It's probably even worse than this even though it's not even close on the scoville scale.. It'd made from capsaicin extract.

  • Tyler Bartsch
    Tyler Bartsch

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="684">11:24</a> Nigel put Mogely to sleep. Well done.

  • Joshua Gasper
    Joshua Gasper

    You get used to it when you have more

    • Braille Skateboarding
      Braille Skateboarding


  • Duane Meier
    Duane Meier

    Nigel is just staring down the camera like Damian Lillard….

  • oldmansoda

    Gabe quit dicking around and participate in something. ANYTHING. Not sure where you decided you are above everything and everyone. Your charade is transparent and sad.

  • Kearen Foster
    Kearen Foster

    sugar will stop the effects of the spice.

  • josiahsengu20

    What is the strap mogley is using? anyone know cuz that thing looks sick !

  • Oklahoma Man
    Oklahoma Man

    Lowkey I didn't really care for nigel before this video. But I respect that my guy. Took it like a g and wasnt even tripping. Big ups nigel.

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson

    New petition, Glo and Uzi have to eat the last dab at the start of every video until they drop in

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson

    Aaron and gabe should have done this also

  • John Sebastian Vallejo
    John Sebastian Vallejo

    Gabe you suck

  • Darren S.L Li
    Darren S.L Li

    Nigel needs to be on brian ambs video one time....

  • Kfcnutrients

    good to see braille getting more views again

  • pushingAndscreaming _YT
    pushingAndscreaming _YT

    6 tabs of acid game of skats


    I've had that sauce, and it ain't hot... But then again my taste buds burned off long ago haha very tasty sauce though 😋

  • jledet18

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="634">10:34</a> Hey, Glo! That’s cheating, man!😂


    Nigel looks so prepared

  • gabrielle Hernandez
    gabrielle Hernandez

    I’m late but I just want to say that I love mogelys haircut

  • Abe Chan
    Abe Chan

    lmfao hottest pepper in the world, YET it's scoville was unconfirmed lol. Ps: carolina reaper is 3mill scoville Gabe, know your peppers 1st?? Gabe knows he comes up with all these ideas, and just putting the blame on others lmfao Ps: if sean hits y'all up, i want it to be Nigel & Gabe taking on the sauces.... Too long has he been a bystander in all this and not a contender lol.

  • The Black Mist
    The Black Mist

    You guys should do Bean Boozled challenged of SKATE. Everytime someone gets a letter, they grab a random bean from the pack

  • Bruh

    Not the type of dab I was hoping for

  • Josh Harris
    Josh Harris

    make this a list of videos called S.P.I.C.Y. and just tryout their sauces while playing skate.

  • Jake T
    Jake T

    is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1319">21:59</a> what mogely did to arron to get on braille?

  • Santi

    me: *currently dying in the bathroom from food poisoning and watching this* also me: why would they do this to themselves

  • Anthony

    cool it on the ads.

  • jagzer

    Da bomb is much worse than this, this one tastes good to me. But da bomb that one is just hot garbage.

  • S E S H
    S E S H

    when Mogely fell I spit my drink all over my keyboard


    You guys should do a collab with a ALsofts channel called Seth’s Bike Hacks. I think it will be a very interesting video.

  • Tymon

    You should make drunk game of skate

  • Hayden Cramer
    Hayden Cramer

    Y’all need to get Nigel the ONE CHIP CHALLENGE.. call it the One Chip One Flip. He all I love hot sauce.... you need the challenge bro then we will see

  • Steven Box
    Steven Box

    nigel needs to do the toe of satan challenge!

  • Max Williams
    Max Williams

    Aight this is quality content

  • TRNM

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="372">6:12</a> what are those free skate like shoes ?

  • SansaFuze117

    Mogely = Full Send

  • nate k
    nate k

    Mogley, your are a brave man. Love seeing you skate and do what you love.

  • nate k
    nate k

    I know Glo is for real suffering, cuz he ain't even talking.

  • iiBoogieman

    Is Mogely just full send with everything he does in life?

  • Jake Billiot
    Jake Billiot

    Please try carpet skate no trucks just deck and couple things to do stalls on

  • Daniel Daugherty
    Daniel Daugherty

    Sorry not the first team, however still want to see this happen. Avid fan of Hot One and Brail House, let's get this going!

  • Kevin mcbride
    Kevin mcbride

    Dude I used to be a Gabe fan and didn’t understand the hate he got, but he’s just rude and not funny at all anymore. Like seriously I don’t even enjoy watching Braille anymore. Aaron you’re still the OG tho. There’s just no passion anymore

  • Skyler Guisasola
    Skyler Guisasola


  • CoCo

    My hot sauce is way hotter

  • Sideoutside

    Every time Aaron does a manual he has to take a dab!


    Mogley will regret it when he drops a deuce and that goes for the rest who participated. This made my face sweat and my mouth water just watching and I love hot food

  • Josh Warner
    Josh Warner

    Ok 3 things...1, Gabe how you gonna instigate and pressure everyone and not even try a little dab yourself?! C'mon bro! 2, that lil skate bag thing Mogley had in the beginning is dope! I've never seen one like that b4. Where can I get me one of those? 3, Glo always looks like he's freezing. Not so much in this video but he's usually wearing a sweatshirt/jacket, beanie, and arms crossed like he's standing out in a snowstorm. Great video boys, keep up the good work!

  • TheKogunEnjou

    As a fellow hot pepper aficionado, when it went up Nigel's nostril...I felt that.

  • Craig Dixon
    Craig Dixon

    Hot sauce inspiration

  • Bass Dude
    Bass Dude

    im convinced theyre all massive stoners and got really stoned before shooting this never heard nigel sound so stupid

  • Thomas Herrin
    Thomas Herrin

    Need to have Nigel and Brian Ambs do a hot sauce review!!!

  • Adam Quinn
    Adam Quinn

    Who's cringier than Gabe, honestly

  • allgolfalot

    can someone please answer me !!! where is aaron???

  • ew Cash
    ew Cash


  • Makaloy Jr
    Makaloy Jr

    Mogely, I love your hair

  • Brandon Lane
    Brandon Lane

    I miss carlos...

  • javier braga
    javier braga

    Anyone know what shoes was Glo wearing???

  • Brelan Butler
    Brelan Butler

    I want to see Gabe do it. He would freak out. No skating either. Just sitting, soaking in pain

  • MrLvngscrfc

    Kinda lame that Gabe and Uzi didn't even try it.

  • Nick Henson
    Nick Henson

    I need to send you guys a bottle of what I buy.

  • Ryan Boytim
    Ryan Boytim

    Do this again with “Da Bomb” sauce.... it’s not rated as hot but it’s the hardest to get through

  • leothelion

    Are the rules of skate different from horse ? Because I thought if someone(first person to set the move) fails to knock anyone out he gets a letter or are those like house rules because every person I met played it like I do and then I started watching these videos

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